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Chaparral 257 SSX (2013-)
(w/ 1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta V8-380)


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Brief Summary

Here’s a classy sportboat that not only feels great to be in, but handles extremely well. She quickly became a favorite with our test captain, and got placed at the top of the short list of boats he hated to walk away from. She has an innovative layout and some of the most eye-catching external styling in class.

Key Features

  • Bow ice chest (insulated) with overboard drain
  • Cockpit table with dedicated storage and side mount bases in cockpit and bow
  • Diamond pattern non-skid
  • Starboard bench seat with hinged cushion and dedicated storage for 36 quart cooler
  • Lighting in cockpit, console storage, engine compartment and swim platform
  • Accessory panels with illuminated switches and water resistant DC breakers
  • Full digital instrumentation with (fog resistant), custom aluminum faces and stainless steel bezels
  • Wood accessory panels
  • Large stainless steel transom grab rail with integral ski tow
  • Integrated fiberglass swim platform
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 25' 6''
    7.77 m
    Beam 8' 6''
    2.59 m
    Dry Weight 4,700 lbs.
    2,132 kg
    Tested Weight 5,552 lbs.
    2,518 kg
    Draft 36''
    91 cm
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom 22 deg.
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance 8' 5''
    2.49 m (with arch)
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 72 gal.
    273 L
    Water Capacity 13.5 gal.
    51 L
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power Not Available
    Tested Power 1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta V8-380
    Opt. Power 1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta V8-380
    Eight Volvo Penta V8 engines from 300-hp to 380-hp
    Six Mercury engines from 300-hp to 320-hp

    Test Results - Change Measurement Unit

    RPM MPH Knots GPH MPG NMPG Stat. Mile NM dBa
    650 3.7 3.2 0.8 4.6 4.0 300 261 61
    1000 5.5 4.7 1.3 4.2 3.7 272 236 63
    1500 7.4 6.4 2.2 3.4 3.0 223 194 67
    2000 8.8 7.7 3.9 2.3 2.0 146 127 74
    2500 13.4 11.7 6.1 2.2 1.9 144 125 80
    3000 21.6 18.8 7.0 3.1 2.7 201 175 81
    3500 28.1 24.4 9.0 3.1 2.7 203 177 82
    4000 33.9 29.5 12.2 2.8 2.4 181 157 84
    4500 38.7 33.7 14.5 2.7 2.3 174 151 82
    5000 43.9 38.1 19.1 2.3 2.0 149 130 83
    5500 48.8 42.4 25.9 1.9 1.6 122 106 86
    5960 53.6 46.6 29.3 1.8 1.6 119 103 90
    650 261 483 6.00 3.03 1.97 61
    1000 236 438 8.90 4.92 1.78 63
    1500 194 359 11.90 8.14 1.46 67
    2000 127 235 14.20 14.76 0.96 74
    2500 125 232 21.60 22.90 0.94 80
    3000 175 323 34.80 26.31 1.32 81
    3500 177 327 45.20 33.88 1.33 82
    4000 157 291 54.60 45.99 1.19 84
    4500 151 280 62.30 54.70 1.14 82
    5000 130 240 70.70 72.11 0.98 83
    5500 106 196 78.50 98.04 0.80 86
    5960 103 192 86.30 110.72 0.78 90

    All fuel consumption numbers are the total for all engines in the boat. Speeds are measured with Stalker ProSports radar gun or GPS. Fuel consumption (gallons per hour) measured with Floscan digital fuel-flow meter or by on-board factory-installed diagnostic instruments. Range is based on 90% of published fuel capacity. Sound levels determined using Radio Shack digital decibel meter on A scale. 68 dBA is the level of normal conversation. Time to plane is measured from start of acceleration to formation of rooster tail behind boat.

    Performance Chart

    Performance Chart

    Acceleration Times & Test Conditions

    Time To Plane 3.0 sec.
    0 to 30 7.8 sec.
    Ratio N/A
    Props F5
    Load 2 persons, full fuel, 0 water, minimal gear
    Climate 77 deg., 78 humid.; wind: 0 mph; seas: calm

    Captain's Report

    By Capt. Steve

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    With a LOA of 25’6” (7.77 m) and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m) the 257 SSX is the smallest of the four-boat Chaparral SSX lineup.

    Mission Statement

    Chaparral has positioned the 257 SSX as a high-end bowrider. She features innovative seating that can be used in different configurations, and has a hull with no bad habits.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The layout of the Chaparral 257 SSX has centerline access to the cockpit and a port bench seat which swivels.

