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Foiler Takes High Speed to New Heights


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Editor’s Report

Promotional video produced by Enata

Foiler Takes High Speed to New Heights running
The 40-knot Foiler made her debut at the Dubai International Boat Show.

The Foiler is delivering excitement along with its smooth ride. Riding upon retractable carbon-fiber hydrofoils, the Foiler’s hull is raised 5’ (1.52 m) above the water, with the added benefit of up to 20% increased fuel efficiency. Traveling at speeds up to 40 knots, the Foiler is powered by a pair of 320-hp BMW engines as well as two electric generators and can carry up to eight persons.

The Foiler has a progressive takeoff and landing at around 18 knots, according to the builder Enata, who credits the combination of her hull design with hydrofoiling technology. Enata says the boat can handle seas around 6’ (1.83 m).

Foiler Takes High Speed to New Heights rest
At rest, the foils are retracted.

Because of the reduced wetted-surface drag, the boat offers speed in combination with fuel efficiency. At a cruise speed of 30 knots, the builder says the boat has a range of 130 miles on its 79-gallon (299 L) fuel tank.

Foiler Takes High Speed to New Heights top speeds
The Foiler hits foiling speed around 18 knots, and cruises at 30 knots.

The hybrid system can use the battery system in conjunction with the electric torpedos to propel the boat at up to 10 knots on silent electric power for up to 10 minutes.

The electric torpedos that drive the Foiler as well as her hydrofoils retract out of the water, simplifying storage aboard superyachts or support vessels. Foiler says the vessel is very quiet at speed, because the hull has minimal contact with the water, and that the boat produces a reduced wake.

While the Foiler is designed to appeal to the superyacht market as a toy and tender, the idea of foiling powerboats will become more mainstream in the future thanks to the combination of efficiency and speed.


    LOA: 31’ (9.45 m)

    Beam with foils raised: 10’10” (3.3 m)

    Beam with foils deployed: 24’ (7.2 m)

    Draft in non-foiling mode: 2’ (0.6 m)

    Height for stowage purposes: 7’6” (2.3 m)

    Fuel: 79 gal. (299 L)

Propulsion system

  • • 2x 320-hp BMW Diesel engines
  • • 2 Electric generators
  • • 2 Electric torpedoes to drive propellers

    Maximum boat speed: 40 kts

    Takeoff speed: 18 kts, with a crew of 8

    Range: 130 miles at 30 kts

    Full electric mode for 10 minutes below 10 kts