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Tahoe 700 (2018-)

1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 DTS Bravo

Brief Summary

TAHOE has always specialized in affordable, entry-level sportboats, but for the last couple of years it has been slowly introducing more stylish models that have numerous upgrades, sleek styling and up-graded details that we often don’t see in class. The 21’ (6.46 m) TAHOE 700 rides on a V-bottom that has a sharp bow entry and 20-degrees of deadrise at the transom. This makes for a comfortable ride in chop. Powered with a 6.2 L 300-hp MPI ECT sterndrive, she planed in just 3.2 seconds in our tests, and hit a top speed of 55.7 mph.

Test Results

600 3.3 2.9 1.3 2.6 2.3 100 86.8 81
1000 5.3 4.6 1.9 2.9 2.5 108 94.2 80
1500 7.1 6.2 2.8 2.5 2.2 96 83.3 78
2000 8.5 7.4 4.7 1.8 1.6 69 60.1 77
2500 21.4 18.6 5.5 3.9 3.4 148 128.8 78
3000 29 25.2 6.8 4.3 3.7 161 139.9 81
3500 34.8 30.3 8.9 3.9 3.4 148 128.5 87
4000 41 35.7 11.9 3.5 3 131 113.7 85
4500 46.6 40.5 15.2 3.1 2.7 116 101.1 89
5000 51.8 45 20.8 2.5 2.2 94 82.1 90
5350 55.7 48.4 23.9 2.3 2 88 76.6 91


Length Overall 21' / 6.40 m
Beam 8' 4''
2.54 m
Dry Weight 3,488 lbs.
1,582 kg
Tested Weight 4,142 lbs.
1,878 kg
Draft N/A
Draft Up 28''
.71 m
Draft Down 38''
.97 m
Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 7' 8''
2.34 m (max)
Weight Capacity 1,700 lbs.
771 kg
Person Capacity 9
Fuel Capacity 42 gal.
159 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 4,142 lbs.
1,878 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.2 sec.
0 to 30 7.0 sec.
Ratio 1.50:1
Props Enertia 14 1/4" x 18" 3-bl ss
Load 2 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 57 deg., 71 humid.; wind: 0-6 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 DTS Bravo
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report


The Tahoe 700 is 21’ (6.4 m) long with an 8’4” (2.54 m) beam. Notice how her raised sheerline creates a deeper cockpit and bow.

Mission Statement

The new Tahoe 700 was developed as a replacement for the company’s Q7i runabout. At 21’ (6.4 m) long, the 700 is the manufacturer’s biggest runabout model and she was designed to have a bigger, deeper bow and more cockpit space than her predecessor.

The 700 comes standard with dual bucket seats, a Bluetooth stereo with USB, MP3 and 12-volt plugs, a 36-quart (34-liter) cooler, and a tandem-axle trailer. She’s powered by a single-prop stern drive up to 300-hp.


Passengers on the 700’s aft bench seat have plenty of legroom.

Features Inspection

The Bow. Since the bow was a focal point of the design for the 700, we’re going to start up front. The side lounges are 4’ (1.22 m) long, and the backrests on the consoles are set at a comfortable angle. The seats are 1’4” (40.6 cm) off the bow deck, and the backrests are 1’5” (43.18 cm) tall, giving the bow a deep secure feel. There are four cup holders plus two grabrails and speakers in the bow.

The forward bow cushion secures with a track and bead plus two snap-down straps beneath the side cushions, so it won’t fly out when the boat is running down the lake or being towed over the road.


The bow has a deep secure feel and parents with young kids will probably want the optional filler cushion for the area.


Snap-down straps in the outboard bow lockers keep the forward cushion from flying out.

Bow Storage. Each outboard lounge cushion is hinged, and the lockers beneath them are fully finished. The openings have channels around to route water away from the compartments, which are drained.

The backrests on each side also lift up to provide access to storage and to the dash rigging to starboard and amplifier for the upgraded stereo to port.