    Distinguishing Features

    Multi-function Side Bench Seat in the Cockpit.

    The one to port swivels and slides so it can be used as a leg rest for the swiveled observer’s seat, same for the aft bench seat, or a standalone seat. •

    Wide Aft-facing Transom Seating.

    Often we see seats placed at the transom as an afterthought, but here the swim platform is destined to be a popular hangout.•

    Electric Aft Lounge Seating.

    The aft seats lie flat at the touch of a button and even convert to chaise lounges. •

    Clever Sole Storage.

    It is not only exceedingly roomy but also includes pullout drawers to the side to create storage within storage.•

    Basket-weave Vinyl Wrapped Dash.

    The fiberglass dash modules take on an elegant look with multiple shades of earth tones and unique basket-weave patterns. •

    Sculptured Hull Sides.

    Chaparral has done something rarely seen in the hull of a sportboat and that is to build in an aggressive styling relief. It can be left in the natural hull gel coat to reflect light to show off its curves, or it can be colored in a contrasting color to accent its shape. This technique is rarely seen because it is difficult to accomplish in a female mold.


    With a 380-hp 6.0 L Volvo Penta V-8 powering our test boat we reached a top speed at 5960 rpm and 53.6 mph. That gave us a fuel burn of 29.25 gph for a range of 119 miles.

    Best Cruise

    came in at 3500 rpm and 28.1 mph. That brought the fuel burn down to 8.9 gph which the 257 SSX could keep up for seven hours and 18 minutes and 203 miles while still maintaining a 10% reserve.

    Hole Shot Times.

    Thanks to the extended V-Plane running surface and the Volvo Penta V8-380 we had a time to plane of only 3.0 seconds, accelerated the 20 mph in 5.5 seconds and continued accelerating through 30 mph in 7.8 seconds. These are impressive times for a 5,000 lb. (2,272 kg.) boat.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Our test boat was equipped with the optional 380-hp V8 from Volvo Penta and it was an impressive power choice. To the right is the standard cockpit table.


    Between her 6.0 liter V-8 engine and rack and pinion steering the 257 SSX handling was glass smooth and exhilarating. She turns on a dime without any tendency to chine walk and can accommodate a load of people and still have power left over for another person at the end of the towline. I noticed a 14-degree bow rise on accelerating which kept the horizon in view at all times. Roughly one quarter trim will get the 257 into the five-degree bow high attitude where she runs best. Any additional trim will create oscillation. Cruise trim will also cause ventilation of the propellers if any maneuvers are initiated, so be sure to drop the trim down before turning hard.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    When transitioning through wakes the 257 showed no signs of wobble or pounding. She cuts cleanly through with no break in speed and the cockpit stayed dry.

    Mid-range Burst.

    The new Volvo Penta 380-hp V8 engine gave the 257 SSX exhilarating midrange performance. Pushing the throttle forward from the cruise position produced an immediate burst in acceleration. This is because the V8-380 has a flat torque curve and variable valve timing. When another sportboat comes along side to show off, summer lake hot-shots will like the burst of mid-range speed available in the 257 to show who's got the boss boat. Between the light touch on the engine control, and two turns from lock-to-lock on the steering, it’s very easy to get aggressive with the handling on the 257. While the boat can certainly take it easily enough, passengers may find it uncomfortable, so restraint is in order. This additional power and maneuverability will certainly come in handy in any rough seas that may be encountered.

    Features Inspection


    Chaparral made a departure from the norm with a pair of 30.5” (77.7 cm) wide transom seats, 13” (33 cm) apart, that can lay flat to form separate sun lounges at the push of a button. A center walkthrough can accommodate optional filler cushions to create a single large sun pad. The full beam swim platform comes out 2'9" (.83 m) from the transom step.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Our test boat was fitted with the optional transom shower to the portside of the swim platform.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The transom stereo remote and trim switch, seen at the front of the aft-facing seat, will be moved to the position indicated by my hand on future models.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    I’m kneeling on the optional logo’d swim platform insert. Chaparral made a four-step reboarding ladder standard, which is much easier to mount from in the water.

    Our platform included the optional rubber logo mat adding to the nonskid surface. At the aft end of the platform, there's a stainless grab rail that’s long enough to allow several people to hang on while waiting their turn at the starboard reboarding ladder. This grab rail serves a number of purposes including protection for the fiberglass swim platform when backing into a dock, as well as being a cool styling accent.Tripping hazards are reduced with pull-up cleats to both sides. There are also fuel fills to either side.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    My hand, to the right, is on the button that silently lowers the seat to a sun pad. Note that one is up and one is down.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    …and then the seat lifts to form a chaise lounge.

