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Absolute 50 Fly (2018-)

2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS 600

Brief Summary

When a company known for sport cruisers decides to branch into another realm, it usually gets attention, and Absolute certainly garnered its share of attention with the 50 Fly. She clearly still carries the same DNA as her sisters with sleek lines and the familiar shark fin at the front of the side windows. And in this highly competitive size range, she brings three separate gathering areas along with three different areas to cook in. Oh, and four staterooms with three heads.

Key Features

  • Space designed for seven guests
  • 3 cabins for a total of six guests
  • Optional 4th cabin aft for either a captain or a guest (kids will love it)
  • Fly area with a main sofa, dining room table, a side sofa, and a sunbathing with 3 single reclining backrests
  • Wet bar includes sink, BBQ grill, icemaker and refrigerator

Test Results

600 4.3 3.7 0.6 6.8 5.9 2587 2249.4 53
1000 5.7 4.9 1.6 3.6 3.2 1387 1205.8 61
1250 7.2 6.3 2.2 3.3 2.9 1274 1107.8 59
1500 8.7 7.5 5.4 1.6 1.4 615 534.8 60
1750 10.1 8.7 8 1.3 1.1 479 416.9 65
2000 10.8 9.3 11.2 1 0.8 364 316.8 64
2200 11.6 10.1 15.4 0.8 0.7 287 249.2 66
2400 12.8 11.1 18.9 0.7 0.6 257 223.4 68
2600 14.2 12.3 23.5 0.6 0.5 229 199.2 69
2800 18.4 16 26.9 0.7 0.6 260 226.5 68
3000 21.2 18.4 30.3 0.7 0.6 267 231.8 67
3200 25.1 21.8 34.9 0.7 0.6 273 237.6 70
3400 28.4 24.7 38.4 0.7 0.6 282 245 72
3600 30.7 26.7 44.9 0.7 0.6 260 226.2 73


Length Overall 49' 10'' / 15.20 m
Beam 14' 6''
4.43 m
Dry Weight 40,565 lbs.
18,400 kg
Tested Weight 43,014 lbs.
19,511 kg
Draft N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Fuel Capacity 422.68 gal.
1,600 L
Water Capacity 126.80 gal.
480 L
Total Weight 43,014 lbs.
19,511 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 8.4 sec.
0 to 30 11.0 sec. (0to20)
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 4/5 load, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 62 deg., 40 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: <1

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS 600
Std. Power 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta D6-IPS600
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Contents of Report


Absolute 58 Fly running

The Absolute 50 Fly combines luxury and innovation to create a spacious and open cruising platform.

Absolute is well known for its innovative features and creative use of space. We’re happy to say that the tradition is alive and well in this flying bridge design from the Italian builder. Everywhere on the 50 Fly there’s attention to the detail of how to maximize the available space, and the execution is quite well done.

Absolute 58 Fly idle

The characteristic looks of the Absolute line are present here in the profile that includes the familiar fin ahead of the side windows. Below, hull side windows lead into the master and VIP. Portlights add light to the guest cabin.

Strong to the Core

Not even the aesthetics of the 50 Fly eclipses the build quality in an Absolute. The formed hull is supported and strengthened by Absolute’s version of a grid stringer system called ISS for Integrated Structural System. This ISS is laid in place, then bonded to the hull. Then the decking, bulkheads, etc. are brought in and are then bonded together. The result is a single structural component with surprising strength. This is what gives the Absolute its characteristic solid feel.

Exterior Features Inspection

Swim Platform

The swim platform is covered in teak, and a hydraulic option with a 992-pound (450 kg) lift capacity can launch a tender or PWC in addition to serving as a private beach when submerged to a shallow position.

Absolute 58 Fly hydraulic swim platform

With the hydraulic swim platform option, owners can launch a tender or create a private beach.

Just ahead is a storage area that can be optioned out for an electric grill and sink with open counter space between and storage just behind. This will make the first of three available cooking areas on the 50 Fly.

Absolute 58 Fly optional transom grill

The optional transom grill is one of three cooking areas offered on the 50 Fly. Notice the door to the crew space to the left, and below are the windows to the crew berth.

Crew Cabin

The optional crew cabin is accessed from a door to the port side of the swim platform. It contains a single berth with transom window and opening portlight. The wet head is modest but functional. With the same fit-and-finish as the rest of the yacht, this is virtually a functional fourth cabin. However, it can also be left in the standard “storage” mode if desired.

Absolute 58 Fly crew cabin

The crew cabin includes a single berth and transom windows. The wet head is just alongside.

