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Scarab 255 G (2016-)

2 x 150 RTX 150/11 1.5L injected iST

Brief Summary

The Scarab 255 G (formerly known as the 255 Platinum SE) has an upscale look and feel with a black and silver graphics package, two-tone upholstery, and soft mat on the swim platform. The 255 G includes a transom shower, enclosed head with sink, a table with three installation locations, and filler cushions for the bow. She's powered by twin Rotax 4-TEC jet systems, giving her 3.5 second hole shots and a top speed of 40.8 mph. The engines are digitally-controlled and include the Intelligent Shift and Throttle system (iST) for rapidly and safely stopping the boat and better control around the docks.

Key Features

  • Swim platform, aft, extended low-profile Swim platform
  • Tandem-axle custom trailer brakes with chrome wheels and swing
  • Built-in bow cooler
  • Aft seating converts to rear facing
  • U-shaped stern seating
  • In-floor ski locker with molded fiberglass finish
  • Table with three mount locations
  • Savannah sand interior with diamond-accent stitching
  • Stereo system with stereo remote at helm
  • Bimini top
  • Test Results

    2000 4.1 3.5 1 4.05 3.52 204 177 75
    3000 7 6.1 2 3.5 3.04 176 153 81
    4000 8.6 7.5 4 2.15 1.87 108 94 81
    5000 14.8 12.8 6.25 2.36 2.05 119 103 87
    6000 28.3 24.6 10 2.83 2.46 143 124 89
    7000 37.7 32.7 16 2.35 2.05 119 103 95
    7520 40.8 35.5 19 2.15 1.87 108 94 96


    Length Overall 25' / 7.62 m
    Beam 8' 4''
    2.54 m
    Dry Weight 3,660 lbs.
    1,660 kg
    Tested Weight 4,430 lbs.
    2,009 kg
    Draft 15''
    38 cm
    Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity 2,100 lbs.
    953 kg
    Person Capacity 13
    Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
    212 L
    Water Capacity 12 gal.
    45 L
    Total Weight 4,430 lbs.
    2,009 kg


    Base Price $57233.00
    Price Range
    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Acceleration Times & Conditions

    Time to Plane 3.5 sec.
    0 to 30 7.4 sec.
    Ratio N/A
    Props N/A
    Load 3 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
    Climate 63 deg., 62 humid.; wind: 5-5 mph; seas: calm

    Engine Options

    Tested Engine 2 x 150 RTX 150/11 1.5L injected iST
    Std. Power Not Available
    Opt. Power Not Available

    Captain's Report

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE running shot

    At 25’ (7.62 m) long with an 8’4” (2.54 m) beam, the Scarab 255 G has the size to accommodate family and friends.


    As the “G” moniker would imply, the Scarab 255 G has an upscale feel with the black and platinum graphics package, Savannah Sand upholstery, and soft mat on the swim platform. The comprehensive standard-equipment list includes a transom shower, an optional pump-out head, a table with three installation locations, and filler cushions for the bow.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE layout

    Scarab made versatility a priority on the 255 G with convertible seats aft and adult-sized lounges in the bow.

    Major Features

    • Extended swim platform covered in soft mat

    • Automotive-style wraparound windshield without corner mullions

    • Stern walkthrough with removable filler cushion

    • Fold-out seats create full-length lounges

    • Table installs in three locations

    • iST Intelligent Shift and Throttle

    • Custom tandem-axle trailer with brakes, chrome wheels, and swing-away tongue

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE windshield

    Scarab designers put a lot of effort into the 255 G’s windshield, giving it an automotive look. Notice the absence of mullions in the front corners, which improves visibility and looks cool.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE trailer

    The tandem-axle painted steel trailer comes standard and, for use in saltwater, a galvanized trailer with a Gatorhyde finish is an available option.

    Features Inspection

    The Stern.

    Let’s start with the swim platform, which measures 6’11” (2.1 m) across at its widest and 2’11” (.9 m) fore to aft. As mentioned above, the boat comes standard with a soft mat covering the platform’s walking surfaces. The four-step boarding ladder is centrally positioned under the platform with grab handles integrated into the trailing edge on each side. Two hatches in the walking surface open large lockers that would be good for stowing watersports gear. The 255 G has aft facing seats with backrests that click into place. To starboard, there’s a shower, LED light, and stereo control. To port, we found the table bracket, and there are cup holders on each side.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE swim plaform

    The soft mat covers the swim platform and the walkway into the Scarab 255 G’s cockpit. The passageway is 14 ¾” (37.5 cm) wide.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE ladder

    The boarding ladder is centrally positioned under the swim platform, and it can be deployed from the water or from above. Notice the grab handle just above.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE

    In this photo, our test captain shows how easy it is to pull out the ladder while on the platform.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE back rests

    The backrests can be clicked into position for aft-facing sitting.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE table

    The table can be easily installed in the bracket located aft to port.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE shower

    To starboard, there’s a shower and the freshwater fill.

    The Cockpit.

