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Absolute Navetta 73 (2018-)

2 x 1,000-hp Volvo Penta IPS1350

Brief Summary

If there is a yacht that best personifies the blending of style and technology, it’s the new Navetta 73 from Absolute. Even before stepping aboard, she’s already attracting attention by being the first boat to be powered by all-new Volvo Penta IPS 1350s at 1000-hp each. Step aboard and the jaw-dropping commences. This distance cruiser is clearly built to take on ocean travel and do it with style, comfort, and technology. She truly seems out of character tied to a dock. When underway, she belies the slow trawler mentality with a top speed of 23 knots in our test.

Key Features

  • 2 sofas with armchairs and decor cushions
  • Seats with table convertible into a second
  • Cockpit teak table with Pearl Grey cover
  • Privacy electrical sunshade in cockpit
  • Dark wood electrical Venetian blinds
  • Miele wine cooler
  • Electro-hydraulic retractable gangway
  • Audio premium package for salon and cockpit
  • Bimini top for bow sofa and sunpad
  • Flybridge larger than many yachts in the 85' to 90' range
  • Futuristic-looking helm able to control everything on the boat
  • VIP that can easily be used as a second master
  • Low fuel consumption of only 69.0 gallons per hour at 17.3-knot cruise speed

Test Results

600 6.8 5.9 2 3.4 3 3233 2811.7 59
1000 10 8.7 9 1.1 1 1057 918.9 58
1250 11.8 10.3 18 0.7 0.6 623 542.1 60
1500 13.5 11.7 29 0.5 0.4 441 383.5 58
1750 15.3 13.3 46 0.3 0.3 315 274.2 61
2000 20 17.3 69 0.3 0.3 275 239.1 61
2200 23.4 20.3 87 0.3 0.2 256 222.4 67
2350 26.4 23 100 0.3 0.2 251 218.3 68


Length Overall 73' 5" / 22.38 m
Beam 18' 3"
5.58 m
Dry Weight 115,400 lbs.
52,345 kg
Tested Weight 119,359 lbs.
54,140 kg
Draft 5' 4''
1.63 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Person Capacity 18
Fuel Capacity 1,056.69 gal.
4,000 L
Water Capacity 293.23 gal.
1,110 L
Total Weight 119,359 lbs.
54,140 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 4 persons, 2/5 fuel load, 2/9 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 75 deg., 58 humid.; wind: 10-15 mph; seas: 1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1,000-hp Volvo Penta IPS1350
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 2 x 1000-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350
2 x 1000-hp Volvo Penta D13-1PS135

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Absolute Navetta 73 running 1

Navetta is the distance cruising line from Absolute, and the new 73 is the flagship of the models.


It’s not hard to see why the Navetta 73 won the Best Innovation award from the International World Yachts Trophies 2017. She’s dripping with innovation. Starting with her build, there’s an abundance of natural materials, as well as a complete re-engineering of sound reduction and climate control. This on top of her strength from how the formed hull is supported and strengthened by Absolute’s version of a grid stringer system called ISS for Integrated Structural System. This ISS is laid in place, then bonded to the hull. Then the decking, bulkheads, etc. are brought in and are then bonded together. The result is a single structural component with surprising strength. This is what gives the Absolute its characteristic solid feel and the Navetta 73 her seaworthy charm. Kevlar and carbon fiber are used above the deck level to maintain the strength while minimizing the weight.

Absolute Navetta 73 running 2

The Navetta 73 is the first vessel ever fitted with the new 1000-hp IPS 1350 engines with third-generation pods. They allow her to transition from a distance cruising displacement boat to a planing one.

As for technology, one glance at her helm station will make one feel as if onboard the Starship Enterprise. It’s simply stunning. And with the Boening monitoring system keeping a watchful eye on all systems, this is truly a yacht that can be watched, planed, and operated from remote screens located anywhere onboard.

