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V6 DF225

Brief Summary

Are you ready for an outboard that uses a 32-bit computer to control its operating functions? Put away that pull-cord and listen up, class is in session. Suzuki’s new DF 200 and DF 225 4-stroke outboards share a 3.6-liter DOHC, 24-valve V6 engine topped with a multi-stage induction manifold. The manifold actually has two runner tracks, one for low speeds and one for wide open throttle. From idle to a preset threshold, air enters into the longer, curved pipe, which creates more torque than horsepower. As your throttle position and operating speed increase, a valve closes this passage and air flows in a straight-line into the combustion chambers for maximum horsepower. This means quicker planing times and more top end at lower rpms. Suzuki also stuffed a Two-Stage Cam Drive System into the block, which enables the use of smaller cam sprockets. Smaller sprockets allow reduced valve angles, which in turn, reduce the block size. The DF 200 and DF 225 abandon the tradi

Key Features

  • DOHC 24-valve design
  • Multi-Stage induction
  • Tilt-limit switch
  • Oil change reminder system
  • Overheat Cooling water caution
  • Self Diagnostic system
  • Fresh water engine fluch port
  • Optional Multi-function tach
  • Counter rotation model available
  • Specifications

    Type of Engine 4-Stroke
    Number of Cylinders 6
    Horse Power 225
    Configuration V-drive
    Weight 580.00lbs
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Fuel Delivery Fuel Injected
    Shaft Length Options 25 in / 30 in
    Shift Throttle Control
    Displacement 220.50cu in
    Steering Control Power Assist
    Recommended Fuel
    Alternator Output 12v 54amp/3000 rpm
    CARB Rating 3-Star
    Engine Monitoring System

    Captain's Report