    A central walkway between the aft seats lets passengers move into the self-bailing cockpit. A removable seat snaps in place to fill in the aft bench. The backrests click into position for forward-facing travel. Outboard on each side, there are aft-facing seats with full backrests and partial armrests. The bottom cushions for these seats pick up to reveal hinged cushions that fold out. Part of the Platinum trim package, the sole in the cockpit and bow are covered by a snap-in Reed Mat flooring.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE cushion

    This cushion easily snaps in place to fill in the passageway from the swim platform to the cockpit.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE lounge

    In this photo, we see the starboard aft facing lounge folded out while the port side has open space between the jump seat and rear bench. We measured cockpit width at 6’10” (2.08 m).

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE jump seat

    The bottom cushion for the jumpseat is hinged at the leading edge. Pick it up and pull out the filler cushion to create the side lounges. We like this approach because it prevents lost filler cushions.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE seat bottoms

    All the seat bottoms are formed out of plastic and have drainage or “weep” holes in the bottom to allow water to drain.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE lounge

    Here we see the port side bottom cushion folded out to create a 5’2”(1.3 m) long lounge.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE table clips

    The table clips into a socket in the base of the port jump seat.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE cup holders

    Outboard on each side, there are three stainless steel cup holders in the gunwale cutouts.

    Cockpit Storage.

    There is limited storage space under the foldout cushions in the jump seat bases. Primary cockpit storage is in the ski locker that has a hinged hatch that opens on a gas strut. The compartment measures 6’ (1.8 m) long by 1’5” (43.2 cm) deep and 1’7” (48.3 cm) wide with an opening that is 1’4” (40.6 cm) wide. On the side there are racks for bow and anchor lights and the bottom of the locker is covered in a soft rubber mat to cushion the ride for boards and skis. Outboard of the captain’s and companion’s seats on each side are expandable map pockets that would be good for smaller items.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE ski locker

    At 1’5” (43.2 cm) deep, the ski locker has the capacity to handle boards and skis with high-wrap bindings. With the gas strut holding up the hatch, a person can use two hands to retrieve gear.

    Custom Captain’s Seats.

    The 255 G has Scarab’s with flip-up bolsters bucket seats for the captain and companion. In addition to swiveling and adjusting fore and aft, the wraparound section of the backrest has a cutout to accommodate the occupant’s thigh if he or she turns around to chat with passengers in the cockpit.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE captains seat

    This notch in the captain’s seat is designed to accommodate a person’s thigh if he turns around quickly. The backrest also has an open center section to let air circulate to keep the captain cooler.

    The Helm.

    The 255 G’s helm has a darkly upholstered eyebrow over the dash panel that has two tachometers flanking a multi-function digital instrument in the middle and a speedometer to starboard. The needle on the port tachometer sweeps from the bottom to the left, while the one on the port side does the same to starboard. It looks a little weird at first, but we got used to it quickly. Accessory switches are forward of the tilt steering wheel and there’s a padded cell phone tray to starboard. Aft, the shift throttle control is comfortably placed with speed control buttons for the Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST) system in the gunwale just above. We’ll discuss iST further in the performance section.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE dash

    The compact dash puts the performance and engine information in view.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE cell phone tray

    Forward to starboard, there’s this padded area that Scarab calls a cell phone tray.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE buttons

    Part of Bombardier’s Intelligent Shift and Throttle, these buttons above the throttle let the driver set the boat’s cruising speed and other functions.

    The Port Console.

    In the port console, there’s a padded tray protected by another upholstered eyebrow. Outboard to port we found 12-volt and USB plugs. The whole front of the console is hinged and opens to reveal the private head compartment. Inside, the 255 G has a head with pump-out and a sink. The compartment opening is 3’11” (1.2 m) tall and 2’4” (.7 m) wide.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE port console

    The top of the port console has another padded tray.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE head

    The head door has a custom-made heavy-duty stainless latch and outdoor to port are a 12-volt and USB plug.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE toilet

    The G package includes an upgrade to the pump-out toilet and the sink shown below.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE sink

    Shown is the sink which is part of the upgrade.

    Cool Coolers.

    As we head into the 255 G’s bow, there’s a locker in the starboard console that contains an Igloo cooler on a pull-out tray. We found two more portable coolers in an under-deck locker in the bow and there’s a built-in draining version underneath the forward-most bow seating cushion.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE cooler

    Having a dedicated compartment for this carry-on cooler helps keep the cockpit uncluttered.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE locker

    The under-deck locker in the bow has space for two more coolers. This allows for using one cooler to keeping sandwiches or other treats cool without them getting soggy.

    Bow Seating.

    Outboard on each side in the bow, the lounges measure 4’5” (1.3 m) long with comfortably angled backrests. The passageway between the bow seats is 1’5” (43.18 cm) wide, and a bolster wraps around the bow to provide aft-facing seating as well. We expected bow filler cushions, but Scarab took things to the next level with backrest pads and stiffening supports that create a full playpen in the bow.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE bow

    Notice how the side cushions in the bow angle down at the aft end. This is intended to help keep passengers planted more securely in the seat.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE bow facing aft

    Passengers can sit in the forward most section of the bow and lean against the bolster pad facing aft.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE bow cushions

    A new feature, the 255 G has backrest insert cushions as well as those that fill in the bow.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE bow panels

    To provide the proper support, these plastic panels slip in place before the cushions.