Most notable, however, are the main engines. This is the first boat to utilize the new 1000-hp Volvo Penta IPS 1350s driving Volvo’s third-generation pods, and it’s an exciting combination. Absolute has long been an active partner with Volvo Penta throughout the development of the IPS2 and IPS3 systems, having shared its hulls with the development teams in Sweden. So, it stands to reason that the hull forms that were used to optimize the system ensure that the entire range will be well dialed into that system.

Exterior Features Inspection

Swim Platform

The swim platform is as much a functional part of the entertainment aspects of the 73 as the rest of the boat. With its hydraulic functionality, it can launch a tender or PWC. Once cleared, the partially submerged deck creates a private beach. A true stand-up shower is provided with hot and cold running water.

Absolute Navetta 73 swim platform

The swim platform allows for launching a tender or PWC with its hydraulic option. Just ahead is trunk storage. Below are windows to the crew cabin.


The cockpit is accessed from the swim platform by stairs to both sides and, thanks to the extended flying bridge deck, it is well shaded. Some owners may choose to enclose the area for three-season boating.

Across the transom is a lengthy sofa behind a solid wood table on stainless steel pedestals. Removable deck chairs can expand the seating significantly. Decking is teak, and overhead wood panels add to the elegant look of this outdoor gathering area. Access to the roomy side decks is to both sides as well as outward opening entry doors. Storage is in the bulwarks.

Absolute Navetta 73 gathering area

The cockpit is an inviting gathering area. Stairs to the flying bridge are to port and there’s storage underneath. The glass to the sides curves around as it meets the back. Folding door panels provide access to the salon.

Absolute Navetta 73 side panel architecture

Notice how the architecture of the side panels gives the impression of floating above the side coaming. Opening side doors to both sides allow entry from a fixed pier.

Absolute Navetta 73 cockpit features

Line handling from the cockpit is easy thanks to the stainless steel rollers abaft the cleats. Warping winches are provided for med moors. Notice the sink with running water.

Absolute Navetta 73 aft stations

The center-mounted control stations don’t provide much visibility for docking, but that’s not a concern with aft stations. Notice the joystick and thruster controls. The side door opens outward, so be aware of this when laying up along pilings.

Sidedecks and bow

Side deck access is to port and starboard, and Absolute went with a symmetrical layout with both decks being identical. Steps ahead of midships provide the remainder of the bow access.

Absolute Navetta 73 extended overhead deck

The side decks are protected by the extended flying bridge deck overhead. High side rails and another grab rail over the windows ensure a safe passage. Notice the stairs forward taking us to the elevated bow area. That raised deck provides the headroom in the forward stateroom.

Forward, there is a C-shaped forward-facing settee. Just ahead is a solid wood table on a pair of stainless hi-lo pedestals. The table is expandable, so it easily stretches out to meet the seating just ahead. This opposing seating is the hallmark of any welcoming gathering area. To the sides of this settee are access hatches to internal storage. Think lines, fenders, and seat covers.

Absolute Navetta 73 expanded table

With the table expanded there’s comfortable seating to both sides. The pedestals allow for the table to be raised and lowered. We can just see the hatches to the storage over to the side. Notice that under the overhead and above the windshield are courtesy lights and speakers.

Ahead of the seating is a ginormous sun pad that can accommodate up to four people, with the center two enjoying adjustable seatbacks that transition into chaise position. The seatbacks are capable of sliding, so they can transition from seatbacks for the table seating, to lying flat for the sun pad.

Ahead of the sun lounge is the ground tackle.

Absolute Navetta 73 bow features

The bow features two spaces for gathering, a sun lounge, and a settee behind a solid wood table.

Absolute Navetta 73 bimini top

When the sun becomes too much, the bow can still be a welcome area with this easily installed Bimini top.

Flying Bridge

A port side mounted set of molded stairs lead to the flying bridge. This area is truly impressive in that its sheer volume speaks of a distance cruising yacht, and one that can bring a lot of friends and family along for the ride. Thanks to its width that extends over the side decks, and its length that continues past the windshields, thereby adding shade and rain protection, Absolute was able to outfit this deck with four separate seating areas and an outdoor galley, all under the protection of the hardtop. The decking, as with the rest of the exterior decks, is all teak.