Engine Room

The 50 Fly engine room is accessed from a hatch in the cockpit deck. A ladder leads between the engines, and the compartment is well laid out with stooping headroom that still allows easy access to all areas.

The engines chosen to power the 50 Fly are the twin 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS D6-600 engines with direct connection to the pods just behind. The air handler is to the port side, and to starboard is the cord reel for the shore power. Ahead are the fuel tanks.


The cockpit is accessed from stairs to the starboard side of the swim platform, and a stainless steel framed acrylic gate maintains safety. The whole area is under the protection of the extended flying bridge overhead that is supported by stainless steel stanchions. Additional protection can be had with the optional sunscreen that can drop from the overhead to just behind the seatback with the touch of a button. Decking is teak.

A bench seat lies across the aft section with a solid wood table on a fixed stainless steel pedestal just ahead and to the port side. The starboard seating remains open to the deck for reasons we’ll get to momentarily. Storage is under the seats that can hold the fenders in a vertical position. The center storage is large enough for a life raft.

Absolute 58 Fly cockpit table

The cockpit table is off to the port side of the aft seating. Storage is underneath the seats. Overhead, courtesy lights line trim work between the upholstered panels.

Absolute 58 Fly optional sunscreen

An optional sunscreen can be electrically lowered into a position behind the seating.

Behind the seating is a sun pad that can easily be extended by converting the bench seating just ahead to an extension of the sun pad. This extension lies just alongside the pedestal table, which is why the seats to this side are not behind a table. This creative use of space is clearly an ongoing theme with Absolute, and it’s just starting. Stainless steel rails surrounding the sun pad allow for its use while the 50 Fly is underway.


The 50 Fly includes symmetrical sidedecks offering a safe transition to the bow. Here, Absolute fitted the area with both a forward-facing curved sofa with a triple-wide set of sun pads just ahead. The sun pads have adjustable backs allowing them to convert to forward-facing chaise lounges. This now makes a total of three separate and distinct sunbathing areas on the 50 Fly.

Absolute 58 Fly bow lounge

The bow lounge includes adjustable seatbacks for conversion to a chaise. Just behind is a curved sofa allowing guests to enjoy a front row seat of the voyage.

Flying Bridge

The flying bridge is accessed from molded stairs to the starboard side of the cockpit deck, and courtesy lights are provided in each of the risers. At the top of the stairs, an acrylic hatch is held open by a gas-assist strut.

Absolute 58 Fly flying bridge

The flying bridge offers another gathering and cooking venue, this time with an elevated view of the surroundings.

To the rear, J-shaped seating is across the width of the aft deck with a solid wood table on a stainless pedestal just ahead. Fully forward is a sun pad with adjustments allowing conversion to chaise lounge position.

Absolute 58 Fly afe flying bridge

The aft section of the flying bridge is all seating. Notice the courtesy lights underneath. Overhead are more courtesy lights and speakers.

Absolute 58 Fly large sun pad

A large sun pad is ahead and alongside of the helm console. Notice the molded space to mount an optional remote spotlight ahead of the horn.

Another cooking area is ahead of the table and over to port. It includes a sink and electric grill under a hinged lid. Below are an icemaker and fridge.

Overhead, owners can choose a hardtop with opening sunroof. Stainless steel stanchions support the front of the hardtop while an arch holds the aft. Should the hardtop not be selected, then the arch will still remain and support the antenna array.

Absolute 58 Fly hardtop version

The hardtop version provides much welcome protection, allowing guests to enjoy the flying bridge much longer on hot, sunny days.

Absolute 58 Fly bimini top

Without the hardtop, a Bimini can add modest protection, and lays against the arch when not in use.

Absolute 58 Fly cooking area

The flying bridge cooking area includes the electric grill and sink. A refrigerator or icemaker can go below.

Flying Bridge Helm

Absolute mounted the flying bridge helm over to the starboard side, and it’s fitted with a 17” (43.2 cm) display just to the left of the wheel. Below are the stereo, autopilot, and basic electrical switches. To the right of the wheel is the IPS joystick, just behind is the windlass control, and behind that is the digital engine control. It’s not lost on us that the throttles are placed well aft, making them reachable from the seated position without having to lean forward. Also, the IPS joystick is well forward, well beyond interference from the throttle positions. This is a workable and ergonomic scenario as most will be standing when manipulating the joystick anyway.

Ahead, a smoked windscreen is framed in stainless steel.

Absolute 58 Fly flying bridge console

Absolute is well versed in making functional helm stations, and the flying bridge console is another example of just that.

Interior Features Inspection

The interior is accessed from a double set of glass doors that slide to port. A flush threshold ensures a single level as we transition from the outside to the inside, where we are met by the portside galley, aft in the interior to maintain its central location to the main deck gathering areas.