    Our test boat was fitted with the optional transom shower and stereo remote with transom tilt switch. We tested an early version of this design, and on future models the stereo remote will be moved up higher, to be more in line with the transom seating as opposed to being functional from the platform only.


    The cockpit is shaded with an integral Bimini top mounted to the optional arch tower that is available in either black or white. It's a shapely and functional forward raked tower that really adds to the good looks of the 257 SSX. The tow point is 7’ (2.13 m) off the deck.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The optional tow arch makes a striking appearance and adds to the functionality to the 257 SSX. To anyone buying this boat with the optional tower, we recommend that they seriously consider getting it in black.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The cockpit is roomy and versatile. Notice the transitional seat to port that, in this position, creates booth seating at the standard table.

    To the rear of the cockpit are back-to-back seats that create not only wide transom seating but comfortable cockpit seats as well. A side mount pedestal base is mounted to the port bulwarks. Just ahead, is a "transition lounge seat" that swivels and slides allowing it to be configured to multiple positions. I was most impressed with the fact that it can also be used to create a double wide seat at the cockpit table creating, in effect, booth seating. Slid fully aft it creates L-shaped seating to port... slid forward it turns the portside observer seat into a lounge seat.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    With the “transitional seat” swiveled to the side, it slides to become a lounge for the forward-facing aft seat.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The “transition seat” also creates a comfortable lounge for the portside observer’s seat.

    To starboard the bench seat is in a fixed position with storage inside for a 36 quart (34 L) carry-on cooler. This is also the location of the battery switches with convenient jumper terminals for quick attachment of the optional water toy inflator.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The starboard seat is in a fixed position with storage underneath.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Storage to starboard includes a 36 quart carry-on cooler. In the far corner the battery switches can be seen. These include jumper terminals for quick connecting of the optional water tow inflator, or even jumper cables.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Chaparral went with two 3” (7.6 cm) deck drains that direct water overboard, so feel free to break out the hose and rinse away the sand from the beach. A snap-in carpet is optional but it’s easy to see the appeal of leaving it off the list.

    Sole Storage

    Chaparral did a good job with its sole storage compartment. It is 20” (51 cm) deep by 30” (77 cm) wide and runs from the center of the cockpit fully forward 8'4" (2.54 m) to the area between the consoles. Because of its sheer length, it's inevitable that some items will become lost in the nether regions of the forward compartment so I'd like to see Chaparral add another deck hatch between the consoles.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The sole storage is deep enough to run all the way to where I’m standing. Another hatch is in order here.

    This hatch is hinged from the front, held open with gas struts, the opening is guttered all the way around with a drain leading overboard and the floor of the compartment is padded.However, the real trick is to the sides of the compartment where there are two drawers large enough to hold the standard cockpit table. This is a brilliant idea and one that I predict we’ll be seeing from other manufacturers.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Pull-out drawers to the sides really add to the functionality of this massive sole storage compartment.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The sole storage drawers are large enough to hold the standard cockpit table. The pedestal clips to the side of the compartment itself. These clever drawers utilize space that would otherwise go to waste.

    Port Console

    Both the captain and the observer get Chaparral's trademark comfortable bucket seats. The seats have high wraparounds but down low they curve back to allow the captain’s legs to swivel independent of the seat. The seat has swivel and slide controls located up high next to the legs and are clearly marked, so there's no fumbling underneath the seat for the controls. Both seats also have flip up bolsters.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Multiple shades of brown and tans highlight the look of the white fully fiberglass lined cockpit.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    A Porta-Potti is included as standard equipment but owners can opt for a pump-out head, or a VacuFlush system.

    The port console continues the multiple tones of white, browns and tans with a basket-weave pattern to the upper vinyl. A sizable glove box is located at the top of the door to the console. Inside is a roomy compartment with 3'9" (1.14 m) of headroom and includes a standard Porta-Potti, solid surface counter with sink, pullout sprayer and mirror. The Porta-Potti can be swapped out for a pump out Porta-Potti or a porcelain toilet with a VacuFlush system. A macerator is available although such a setup is prohibited in most locations. An opening portlight provides ventilation.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    A storage cabinet with solid surface counter, sink with pull-out sprayer, and opening portlight for ventilation are all standard.