Absolute Navetta 73 flying bridge

The flying bridge is as luxuriously appointed as the rest of the yacht. Teak decking is throughout. Notice the architecture of the hardtop supports. Courtesy lighting is everywhere.

At the top of the stairs we’re faced with the more formal of the seating areas. A starboard side sofa lies across a pair of individual chairs with weatherproof upholstery. This allows six to sit while enjoying conversational positioning.

Just ahead are two more sitting areas, J-shaped and U-shaped, respectively. The J seating wraps around a solid wood table and movable chairs are across and to the side of the table. Six can enjoy this area in and of itself. We’re up to twelve now.

Absolute Navetta 73 al fresco dining

With a solid wood table supported by two pedestals, al fresco dining is a pleasure from the vantage point of the Navetta 73 flying bridge.

The U-shaped seating is adjacent to, and facing, the helm. This will be the go-to spot, especially when the 73 is underway, as it affords the best forward views. For gatherings, the twin helm seats can swivel around to join the party. We can seat three comfortably in the settee and two in the swivel chairs. We’re now at 17.

Absolute Navetta 73 retractable sunroof

The main gathering areas of the flying bridge are under the protection of the hardtop. A retractable sunroof will still allow light to enter.

All the way aft is an open deck that can accommodate removable deck chairs. The typical owner will have a pair of aft-facing chaise lounges from which occupants can watch the wake shrinking into the distance. Assuming that’s the case, we now have seating for 19 people on this deck alone, and that doesn’t count the ones who may be mingling instead of sitting. As we’ve said, the volume of this deck is stunning.

Across from the table and to port is the outdoor galley.

All of this is under the protection of the hardtop with an electrically actuated sunroof.

Absolute Navetta 73 aft section

The aft section of the flying bridge is open deck space waiting to be populated with either guest, movable furniture, or both.

Absolute Navetta 73 high rails

High rails maintain safety from this elevated vantage point.

Flying Bridge Helm

The fly helm station is center-mounted, and there are accommodations for an observer’s position to the port side of the operator. A pair of 22” (55.9 cm) displays provides the selectable information for efficiently navigating the Navetta 73. The throttle binnacle and joystick are to the right side on an extended subpanel.

It’s interesting that Absolute saw the benefits of having both the IPS system as well as bow and stern thrusters. Our long experience testing larger yachts has shown how well a boat can be maneuvered into tight confines with this combination. As such, the thruster controls are right alongside the IPS joystick.

Absolute Navetta 73 helm displays

The flying bridge helm is well appointed with twin 22” (55.9 cm) displays. Notice the diamond stitching on the seats with flip-up bolsters.

Interior Features Inspection

Absolute Navetta 73 main deck layout

The main deck layout shows separate gathering areas, two outside and two inside.


We access the interior through multi-folding doors that provide a narrow or wide entry as desired. The first impression is of wide-open space thanks to the massive side windows. In fact, the windows are so large, that the separating mullions that are necessary to support the deck overhead are the only feature to interrupt them. And they are not only low enough for clear sightlines to the horizon from the seated positions, they also extend nearly to the height of the overhead.

Absolute Navetta 73 salon

The salon creates a stunning first impression when guests first come aboard. Notice the separate sections of the overhead that divide this space from the dining area just ahead. The massive side windows allow plenty of natural light and amazing viewpoints. Electrically actuated blinds are fitted to control light and privacy.

The gathering will be to port, where there are plenty of seats consisting of a loveseat, a full sofa, and a single chair, all wrapping around a granite coffee table. A chest of drawers is across to starboard and a TV on an electric lift is connected to a surround sound system with carefully placed speakers maximizing the effect.

A walkthrough is to the starboard side and the lack of carpeting from the sitting area denotes this feature that continues ahead to the dining area.

Absolute Navetta 73 electric lift tv

A TV on an electric lift rises from the back of the chest of drawers to the starboard side of the salon.


