Most Popular Reports of the Week - 02/23/2019
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Most Popular Reports of the Week

Most Popular Boats of the Week
Every week BoatTEST publishes news items on about 25 reports. Readers have asked which ones are the more popular each day, so below you can find the answer – by day.
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Monday #1

ULTRA Anchors:
Find Out Why We Like This Anchor

ULTRA Anchors
ULTRA Anchors

For the last several years we have been seeing ULTRA anchors on more and more boats. We have inquired to both the owners of the boats and the boat builders which are putting them on as standard equipment, and we have gotten the same answer from all – a tremendous anchor. Last summer a BoatTEST staff member used one in Alaska anchoring in sand, rock and mud, and he reports it set every time on the first try. Then, we did more research. The ULTRA anchor is a highly-engineered and an impressively-functional piece of equipment. The cast stainless-steel shaft is hollow, while the base is lead-filled. It has a clever self-righting design, this causes the anchor to land right side up and in the “attack” position every time. The anchors are available in weights from 11 lb. (5 kg) to 771 lb. (350 kg), and include a lifetime warranty. BoatTEST recommends them. See how they work. More...

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Tuesday #1

Vicem Classic 58:
Artistry in Wood-Working

Vicem Classic 58
Vicem Classic 58

For those who love fine wood-working, the interior of the Turkish-built Vicem Classic 58 is awe-inspiring. Note that even the windshield, window frames and mullions are beautifully-finished satin-finished mahogany, while the decks are mahogany with inlaid holly accents. Doors to the accommodations areas forward are solid mahogany with raised panel woodwork and steam-bent trim. The heat and AC vents are concealed by finished wood valences. But, this is just the start. See the video...

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Wednesday #1

Quicksilver Reman:
The OptiMax Outboard Rides Again

Quicksilver Reman
A completely re-manufactured 2-Stroke, 300-hp outboard powerhead is being discussed by Mike Hurak, Quicksilver’s Powertrain Director, and Jason Wood, Editor of BoatTEST.

In May 2018, Mercury Marine discontinued manufacturing all of its 2-stroke engines, commonly called the OptiMax series. Because tens of thousands of boats on the water were designed for 2-stroke outboards, and because many boaters prefer the instant acceleration that only 2-stroke engines can provide, the Quicksilver division of Mercury Marine, is now re-manufacturing 2-stroke engines from its old Optimax powerheads and making them available. Find out how these powerheads are remanufactured, how and old 200-hp powerhead can be upgraded to 300-hp, and why it only takes 2-3 hours to make the switch. More...

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Thursday #1

Beneteau Barracuda 27:
All-Weather "Adventure Cruiser" Sleeps 4

Beneteau Barracuda 27
Beneteau Barracuda 27

The Beneteau Barracuda 27 is an outboard-powered “adventure cruiser.” The boat’s versatile design lends itself to multiple water activities and a “SUV of the Sea” type distinction. She can sleep up to four in her comfortable cabin, which also includes a mini-galley and a dinette table that drops down from the top of the enclosed pilothouse. Sliding glass doors adjacent to the helm and an amidships boarding door make for easy short-handed tie-ups. She’s wider than some in class at 9’8”, providing more living space below decks as well as broader walkways bow to stern. More...

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Friday #1

Jeanneau Leader 10.5:
Michael Peters Double-Stepped Hull

Jeanneau Leader 10.5
Jeanneau Leader 10.5

Designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters, the Jeanneau Leader 10.5 has a double-stepped hull to improve fuel efficiency at planing speeds and top speed. The aft step, which is deeper than the forward one, sucks in air and directs it to what Peters calls a “tunnel”, a relief in the middle of the bottom with vertical side walls which contain and possibly compress the air in the center section of the bottom to the transom. Note how the bottom steps up at the transom, giving the prop a bite on “clean” water. More...

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