With the aforementioned bow cushion removed, there’s a step up to the foredeck and a hatch in the step opens the anchor locker. We would like to see a cleat abaft the navigation light that could be used for tying off docklines and the anchor rode.


The undersides of the seats throughout the boat are finished in gelcoat, which gives the boat a more upscale look.


Each bow backrest raises on a piano hinge to offer extra storage space and access.


With the forward bow cushion out of the way, crew members will have easy access to the anchor locker.

The Cockpit. The 700’s tempered safety glass windshield is framed in powder-coated aluminum and the center section opens a 1’9”-wide (53.3 cm) passageway to the cockpit. The driver and a companion travel in bucket seats that have ventilated backrests cutouts, so the occupant can turn sideways and foldup bolsters. Each seat also swivels and adjusts fore and aft.

The port console has a small storage tray to port, a remote control for the stereo, and a cell phone holder below the glove box that contains an expandable net and MP3 and USB ports and a 12-volt plug.


Two-tone upholstery and color-coordinated piping add style to the functional bucket seats.


The port console is efficiently laid out, and we like that the glove box hatch locks.

The Helm. To starboard, helm has a modern feel with the digital shift and throttle on the gunwale and the Mercury SmartCraft Vessel View screen in the center of the dash. If a boat comes without the digital controls, it has analog gauges. To starboard of the steering wheel, the accessory switches are push-button style that illuminate when activated. A Master Power switch shuts down the entire12-volt system, so an accessory that’s accidentally left on can’t kill the battery. The key and a 12-volt plug are to the left of the wheel.


Putting the cup holder down to the driver’s right is smart. It keeps an empty water bottle or soda can from blowing around and it means the driver’s left hand is always on the wheel.


Owners who opt for the digital controls also get the Mercury Vessel View screen.


The accessory switches are clearly labeled and they light up when activated.


Tahoe provides a 12-volt plug for the driver, so no one will be fighting for cell-phone charging time.

Cockpit Seating. Starting abaft the port bucket seat, the L-shaped cockpit lounge wraps all the way across the stern, and the top of the engine hatch is a 6’6” (1.98 m) wide sunlounge. The starboard-most cushions on the cockpit lounge and the sunpad are hinged and lift up. Additionally, the port cushion on the sunlounge is hinged, and it raises to create a chaise-style seat.


The 700’s cockpit has full-width seating, creating as much capacity as possible.


The passageway to starboard ensures that passengers don’t walk on the upholstery.


The hinged cushion on the sunlounge adds versatility to the 700’s accommodations.


Slots on the underside of the cushion let the user adjust the height of the angle. Notice that the cushion base is plastic so it won’t rot.

Cockpit Storage. A tray in the starboard gunwale has space for docklines and fenders and a bungee cord to hold the contents in place. A locker in the base of the port side aft facing lounge opens on a gas strut. The base is covered in a soft rubber mat and inside the compartment, there’s a dedicated towrope rack.

Beneath the center bench cushion, there’s a removable 36-quart (34-liter) cooler, and when the cooler is opened, the top holds up the cushion. Additionally, a hatch in the passageway to the stern opens a draining compartment.

Forward, between the bucket seats, the locking ski locker is 6’ (1.83 m) long, 2’ (.61 m) wide, and 1’1” (33 cm) deep. The opening is 1’5” (43.18 cm) wide. Inside, there’s a rack for a paddle, and we’d like to see Tahoe line this compartment with some soft rubber at to cushion the ride for boards and skis.


In addition to having a gas strut to hold up the bottom cushion, the port side locker has this post and socket to help keep it closed when shut.


In a clever design, the cooler hatch holds up the bench-seat bottom cushion, which makes it easier to grab a cold drink. To port, notice the courtesy light and cockpit drain, and just ahead of the cooler, there’s an inspection hatch that provides access to the fuel tank fittings.


The hatch in the starboard passage to the stern has a thick rubber gasket to ensure that it doesn’t rattle.