There are no separations or dividers blocking the natural light to the open floor plan as we continue forward, but above, the overhead is trimmed in two separate and ornate frames that serve to draw the eye to the subtle distinction between the two areas.

The formal dining area has a nicely finished table with seating for eight. Since those massive side windows continue forward to this area, the outstanding views can be enjoyed even while eating.

Absolute Navetta 73 table and seats

The dining table seats eight and it’s separated from the salon by the placement of the couches. Otherwise, the open floor plan presents no interruptions.


The galley is forward of the dining area and to the other side of a separating bulkhead. This separation keeps the crew out of sight of the guests while they perform their duties. In fact, the crew can even make their way aft via an opening side door to the side decks and still not intrude on the guests.

The galley is nearly full width, but with narrow space that is fully equipped to deal with large meals. Everything is flush below the counters and recessed into the forward bulkhead, thereby saving space for the working area. Gleaming white and stainless steel is the theme, and it gives the galley a modern and clean look.

Absolute Navetta 73 narrow galley

The galley is narrow but extends nearly the beam of the deckhouse. Notice the ample counter space for food prep.

Main Deck Helm Station

If there were ever a helm chosen by the world to show aliens how their ship should be efficiently controlled, the Navetta 73’s lower operating station would be the hands-down winner. In a word it’s stunning. Frankly, it’s among the best we’ve seen.

As with the fly station, this one is also center-mounted with accommodation for an observer. The glass-cockpit concept is well executed here; it is a collaboration between Volvo and Garmin. Three 22” (55.9 cm) displays are well situated and provide a wealth of selectable information. An additional 24” (61 cm) unit is mounted to the lower panel. Of course, the sheer size of the yacht ensures that these large displays in no way impinge on visibility.

Absolute Navetta 73 helm station

If there is a better-looking helm station, we haven’t seen it. This is among the most beautiful and efficient we’ve come across.

Accommodations Level Features Inspection

Absolute Navetta 73 accommodations level

The accommodations level shows a four-stateroom, four-head yacht, but which one is the master?

Master… No wait, VIP… Wait…

The lower decks are accessed from a set of stairs to the starboard side of the dining area. If there was a situation where the ownership of the Navetta 73 was shared, then the accommodations make the arrangement much more tolerable as there are, in effect, two master staterooms. However, for the sake of discussion, at the bottom of the stairs to the lower level is the midship VIP stateroom. One of the reasons it’s so easily confused with the master is that it’s full beam and includes a private en suite. It’s also not lost on us that it’s mounted in the sweet spot down low in the center of gravity and centrally located in the hull, both of which combine to minimize the boat’s motion.

The berth is mounted on the centerline; hull side windows are to both sides. A vanity/work station is to the starboard side. The head is to the port. Beautiful hardwoods combined with dark trim create a modern yet nautical appearance.

Absolute Navetta 73 full beam stateroom

Is it any wonder why this full-beam stateroom gets confused with the master stateroom? We were certainly guilty of the misperception.

Absolute Navetta 73 hull side windows

The hull side windows provide light and opening portlights provide ventilation. Notice the storage under the bed.

Absolute Navetta 73 vanity area

This vanity area is to starboard, opposite the head.

VIP Head

The head presents another clever use of space. To the port side is the sink, exposed to the bedroom. A hull side window can be closed off with the sliding mirrors. Two doors to the sides of the sink lead to the enclosed shower and the toilet/bidet space.

Absolute Navetta 73 two doors

To the side of the VIP are the sink with two doors, one for the shower and one for the water closet with a toilet and bidet.

Guest Staterooms

The remaining guests are accommodated in two other staterooms, both en suite. To port is a queen-sized berth with the head of the bed against the port hull. To starboard are twin berths that can slide together to form a queen-sized single berth.

Absolute Navetta 73 twin berths

The starboard side guest stateroom has twin berths. Opening portlights are to the side.


The master, that is to say, the actual master, is accessed from a private entrance to the port side of the helm. It’s positioned in the bow, and Absolute makes clever use of the narrowing space as the hull form continues forward.

