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BoatTEST Newsletter October 23, 2019

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America’s Boating Club:

Everything You Need to Know About Boating


America’s Boating Club: Everything You Need to Know About Boating

America’s Boating Club helps other boaters with free vessel safety checks, navigation chart updates for NOAA, public boating safety education, plus many other safe and rewarding boating activities. It also offers a host of boating courses that can take you from being a rank amateur to an old salt. Course topics vary from basic navigation and boat handling to offshore navigation, celestial navigation, electronic navigation, boat engine mechanics, electrical systems and lots more. Fees are moderate, and you can proceed at your own pace.

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Fleming Yachts 55:

Long Range Cruiser Ready for Exploration


Fleming Yachts 55

The high bow, deep bulwarks and Portuguese bridge of the Fleming Yachts 55 mark her mission as a long-range cruiser ready to explore just about anywhere on the world’s oceans. She has a sharp, wave-splitting forward entry, with no chines forward to produce wave slap, a plus for overnights aboard. Her hull is solid fiberglass below the waterline, making it much more puncture-resistant than cored hulls. Her superstructure is foam-cored, and paired with her design this keeps the CG low, an advantage in reducing roll in beam seas. The keel extends 12” (30 cm) below the props and is protected by a stainless steel shoe. Overall, her build is aimed at being ready for anything, anywhere, most any time. And, BoatTEST ranks her as one of the best boats in class.


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Grady-White Canyon 326:

Engineered for Multiple Missions


Grady-White Canyon 326

The cockpit of the Grady-White Canyon 326 is all about the business of fishing, with a 32-gallon (121 L) aerated and lighted livewell to port, a massive insulated fishbox in the center of the transom, plenty of rod holders, and toe-rails to help standing anglers brace against the coaming pads while winching up fish. Look in the right-hand corner of the image and see the dive door for scuba diving. Then there is the transom gate and swim platform for other water sports with a shower wand hidden under the silver cap nearby. Everyone will like the fold out transom seat.


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Neptunus 650 Flybridge:

Excellent Fit-and-Finish in a Motoryacht


Neptunus 650 Flybridge

The salon of the Neptunus 650 Fly features opposing seating, a C-shaped leather settee, contemporary cherry cabinets with exquisite joinery offering lots of storage and a flat panel TV inset into a cherry cabinet. The custom dining table seats six. The galley, up two stairs forward, is separated from this social area, but close enough to easily pass food, drinks and a bit of banter back and forth. The hardwood flooring is standard. Headroom is 6’8” (2 m) throughout the salon area. The large windows and cream-white overhead add to the open and airy feel.


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Galeon 405 HTS:

Airy Master, Accommodations for Four


Galeon 405 HTS

The master stateroom of the Galeon 405 HTS, located in the bow, has an 8' (2.4 m) long skylight over the berth, with an opening hatch at the forward end. A full-length blackout shade can close off the light when desired. The hullside windows also have opening ports for cross ventilation. Note the abundant matte-finish walnut adding warmth here, and the abundant storage down both sides of the hull. The head is just aft. There’s also a mid-cabin with two berths, but these berths are track-mounted so they can easily slide together to become a double. The mid-cabin also has a small wet head.


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Boating Tips

Tacking a Powerboat Can Be More Comfortable/Faster

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Powerboat operators can take a lesson from sailors about tacking in headwinds, and seeking out sheltered bays.

Whether you are in a sailboat or a powered boat, winds from ahead are always the most uncomfortable as you pitch your way across the bay. There are ways not only to reduce the discomfort of pitching but also the alternative can be the quickest way forward in the long run.


Expert Boating's

Boating Course

Smart Boating

Sometimes it's not what you know, but what you've forgotten. We have the perfect solution for you.

Based on the feedback we've been getting about's Video Boating Course, it's clearly not only for beginners but for veteran boaters as well. Perhaps that is why the NMMA started promoting the course after just one look. It's the most complete boating course available... period. Order your 4-disc box set...

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