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Intrepid Boats 350 Center Console (2013-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

After the 200-something foot luxury yacht tied up to the dock, a large section of the starboard side opened up and revealed... an Intrepid Center Console. Now why would this owner, who can clearly afford any boat he desires, choose an Intrepid as his yacht’s tender? As it turns out, with very good reason. Intrepids have a long history of bringing more to the table, including luxury, class, and style, than you might find in a typical center console or nearly any boat for that matter. Fortunately for the manufacturer the Intrepid 350 CC continues the tradition and possesses all of these qualities.

Key Features

  • 350' Open Standard Console with Electronics Box
  • Transom Door
  • Dive Platforms
  • Tinned Wiring
  • Navigation Lights
  • Auto Bilge Pump
  • Breaker Panel Switches
  • Water Separating Fuel Filters (2)
  • Solid Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Guttered Cockpit Hatches with Self Bailing Cockpit
  • PVC Foam Core Vacuum-bagged Non-woven Multi-directional and Uni-directional Fibers all Hand Laid
  • Deck and Springline Cleats
  • Hawse Pipes for Cleats
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 35' 0''
    10.67 m
    Beam 10'6''
    Dry Weight N/A
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft N/A
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom N/A
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 251 gal.
    950 L
    Water Capacity 40 gal.
    151 L
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power

    Intrepid Boats 350 Center Console (2013-) Line Drawing


    Captain's Report

    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    The Intrepid 350 Center Console has an LOA of 35'0'' (10.67 m), a beam of 10' 6” (3.2 m), and a fuel capacity of 251 gallons (950L).

    Creative thinking

    The builders of Intrepids are no strangers to creative thinking. This 350 CC, in particular, is simply loaded with innovations from stem to stern. Let’s take a look at some of Intrepid's publicity photos for the 350 CC and give a closer inspection to some of these innovations. Let us warn you at the outset: this is not a typical production CC boat. It is highly semi-custom and expensive. Proceed at your own risk-- you may fall in love.

    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    The most notable thing in this image is the stepped hull. You can clearly see the “step” just below the passengers at the helm. The purpose behind this feature is to force air under the hull which reduces surface friction. This gives you more performance for less horsepower. The tradeoff is that sometimes turning performance gets compromised. Based on our experience with Intrepids, this is a characteristic Intrepid seems to have found a way around.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Looking at the 350 CC from overhead we can clearly see the optional hardtop with additional optional equipment attached. Namely the aft rocket launchers, outriggers, and of course the radar. We can also see that Intrepid does not settle for just a cooler with a cushion on top of it for the front of the console, but more on that later.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Here you have a better view of the array that you can present to the fish between the outriggers, gunwale mounted rod holders, and rocket launchers. Also notice the transom door with step that Intrepid adds to each side of the transom.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011While a tuna door is nothing new, the way Intrepid handles it certainly has innovation written all over it. Rather than have a panel that lifts out, or door that opens inward, Intrepid goes with a panel that is hinged from the bottom and opens outward, thereby creating its own boarding step for easy entry when used as a dive door. This is an ingenious way of handling such a simple feature and why we don’t see it more often is a mystery to us. Because it opens out, it is also an emergency dewatering scupper.These are just some of the innovations that Intrepid adds to the exterior of their boats but there’s more to come when we take a look at the inside. Here’s where the cleverness of the design team really starts to shine, so let’s take a detailed look.

    The Inside Story

    Engineering a boat for performance is one thing, but engineering creativity from a usability standpoint is quite another. We’ve always been impressed with the way Intrepid handles things when presented with small problems and also with how they handle things quite differently from the way others would. The most notable example of this comes from looking just ahead of the console.