Absolute 58 Fly gatherings

The main deck of the 50 Fly features two gathering areas flanking the aft galley.


The galley is a prime example of how Absolute maximizes space. The layout is angled with a corner-mounted cooking area that includes an induction cooktop with convection microwave below. To the right is a single basin stainless steel sink with a hi-lo faucet. To the left is an open counter prep area with a full-sized refrigerator/freezer just abaft. Absolute even allowed for space to insert an optional dishwasher.

All counters are Corian. Storage is overhead in cabinets with doors that are held closed with magnetic catches rather than positive latches. Additional storage is in cabinetry below.

To the starboard side is additional space that will serve well as a buffet area. Raised hardwood edges provide a secure counter space. Additional storage is below.

Absolute 58 Fly galley location

The galley is aft and to port, keeping it nestled between the two main deck gathering areas.

Absolute 58 Fly corian counter

All counters, including the galley’s, are Corian. Here we can see the faucet in its lowered position.

Absolute 58 Fly pullout drawers

Table and glassware are kept secure in dedicated spots within pullout drawers that have stainless steel latches.


The salon is a single step up, which separates it from the galley. In characteristic Absolute fashion, the large side windows and forward windshields offer enough ambient light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The overhead is trimmed in hardwoods that match the cabinetry.

Opposing seating creates the social atmosphere with a three-person sofa to starboard and a U-shaped settee to port that wraps around a table mounted to a hi-lo pedestal. Fold-out leafs convert the table from cocktail to dining.

Absolute 58 Fly salon decor

The salon décor is a blend of quality woods and upholstery that add a sophisticated look to the open feel that the many windows provide.

Absolute 58 Fly adjustable pedestal

The table is on an adjustable pedestal, so we can transition from a coffee table to a dining table with ease.

Absolute 58 Fly starboard sofa tv

A TV on an electrically actuated lift is just behind the starboard sofa.

There’s an electrically actuated partition that slides across from the front of the galley to separate the two “rooms.” It’s basically glass panels with a sheer fabric inserted that allows minimal visibility while still allowing ambient light to pass through. While it does serve to effectively divide the galley and salon spaces, it seems to be a contrast to the open design that makes the layout so roomy and spacious. But this is a minimal concern because just as it can be deployed with the touch of a button, so can it be hidden away.

Absolute 58 Fly sliding glass panel

If desired, we can partition off the galley with this sliding glass panel. The actuator switch is just below the end of the counter.

Lower Helm Station

As with the flying bridge station, the lower helm is starboard side mounted; the seasoned Absolute spotter can instantly recognize the characteristic layout. The upper panel includes a pair of 17” (43.2 cm) displays flanked by climate control vents to both sides. The lower panel contains the electrical rocker switches, the Volvo Penta EVC display, and the windlass control with chain counter. The digital ignitions with push-button start/stops are to the left side of the wheel, and a coded key fob placed in close proximity will activate these buttons for starting the main engines. To the right of the wheel are the digital engine controls, with their host of features, and the IPS joystick, also with individual and selectable features.

Absolute 58 Fly lower helm station

The lower helm station allows for a more functional workstation, which makes sense considering that this will be the go-to spot during inclement weather.

Visibility is good through the large double windshields. Vents are fitted for defogging during inclement weather. Side windows are before and after the support mullions that are big enough to support the upper deck but small enough to not block visibility. The helm seat is doublewide with a single flip-up bolster. Beneath the seat is an optional wine cooler.

Thankfully, Absolute included an opening side door allowing access to the starboard side deck. This makes the 50 Fly easy to manage single or shorthanded. We can have full sightline of the starboard side and stern from this position, and once laid up, we can send a line from the midship cleat right to the dock or a piling. Then it’s an easy matter of tying up the bow and stern. Of course, the benefits of opening the door and allowing a breeze to pass across the helm and out the aft doors cannot be overstated.

Absolute 58 Fly opening side door

The opening side door adds a lot more functionality to the lower helm. Notice the midship cleat right alongside that is now within easy reach.

Accommodations Features Inspection

The accommodations deck is accessed from a center companionway adjacent to the lower helm. The 50 Fly is a three-stateroom/two-head motoryacht, not including the crew cabin, allowing her to comfortably sleep six. At the bottom of the stairs is an open atrium that receives plenty of natural light from the windshields overhead. Doors to the three staterooms and day head surround this wide-open space. The ship’s main electrical panel is just to the right of the stairs, allowing easy access to all systems. Glass doors make it easy to see the switches at a glance.