    The helm console also has the dark basket-weave vinyl on top which serves well to knock down any glare. Chaparral went with a classy three-spoke leather wrapped stainless steering wheel mounted to a tilt base as standard. The standard panel features four gauges with stainless bezels, the two center gauges will be multifunction.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The helm panel includes a dimmer switch and Chaparral is one of the only company’s that gets how convenient that feature is. The Garmin replaces two multi-function gauges in the center of the panel.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    On any other boat, this wheel would likely be an upgrade. It adds a lot of class and eye-appeal to the helm.


    The optional panel includes a multifunction gauge to port and the two center gauges get swapped out for an optional Garmin 720 GPS with a 7” (17.8 cm) touchscreen display. Waterproof rocker switches flank both sides of the helm and are mounted to stainless mounting plates. A stereo remote is to the lower left. Our test boat was also equipped with optional trim tabs with LED indicators but I never found the need to use them.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    We’ve long admired the seat choices on Chaparral boats. They’re comfortable and functional. Notice how the wraparounds are high enough so that operators can swing sideways without swiveling the seat itself.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Controls for the seat are on-top and are clearly labeled.

    Walkthrough Windshield

    The walkthrough windshield is held open by a magnetic catch and in the closed position gasketing prevents any rattling while underway. A door at the side of the helm console opens to provide a lower air dam for operating on chilly mornings. A second, inner door protects the storage area under the helm console from the elements and keeps the boat looking first-rate. The stereo is mounted just above the door giving it a well protected location.


    The bow features comfortable seating with stainless speaker grills nestled into the side bulwarks. The forward facing seats have flip-up armrests and the padded seat backs rise up and curve over to meet the caprail providing padded armrests to the outside perimeter.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The bow offers the usual storage under the seats but it’s accessed by hinged cushions with articulating hinges.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    The forward compartment houses insulated storage. A flip-out bracket serves as a support for the optional bow filler cushion. Below is a side-mount pedestal table base for the standard table.

    Lengthy stainless steel rails serve as grab handles from any of the bow positions. An optional bow filler cushion comes packaged with the stern filler cushion to create a second sun lounge in the bow.

    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Two pull-up cleats on either side of the bow add a clean look to the 257. The forward combined nav light rotates to become flush so as to not interfere with the anchor line when deployed.
    Chaparral 257 SSX
    Under the forward hatch there’s a four-step beach reboarding ladder with anchor storage underneath. Notice the anchor keepers to either side.


    The Chaparral 257 SSX has a base price of $95,263 when equipped with the 300-hp Volvo Penta 5.7 L V8-300 C. Powered with the 380-hp 6.0 L Volvo Penta V8-380 C, as was our test boat, will bring the price to $107,192. Loaded with options, she'll climb up to the neighborhood of $127,000.


    This was one of those boats that was hard for me as a person who loves powerboats to walk away from. She has docile handling characteristics and an innovative, comfortable layout that is simply fun to be in. To my way of thinking, Chaparral has carefully designed each aspect of the 257 SSX to work harmoniously both functionally and visually. I'm sure watersport enthusiasts noted this boat's quick time to plane powered by the Volvo Penta 6.0 L V8-380. Fitted with the towing arch in black, I think she will signal to one and all that she is ready for business.Finally, I would not be thrown off by the loaded-up price of $127,000. First that's MSRP, and second, because of this boat's styling, luxurious interior and standard amenities, I don't think she has to be loaded up for most people to get full enjoyment out of her.

    Test Result Highlights

    • Top speed for the Chaparral 257 SSX (2013-) is 53.6 mph (86.3 kph), burning 29.25 gallons per hour (gph) or 110.71 liters per hour (lph).
    • Best cruise for the Chaparral 257 SSX (2013-) is 28.1 mph (45.2 kph), and the boat gets 3.14 miles per gallon (mpg) or 1.34 kilometers per liter (kpl), giving the boat a cruising range of 203 miles (326.7 kilometers).
    • Tested power is 1 x 380-hp Volvo Penta V8-380.

    Standard and Optional Features

    Marine Electronics

    GPS/Chart Optional


    CD Stereo Standard
    Head: Portable Standard
    Head: Fixed Optional
    Trim Tabs Optional

    Exterior Features

    Carpet: Cockpit Optional Snap-in
    Ice Chest Standard
    Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard
    Tower: Watersports Optional
    Transom Shower Optional


    Bimini Top Standard
    Cockpit Cover Optional
    Full Canvas Optional


    Hull Warranty
    Lifetime Limited

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