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Scarab 255 ID (2016-)

2 x 250 Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT

Brief Summary

With twin Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT jet power, the Scarab 255 ID (formerly the Impulse WAKE Edition) is a spirited performer, with a 3.1-second hole shot and a top speed of 53.2 mph. She comes loaded with upscale features including a folding wakeboard tower with Bimini, four-speaker stereo with Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity, and a tandem-axle trailer with brakes, chrome wheels and swing-away tongue.

Key Features

  • Swim platform, aft, extended low-profile and reboarding ladder
  • Foldable wakeboard tower with Bimini top
  • Removable cooler
  • Snap-in carpet
  • Aft seating converts to rear facing seating
  • U-shaped stern seating
  • Dual ComfortRide bucket seats with flip-up bolster
  • Custom tandem-axle trailer includes brakes with chrome wheels and swing-away tongue
  • Stereo system with 4 speakers, MP3 port and Bluetooth connectivity

Test Results

1800 5 4.3 1.4 3.54 3.07 178 155 71
2000 6 5.2 1.6 3.72 3.23 187 163 72
3000 7.5 6.5 3.1 2.4 2.09 121 105 73
4000 10.3 8.9 5 2.05 1.78 103 90 73
5000 21 18.2 8.4 2.49 2.17 126 109 76
6000 33.5 29.1 14.6 2.29 2 116 101 78
7000 44.2 38.4 25.5 1.73 1.51 87 76 86
8000 53.2 46.3 36.5 1.46 1.27 73 64 95


Length Overall 25′ / 7.62 m
Beam 8’ 4''
2.54 m
Dry Weight 3,900 lbs.
1,770 kg
Tested Weight 4,552 lbs.
2,065 kg
Draft 15''
38 cm
Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 2,100 lbs.
953 kg
Person Capacity 13
Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
212 L
Water Capacity 12 gal.
45 L (optional)
Trailer Weight 1,285 lbs.
583 kg
Total Weight 4,552 lbs.
2,065 kg


Base Price $73413.00
Price Range
Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.1 sec.
0 to 30 5.7 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 75 deg., 65 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: Chop 1'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 250 Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT
Std. Power 2 x 200 Rotax
Opt. Power Not Available


Engine Warranty Extended 3-year limited warranty

Captain's Report

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition running shot

At 25’ (7.62 m) long with an 8’4” (2.54 m) beam, the Scarab 255 ID has the size to take on bay chop and ride comfortably.


Scarab took its popular jet powered 255 G and jazzed up the graphics and added a fold-down tower and ballast sack system to create a wakeboarding and surfing boat that offers the added safety that comes with propeller-free propulsion. Twin Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT jets with Intelligent Neutral & Reverse (iNR) makes the boat more responsive and easier to drive. The boat also has the optional ballast system.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition floor plan

With convertible seating in the bow and stern, the Scarab 255 ID can accommodate up to 13 passengers.

Distinguishing Features

• Hinged wakeboard tower with board racks and integrated Bimini top

• Beach boarding ladder in bow

• Optional Digital Speed Control package with four different speed modes

• Optional table with mounting brackets at the stern, in the cockpit and in the bow

• Ballast system adds 1,150 lbs. (522 kg) and is removable

• Custom tandem-axle trailer with brakes, chrome-wheels and swing away tongue

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition thumbscrews

These easy-to-grip thumbscrews make it easy to lower the tower when necessary for going under a bridge.

Features Inspection

The Stern.

Since most of the activity on board a wakesports boat takes place at the stern, we’ll start there. The swim platform measures 6’11” (2.1 m) across and 2’11” (.9 m) fore to aft and the walking surfaces are covered in a soft foam that’s easy under foot. Backrests that click into place can be positioned so passengers can sit facing aft. There’s a centrally positioned boarding ladder mounted under the swim platform and grab handles are integrated into the trailing edge. To starboard, there’s a shower, LED light and stereo control. To port we found the optional table bracket and there are cup holders on each side. Hinged hatches in the platform open up wet storage lockers with drains in the aft corners. The transom shower, stereo remote at the transom and table bracket are optional.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition swim platform

The Scarab 255 ID’s swim platform comes standard with this soft Smart Mat covering.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition platform

With the backrests in the upright position, our test captain could sit back and relax.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition boarding ladder

The swim boarding ladder pulls out from under the swim platform and we like the location of the grab handles for reboarding.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition stereo

In the starboard corner of the swim platform, the shower is behind the white plastic cover and the stereo control is next to the speaker.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition table

With the table in place to port, there’s a spot to enjoy al Fresco lunch.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition draining locker

The draining locker in the swim platform spans almost the full width and twin hatches make it easier to get to contents.