Absolute 58 Fly lower deck layout

The accommodations deck includes three staterooms and two heads. It is accessed from a centerline-mounted companionway from the salon.

Master Stateroom

The master is full beam, and just inside the entry door is a corner-mounted vanity, in true space-saving fashion. A padded stool tucks under the vanity. A large mirror is facing the seated position.

The berth is king sized and mounted on the centerline. A settee is to the port side and a storage credenza is to starboard, both under triple hull side windows. Opening portlights are ahead of the windows. Storage includes a walk-in closet forward and to starboard.

Absolute 58 Fly master layout

The master is full beam and exudes luxury. Notice the upholstered aft bulkhead and the settee to the right in the photo.

Absolute 58 Fly wood trim

Wood trim accentuates the bright white of the upholstery. The corner-mounted cabinet highlights the creative use of space throughout the yacht.

Absolute 58 Fly master stateroom closet

Storage in the master stateroom includes this walk-in closet.

Absolute 58 Fly corner mounted vanity

Just inside the entrance to the master is this corner-mounted vanity. Storage is alongside. The open space above can be used to house a flat screen TV.

Absolute 58 Fly washer and dryer

Also, just inside the entrance to the master is this combination washer/dryer.

Absolute 58 Fly adjacent master head

The master head is adjacent to the entrance and includes Corian counters and a vessel sink. It also features a separate walk-in shower.

VIP Stateroom

The VIP is forward, and the layout is as expected with the berth nestled into the bow. Triple hull side windows and opening portlights are to both sides, providing an opportunity for stunning views. Of course, the volume of natural light is not to be understated. Storage is surrounding the berth in cabinetry under the windows. A hanging locker is to the starboard side. Carpeting is throughout.

Absolute 58 Fly VIP

The VIP is forward and the open feel is enhanced by the amount of glass surrounding the berth.

A private entrance to the head is provided. It features more of the quality fit-and-finish of the rest of the yacht. A vessel sink is atop a wood cabinet with Corian counter.

With nearly the same volume as the master head, this head also includes a separate walk-in shower. A separate door to the companionway allows this head to also serve as the day head, as well as being shared with the guest cabin.

Absolute 58 Fly VIP head

The VIP head is entered through a pocket door. Another corner-mounted space solution is here with the vessel sink atop a Corian counter.

Guest Cabin

The guest cabin features a pair of berths with a mirrored bulkhead to one side and opening portlights to the other. Indirect lighting is under the berths.

Absolute 58 Fly guest cabin

The guest cabin includes twin berths and opening portlights.


The Absolute 50 Fly has a LOA of 49’10” (15.20 m) and a beam of 14’6” (4.43 m). With an empty weight of 40,565 lbs. (18,400 kg), 80% fuel and two people, we had an estimated test weight of 43,014 lbs. (19,511 kg).

Absolute 50 Fly running

Our test captain bemoaned the calm conditions of our test day, but the numbers indicated a 24.7-knot cruise speed with a range of 245 nm.

With twin 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600s running at 3600 rpm, we reached our top speed of 26.7 knots. Best cruise was only slightly lower at 3400 rpm and 24.7 knots. It was at that speed that the combined 38.4 gph fuel burn translated into a range of 245 nm while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 422-gallon (1,600 L) total fuel capacity.


Absolute 50 Fly

Our test captain found an occasional wake, but reported the deck of the Absolute 50 Fly remained dry.

We reached planing speed in 8.4 seconds and accelerated to 20 mph in 11 seconds. Flat calm conditions on test day may have gotten us good performance numbers, but did nothing to help tell us how she rides in chop. However, the occasional wake showed no pounding or hull slap and the spray was kept off the deck during transitions. With her IPS pods, she’s slow turning, and that’s pretty characteristic of boats with this propulsion. Besides, the guests will appreciate that.

Absolute 50 Fly hull

We had a little company on our test – perhaps this porpoise could lead us to some rougher conditions to get a feel for the hull.


We went to a different location for docking because we wanted something more challenging… so here was a spot, with a narrow entry and little room just off the beach. And no surprises here, she slipped right in between two finger piers with no effort whatsoever, and then allowed for fine tuning her position for tying up. Now, once tied up, we can start to look over her operational features.

Absolute 50 Fly docking

Testing the Absolute 50 Fly around the dock meant finding a tight slip to try out her combination of joystick-controlled, Volvo Penta IPS and bow thruster.


In true Absolute fashion, the 50 Fly represents a luxurious yacht with evidence of maximizing space throughout. The quality of build is still present, and the only change is the added venue of the flying bridge that takes the brand to new levels.