The stateroom is entered from the port side of the lower helm. At the bottom of the stairs is a small foyer area with the owner safe and some storage. A door just ahead leads to the stateroom. Just ahead of the entrance is a vanity/work station just under the hull side window. Across is a chest of storage drawers with a hanging locker just behind. At the aft bulkhead is the center-mounted berth with nightstands to both sides. This position provides a generous panoramic view out the huge hull side windows. It also serves well to maintain the headroom all around the bed, something we don’t see with the berth shoehorned into the bow.

Absolute Navetta 73 stateroom entry

This is the entry to the stateroom. Notice the storage outside the door. Inside is the vanity, just under the large hull side window.

Absolute Navetta 73 panoramic vista

The side windows provide a panoramic vista from the berth. Forward is the entrance to the master en suite.

Master En Suite

As mentioned, as we move forward and the hull narrows, the use of space is quite clever. We enter the head compartment through a center door. The toilet and bidet are to port, a walk-in shower is to starboard, and just ahead is a double sink recessed into a solid surface countertop. In effect, the narrowest space in the hull is used for the feature that requires the least amount of space: the sinks.

Absolute Navetta 73 two sinks

His and her sinks are forward most in the bow. Even still, there’s certainly no feel of being squeezed into this position.

Absolute Navetta 73 window type

There are basic hull side windows, and then there is the type that the forward master stateroom benefits from on the Navetta 73.


The Absolute Navetta 73 has a LOA of 73’5” (22.38 m) and a beam of 18’3” (5.58 m). With an empty weight of 115,400 lbs. (52,345 kg), 43% fuel and four people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 119,359 lb. (54,140 kg).

Absolute Navetta 73 running

The Absolute Navetta 73 can move out when needed, and we found a useful fast cruise of 17.3 knots enhances her versatility.

With the twin Volvo Penta 1,000-hp IPS1350s powering our test boat, we reached a top speed of 23.0 knots at 2350 rpm. Best economic cruise came in at 1000 rpm and 8.7 knots. At that speed, the 9.0 gph fuel burn translated into 1.1 nmpg and a range of 918.9 nm. Still, the Navetta 73 also offers a faster cruising speed of 17.3 knots at 2000 rpm, useful for getting to the next destination before sunset or avoiding a storm. At that faster speed, the fuel burn is 69.0 gph, which equates to a fuel economy of 0.3 nmpg and a range of 239.1 nm.

Absolute Navetta 73 running

The hard chine carries far forward to knock down spray and throw it wide to either side, a nice added benefit.


The Absolute Navetta 73 offered no surprises in the handling department. Since the day of our test featured relatively calm conditions and 1’ swells, it’s hard to say how she managed sea conditions. The hull design brings the chine all the way forward as a spray rail to keep the spray slow and offer a dry ride. In our experience, Volvo Penta IPS offers slow turning and the installation on the Navetta 73 is no exception. She took a 1:25 to do a full 360-degree circle at 14 knots, doing it in four boat lengths.

Absolute Navetta 73 running

The Absolute Navetta 73 is a large boat with a huge flying bridge but she was stable in turns and will give her skipper confidence in her low-speed responsiveness.


With Volvo Penta IPS power, she was easy to manage at the dock, and we moved her around in close quarters with surgical precision. With three IPS joystick control stations, she let our test captain choose the optimal position to manage her. In light of her docking position and the narrow fairway of the marina, we selected the flying bridge station. Combining pods and dual thrusters she was responsive around the dock, and at low speeds, lending comfort and confidence to any skipper.

Absolute Navetta 73

Joystick control combines with bow and stern thrusters to make the Absolute Navetta 73 easy to manage around the dock.


When a company creates a flagship, it better be one that impresses. By its very nature, it will garner the most attention. The Navetta does herself proud and not only exudes beauty but also hosts some impressive technology. We’ll be testing her and conducting a full performance evaluation soon, but until then, we’ll just have to imagine what it will be like being onboard, just like everyone else who sees her.

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