The Cockpit.

A central walkway between the aft seats lets passengers move into the cockpit. If owners purchase the optional Versa Lounge, it fills in the passageway with a removable seat. Bottom cushions on the side lounges fold out from under the forward seats. With the Versa lounge, they create a large U-shaped area. With the extra cushions stowed and with the convertible aft backrests moved for a forward-facing position, there’s an aft bench seat that will accommodate a few people with two rear-facing jump seats on each side. Those jumpseats have full height backrests as well.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition lounge

The optional Versa Lounge cushion fills in the walkway to the swim platform.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition seating

There’s space for people to sit facing each other when the bottom cushion extension for the jumpseat is stowed.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition cushion

This cushion folds out of the base of the forward jump seat to create a chaise-style lounge.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition port lounge

Our test captain found that the portside lounge reclined at a comfortable position.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition table

The optional portable table locks in place in the cockpit bracket.

Cockpit Storage.

There is limited storage space in the gunwale trays on the 255 ID, because there are three cup holders on each side. Racks on each side of the tower have space for boards. The jump seat bases and the ski locker provide the primary cockpit storage when they don’t have the sacks for the ballast system in them. The bladders are removable for days when boarding isn’t on the agenda.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition ballast sacks

The ballast sacks add a total of 1,150 lbs. (522 kg) and they can be removed when not needed, which opens up valuable storage space.

The Helm.

The driver and a companion ride in bucket seats that have fold-up bolsters that swivel and adjust fore and aft. Our test model had the upgraded Touch Screen Command Center, an automotive-style digital screen that displays the four speed modes as well as navigation and other information in a split-screen format. The steering wheel tilts and the horn is isolated on the port side of the helm with the remaining accessory switches to starboard. Outboard to starboard are the control switches for filling the ballast sacks (it takes 7 minutes) and just behind are a dedicated cell phone tray and a cup holder. A 12-volt plug is alongside the driver’s right leg. The digital shift and throttle control is made for Bombardier by Livorsi Marine.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition bucket seat

The bucket seat has a wraparound design for maximum support.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition touchscreen

The optional Touch Screen Command Center provides a plethora of performance and navigation information.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition horn

The horn button is isolated on the left side of the steering wheel, making it easy to find.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition

The switches for filling the ballast sacks are forward to starboard. Aft is this cushioned cell phone tray and cup holder.

The Port Console.

We found another padded cell phone tray below an upholstered eyebrow in the port console. Outboard alongside the companion’s left leg are a switch for the tower speakers, a USB plug and a 12-volt receptacle, all of which are part of the premium sound system upgrade. The whole console face opens on hinges to provide easy access to the optional portable head. There’s also a foldup sink in this area if owners opt for the freshwater system that includes the stern shower.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition cell phone tray

There’s another cushioned cell phone tray in the port console.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition panel

This panel outboard to port has audio inputs, the switch for the tower speakers and a 12-volt plug when the phone or iPod runs low on battery power.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition head

Notice how much of the console opens. This makes it much easier for a variety of people to enter the head compartment.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition pump out head

Our test boat had the optional portable head with the pumpout.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition sink

The sink is part of the optional freshwater package that also includes the transom shower.

The Bow.

Moving forward into the 255 ID’s bow, there are forward-facing lounges on each side and a fill-in cushion actually closes off the passageway creating a sun pad that measures 5’2” (1.3 m) across at the rear and 3’8” (1.1 m) up front. There are cup holders and grab handles on board on each side and the bow has its own bracket for mounting the table.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition bow

Scarab carried the beam as far forward as possible, creating a wraparound backrest in the bow that’s 3’8” (1.1 m) wide.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition bow table

The optional portable table locks into the bow bracket to create a booth with seating on three sides.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition bow filler

Remove the table and the bow fills in with a bottom cushion and a backrest creating a large sun pad/play area and the backrests are 1’10” (55.9 cm) tall.

Bow Storage.

A hatch in the driver’s console opens and a portable Igloo cooler slides out on a tray. Beneath a hatch in the bow sole there are two more small portable coolers. Outboard, the bottom cushions on each side are hinged and open to reveal finished lockers. The bottom cushion in the bow pulls aside for more capacity. In the forepeak is an anchor locker that has the tray for the grounding tackle underneath a beach-boarding ladder.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition cooler

The Igloo Marine cooler secures on this slide-out tray, making it much easier to use.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition coolers

The under-deck locker in the bow has space for these two coolers. Notice that the hatch opens on a gas strut so two hands can be used to retrieve the coolers.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition compartments

The side cushions in the bow are hinged at the aft end and the inside of the compartments are finished.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition reboarding ladder

The anchor locker has a clever design in which the beach boarding ladder will ensure that the grounding tackle stays secure.