The under-deck ski locker has good capacity for boards and skis. A soft rubber mat in the bottom would be a good idea.

The Stern. Our test boat had Tahoe’s optional extension that adds 1’6” (45.7 cm) of depth to the 700’s swim platform. A family whose members spend a lot of time at the end of a towrope will likely spend the money for the extension and for the soft vinyl Sea Dek flooring on our test boat. It felt soft underfoot and would be easy on boards and skis.

The re-boarding ladder to starboard is a four-step model and just ahead is the remote control for the optional stereo upgrade.


The optional extended swim platform creates a space that’s 2’10” (.86 m) fore to aft, which provides plenty of room for boards or even a tube.

Engine Compartment. Two manual latches in the base of the sunlounge cushion open the expansive engine compartment. The fuel-injected V-8 in our test boat was installed on shock-absorbing mounts, and the battery and trim pump were easy to access to starboard. There’s open space to port where an owner might consider installing a plastic tub with a cover to increase the boat’s storage capacity.


The engine hatch raises high enough to provide good access to the motor and to the compartment on each side.


We’re used to seeing the battery and trim pump on opposite sides of the engine compartment, but on the 700, they were grouped together to starboard.


Powerglide Bottom. The 700 rides on a V-bottom that has a sharp bow entry and 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom. Six lifting strakes run full length, and the chines are turned down to provide lift on takeoff and trip in turns.


Most 21’ (6.4 m) bowriders have four strakes per side, but the 700 has three and notice how aggressively the chine is turned down.

The Specifications. With two people, 39 gal (147.6 L) of fuel, and test equipment on board, our test boat weighed an estimated 4,142 lbs. (1,878.8 kg).

She was powered by a 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 L ECT fuel-injected stern drive with a 1.5:1 gear reduction, turning a 14 1/4” x 18” (36.2 m x 45.7 cm) Enertia three-blade stainless-steel propeller.


The 700 has a fuel capacity of 42 gal, and she can be powered by the standard V-6 engine or upgraded to a V-8 with a Bravo One drive.

Our Numbers. We hit a top speed of 55.7 mph (48.4 knots) at 5350 rpm.

Best cruise came at 3000 rpm, where she ran 29.0 mph (25.2 knots) and burned 6.8 gph (25.7 lph). That’s 4.3 mpg (1.81 kpl), which gives the 700 a range of 161 statute miles (259 km) with 10 percent of the boat’s 42-gallon (158.99-liter) fuel capacity in reserve.

In acceleration tests, the boat planed in 3.2 seconds and ran to 20 mph (17.4 knots) in 4.9 seconds and to 30 mph (26.1 knots) in 7.0 seconds. We did record 20 degrees of bow rise under hard acceleration so use plenty of throttle to get the boat on plane to drop the bow quickly.


With the 700’s six strakes providing lift the boat doesn’t need a lot of positive trim. She rides flat once she’s on plane.

Tahoe’s Numbers. Tahoe tested the 700 with a number of engine and drive combinations. With the standard 200-hp MerCruiser 4.5 L stern drive with a 1.62:1 gear ratio, a 14 ½” x 17” (36.8 cm x 43.2 cm) Enertia three-blade stainless steel prop and 40 gallons (151.42 Liters) of fuel on board, the boat ran 46.3 mph (40.3 knots) at 5000 rpm.

Best cruise was 25 mph (21.7 knots) at 3000 rpm where the boat burned 5.95 gph, resulting in 4.2 mpg.

Moving up to the 250-hp V-6 with the same gear ratio and a 14 ½” x 19” (36.8 cm x 48.3 cm) Blackmax propeller, Tahoe saw a top speed of 51.2 mph (44.5 knots) at 5110 rpm.

Best cruise was again recorded at 3000 rpm where the boat ran 27.4 mph (23.8 knots) and burned 6.08 gph, which was good for 4.5 mpg.