    Bow Storage.

    Outboard, the bottom cushions on each side of the bow are hinged and open to reveal finished lockers. In the forepeak is an anchor locker that has the tray for the grounding tackle underneath a beach-boarding ladder. The ladder on our test boat was a three-step model. We prefer four steps.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE ladder

    The foredeck compartment contains the beach boarding ladder and these retainers for a Danforth-style anchor. Notice that the hatch has a cable to keep it from lying over on the deck.

    Power and Performance

    The Propulsion System.

    The Scarab 255 G is powered by twin 150 Rotax 4-TEC fuel-injected motors connected to twin jet pumps. The engines have closed cooling systems, and the boat is equipped with heat exchangers that resemble long trim tabs integrated into the bottom of the boat on each side of the running surface. They connect to the engines with hoses. The coolant runs through these exchangers, which are always in the water to maintain consistent engine temperatures. A weedless shaft guard keeps debris out of the pumps.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE gas struts

    The entire back seat structure picks up on three gas struts to provide good access to the water tank to starboard, the coolant tanks just inboard of that and the yellow dipsticks on each engine.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE battery

    To port, the battery is in its own compartment with the dedicated switch and breakers.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE plates

    These aluminum plates in the bottom on each side are heat exchangers for the engines’ closed cooling systems. The coolant circulates through the plate before running back through the motor.

    The Numbers.

    Our test boat was equipped with 6.1” (15.5 cm) diameter stainless steel impellers in the jet pumps and had an estimated test weight of 4,430 (2,009 kg) lbs. We hit a top speed of 40.8 mph (35.5 knots) at 7520 rpm. Best cruise came in at 6000 rpm where we ran 28.3 mph (24.6 knots) and burned 10.1 gph (38.0 lph) for a range of 142 statute miles (123.4 nautical miles). The boat was quick out of the hole, planing in 3.5 seconds and running to 20 mph (17.4 knots) in 4.6 seconds and to 30 mph (26.1 knots) in 7.4 seconds.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE running shot

    With the twin 150 Rotax jets, our test boat topped 40 mph and popped on plane in less than four seconds.

    Ride and Handling.

    We tested the Scarab 255 G on a small lake in calm conditions and performed well in all of our maneuverability tests. She whipped through slalom turns with ease and tracked well through arcs. She’s designed to be more of a “real boat” than previous jet designs that could spin out easily. Of course, super aggressive driving could still cause it to spin, but it would take some work.
    Her V-bottom design has a sharp entry up front and 20-degrees of deadrise at the stern, and when we rode through the photo boat’s wakes, she felt solid. Slow-speed maneuvering is improved thanks to Bombardier’s lateral thrust steering system. Unlike traditional jets, the bucket is attached aft of the steering nozzle and it’s longer with openings that route the thrust out the sides when in neutral or reverse. This provides for more responsive maneuverability around the docks.

    Digital Controls.

    The Scarab 255 G comes standard with Bombardier’s Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST), uses fly-by-wire technology to smoothly shift the jet drive system. Additionally, iST lets a driver adjust the neutral position in 1mm increments plus or minus 15 settings to add or reduce power being used. An added benefit of iST is that if an operator suddenly tries to yank the throttle back into reverse, the system won’t allow the pump to apply reverse thrust. It monitors boat speed, so it will gradually slow the boat and then start to apply reverse thrust. The iST is derived from the Intelligent Brake & Reverse (IBR) system used on Sea-Doo personal watercraft.

    Scarab 255 Platinum SE running shot

    With the iST digital shift and throttle controls, drivers have more precise control over the Scarab 255 G at slow speeds.


    • $57,233 with twin 150 Rotax 4-TEC jets

    Available Options and Price

    • Cockpit cover and bow cover ($600)

    • Trailering cover ($953)

    • Fixed fire extinguisher ($333)

    • Spare tire for trailer ($287)

    • Galvanized trailer with Gatorhyde finish and brakes ($887)

    • Delete trailer (-$2,585)


    With its high-end graphics and two-tone upholstery, the 255 G has the look and feel that will appeal to owners looking for an upscale bowrider. With three attachment points for the table and versatile seating arrangements for up to 13 passengers, she can please a crowd.
    The boat tops 40 mph on pretty tame power and is on plane in less than four seconds. The side thrust and iST give the Scarab 255 G maneuverability to rival a sterndrive around the docks. Combine that with the safety that jets offer -- no propellers -- and this boat becomes attractive for families.
    On the trailer, she’ll tip the scales at about 5,000 lbs. dry, which means a variety of vehicles can handle towing duties.
    Most important, at speed, she is easy to handle and answers the helm instantly, and operators should have great confidence when driving her.