Power and Performance

The Numbers.

Base power in the Scarab 255 ID are twin Rotax 4-TEC 200 ECT motors. Our test model was equipped with the optional Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT powerplants and with a half tank of fuel, she weighed in at 4,212 lbs. (1,911 kg). With the motors spooling up to 8000 rpm, we hit a top speed of 53.2 mph (46.3 knots). Best cruise came in at 5000 rpm where we ran 21.0 mph (18.3 knots) and burned 4.2 gph (15.9 lph) for a range of 251 statute miles (219 nautical miles). The boat was quick out of the hole, planing in 3.1 seconds and running to 20 mph (17.4 knots) in 3.8 seconds and to 30 mph (26.1 knots) in 4.5 seconds.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition running shot

The twin Rotax 250 engines provide plenty of punch for all around performance.

Ride and Handling.

We tested the 255 ID on a choppy Biscayne Bay in calm winds and, unlike some jet-powered craft, this one felt like a real boat. Her V-bottom design has a sharp entry up front and 20 degrees of deadrise at the stern and she rode smoothly through the waves. In maneuverability tests, she felt nimble and quick. Our test captain liked that he could turn the boat like a conventional runabout through sweeping arcs and still get her to spin out if he wanted. Slow-speed maneuvering is improved thanks to Bombardier’s lateral thrust steering system. Unlike traditional jets, the bucket is attached aft of the steering nozzle and it’s longer with opens that route the thrust out the sides when in neutral or reverse. This provides for more responsive maneuverability around the docks.

Improved Reliability.

Among the highlights of the propulsion system are closed freshwater cooling, which makes the boat much more attractive to saltwater boaters. The boat’s running pad is a heat exchanger with a hose that runs to the thermostat and water pump. Because the pad is underwater, it’s constantly feeding cooler water to the motor. Additionally the pump shaft is protected in a stainless sleeve and a grate over the intake prevents larger objects from entering the jet pump.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition running shot

The 255 ID handled bay chop like her Scarab offshore ancestors.

Digital Controls.

Our test model was also equipped with Bombardier’s Intelligent Neutral and Reverse (iNR) that uses fly-by-wire technology to smoothly shift the jet drive system. It made the boat more responsive around the docks, which will make the 255 ID more operator friendly for those who are new to jet propulsion. Additionally, iNR lets a driver adjust the neutral position in 1mm increments plus or minus 15 settings to add or reduce power being used. An added benefit of iNR is that if an operator suddenly tries to yank the throttle back into reverse, the system won’t allow the pump to apply reverse thrust. It monitors boat speed, so it will gradually slow the boat and then start to apply reverse thrust. The iNR is derived from the Intelligent Brake & Reverse (IBR) system that is used on Sea-Doo personal watercraft.

Scarab 255 Impulse WAKE Edition profile shot

With iNR digital shift and throttle controls, drivers have more precise control over the 255 ID at slow speeds.


• $73,413 MSRP base boat with twin Rotax 4-TEC 200 ECT jets

• $78,480 MSRP base boat with twin Rotax 4-TEC 250 ECT jets

Available Options and Price

• Wake Edition Package ($4,400)

• Cockpit cover and bow cover ($600)

• Cockpit, marine mat with Scarab graphic ($1,000)

• Dual battery switch ($427)

• Seating, full-width sun pad with Versa Lounge ($820)
• Enclosed head with sink, Porta-Potti and transom shower ($653)

• Portable head with pump-out ($240)

• Touchscreen command center ($3,533)

• Premium sound sytem -- stereo with Bluetooth, Kicker subwoofer, Kicker LED lit speakers and Kicker amplifiers ($1,927)

• Spare tire for trailer and mount ($287)


With the power to top 50 mph and the acceleration to tow any discipline of watersport, the Scarab 255 ID is part of a new breed of jet-powered craft that feels and works more like a “real” boat. The side thrust and iNR give the boat maneuverability to rival a sterndrive around the docks.
With a rated passenger capacity of 13 people and the aft facing seating so that passengers can get up close and personal with wake surfers, the 255 ID is sure to gain popularity among watersports enthusiasts.