A 300-hp 6.2 L ECT with a 1.65:1 ratio and a 13.8” x 21” (35.05 cm x 53.3 cm) Enertia prop produced a top speed of 59.2 mph (51.5 knots) at 5270 rpm. The boat burned 7.2 gph at 3000 rpm and 28.3 mph (24.6 knots) and 9 gph at 3500 rpm and 35.2 mph (30.6 knots), resulting in a mpg rating of 3.9 at both rpm settings.

Maneuverability. The Tahoe 700 was one of the smoothest handling stern drive runabouts we’ve driven in recent memory. We felt fully confident cranking the wheel hard over at 40 or 45 mph. The boat carved cleanly through the maneuver in each direction and in slalom passes, she whipped through S turns as quickly as we could turn the wheel. Her sharp bow entry cut through lake chop and our photo boat’s wakes with ease.


The 700 exhibited excellent agility, carving through fully locked over turns in less than two boat lengths.

Construction. Tahoe builds the 700 with a hand-laid fiberglass hull and stringer system. The hull and deck are chemically bonded and mechanically fastened with stainless-steel hardware and the fully gel-coated stringers are bonded to the hull and filled with flotation foam. The boat is available in Black Cherry, Victory Read, Onyx, Blueberry or Storm Blue hullside colors.


Our test boat had the Black Cherry gelcoat. It’s one of six colors available.

Trailer. The Tahoe 700 comes on a factory-matched tandem-axle trailer with brakes on one axle that’s color-matched to the boat. It has 14” (35.6 cm) wheels, a swing-away tongue, folding tongue jack, submersible lights, and retractable safety cables.


The custom-matched trailer is finished in galvashield protective coating, and it’s equipped with some trick-looking rims.


  • •Limited Warranty for one year from the date of purchase by the original owner
  • •Five Years on the hull, interior hull stringers and transom
  • •Limited Warranty for one year on trailer from the date of purchase
  • •Three years against structural failure or corrosion on galvashield galvanized steel tubing.

Engine Options

  • •250-hp MerCruiser 4.5 L Alpha
  • •300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 L ECT Bravo One
  • •300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 L ECT Bravo One DTS

Options to Consider

  • •Snap-In Woven Vinyl Flooring
  • •Tilt steering wheel
  • •SS propeller
  • •Wakeboard tower w/black bimini top
  • •Wakeboard racks (Two per side)
  • •Fiberglass Swim Platform extension w/four-step boarding ladder
  • •Sea Dek flooring on swim platform (requires extension)
  • •Color-Keyed bimini top with boot, drop-down changing curtain and stainless steel frame
  • •Color-matched bow and cockpit covers
  • •Color-matched rope ratchet mooring cover
  • •Bow filler cushion
  • •Mercury Vessel View screen
  • •Depthsounder
  • •Stereo upgrade includes 3.5” (8.9 cm) Kicker LCD display, 500-watt Amp, 10” (25.4 cm) subwoofer and upgraded Kicker speakers, dual remote controls at dash and swim platform
  • •Charger for cranking battery
  • •Corsa Performance Captains Choice thru-hull exhaust for 6.2 L ECT only.
  • •Spare tire kit for trailer
  • •Brakes on two trailer axles


The Tahoe 700 has everything an active family needs to enjoy a day of watersports. We liked the performance with the upgraded 300-hp engine and feel that it’s an option that owners would want to consider if they tend to bring along a crowd for a day on the water.

Her cockpit and bow have a deep secure feel that should be popular with parents of younger kids. At 21’ (6.4 m) long, she’s probably a second boat for many families that started with an 18’ (5.49 m) or 19’ (5.79 m) bowrider. Her two-tone textured upholstery and fit and finish give the 700 a luxurious look and feel that tell us this is not an entry-level class boat.

Estimated package weight for the boat on the trailer is 4,850 lbs. (2,199.9 kg), which is within the towing capabilities of a variety of mid-sized SUVs and pickups.

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