    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Normally a center console will have a cooler just ahead of the console with a cushion on top of it. Yes, when you get into a larger class of CC, the cooler ends up being built in, but the concept remains. Here we have a molded in seat with sides to help keep you secure. All that seems to be missing here is a pop out footrest. But there’s one creative feature this picture does not show.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    With a push of a button, the seat slides to the side revealing a forward entrance to the inside of the console and the head. Virtually every other center console we’ve ever seen has access to the inside of the console from the sides. This is a much more creative use of space. Interesting that there’s a VHF inside this head compartment. Perhaps if the occupants should get stuck?
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Of course being able to do more than fish, on any boat, only adds to its value with the family. Many center consoles will simply add fishboxes with cushions on top and leave it at that. Here it seems that the forward seating is much more functional, and Intrepid even allows for the optional bow table to turn this forward section into a small dining area. But even with that said, there’s so much more to this area than meets the eye.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Notice both the husband and wife’s arms. They are resting on compartments that close off seamlessly, but open to reveal cavernous storage areas. Also notice how the back of the cushion on the right is sectioned off.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Here is another view of the aft end of that seat cushion. Now we can see it lifts up to form a very comfortable chaise lounge. The flat gunwale serves as a comfortable armrest, but we’d like to see this concept taken one step further with the addition of a recessed bow rail to grab onto.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    To either side of the bow is a hatch that lifts to reveal lockable rod storage. Of course the sheer size of this space allows it to be used for storing so much more than just rods.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Between the bow seats where other builders would be content to simply place a hatch, Intrepid goes with a much larger compartment that is accessed with an innovative hatch allowing more to be stored in this otherwise wasted space. Note that the hatch is held up by two gas assist struts, and the perimeter of the compartment is channeled to direct water away from its interior.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Fully forward, the windlass and anchor line cleats are all recessed into a forward compartment. To the left you can see a LED courtesy light, and the windlass foot controls are in the aft corners. Obviously the folks at Intrepid don't thik it is necessary to have pull-up cleats to keep the area smooth and prevent snagging lines as you work around the boat.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    Here we see a nicely laid out helm, with multi function displays just below the nav display. The stereo VHF and autopilot, to starboard, can easily be moved to allow for another nav display. Digital engine controls, and a stainless steel wheel with a steering knob are both features we’ve come to enjoy. We’d rather see the compass moved to the centerline of the operator’s line of sight. Intrepid offers an option for powder coating the supports to the overhead, and on a boat with this many classy features it seems a shame to leave that one out.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    This is the electrically adjustable fiberglass helm seat. It’s rather high, so sitting in it will give you excellent visibility, but may not be as comfortable when driving as if you are standing unless you use an autopilot. For long runs offshore, be sure to check off the auto pilot on the options list. Notice how the padded bolsters go all the way around the boat.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    And of course on the backside of the seat we have tackle trays and storage. We’d like to see the addition of a sink and a cutting surface.
    Intrepid 350 CC 2011
    This is probably the most comfortable aft cockpit seat that we’ve seen on any center console. But for practicality, it doesn’t make much sense on a fishing boat. This ensures that the entire transom will be unusable for fishing, but very capable for cruising. Perhaps it can be pulled out before a serious fishing trip.

    More to the Story

    As it turns out there’s a lot more to the Intrepid story than just innovation and creativity. No other company that we know of will go as far as Intrepid to create a boat that is truly customized for you. If you don’t like the seats that are offered, Intrepid will make ones that you’re happy with. If you don’t like the standard hull colors, pick the color you do like and Intrepid will apply it with Imron paint. They will even powder coat the rails and supports to match the hull color. And how many companies do you know of that are willing even to paint the engine covers to match the rest of the boat?These are some of the reasons why the owner of a world class luxury yacht will choose an Intrepid as the yacht's tender. Not only is operating an Intrepid an experience in itself, but having one built makes you part of the Intrepid family. This is a company that refers to each build by its owner’s name, not a serial number. And that makes sense for a company that builds each boat individually tailored to the customer’s needs, wants, and desires. From where we sit the only thing that seems to be better than building an Intrepid is driving one.

    Standard and Optional Features


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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