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Absolute 62 Fly (2020-)

w/ 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta IPS950 D11

Brief Summary

Absolute set out to design a yacht that would attract experienced boaters who want to move up both in size and quality. The Absolute 62 Fly has three staterooms with en-suite heads including a full-beam master stateroom with centerline berth. The hull is designed around twin Volvo Penta 950 IPS drives to add efficiency and performance to the package. Large side windows allow natural light to flood the galley, dinette and salon on the main deck. Add plenty of headroom and the Absolute 62 Fly feels like a much larger yacht.

Key Features

  • Twin Volvo Penta 950 IPS propulsion
  • Hydraulic swim platform that lowers
  • Full-beam master stateroom
  • Forward VIP stateroom with angled berth for accessibility
  • Large side windows in the main deck interior
  • Upper and lower helm stations with joystick controls
  • Lower helm door to the starboard side deck
  • Aft deck mounted joystick for close in maneuvering when docking
  • Flybridge deck with a summer kitchen and sink ,U-shaped bench seating and table
  • Midship pantograph-style bulwark boarding doors port and starboard
  • Crew cabin in transom with two single berths and a wet head

Test Results

600 6.3 5.4 2.3 2.7 2.4 1678 1458.9 70
1000 9.8 8.5 8.4 1.2 1 717 623.2 69
1250 11.5 10 16.6 0.7 0.6 428 371.9 70
1500 13.3 11.6 30.4 0.4 0.4 271 235.3 71
1750 15.8 13.7 42.5 0.4 0.3 230 199.8 76
2000 24.3 21.1 48.5 0.5 0.4 309 268.4 74
2200 29.9 26 46.9 0.6 0.6 394 342.3 74
2400 34.4 29.9 68.2 0.5 0.4 311 270.6 76
2550 37.6 32.7 75.9 0.5 0.4 306 266.1 76


Length Overall 61' 2" (18.65 m)
Beam 16' 8" (5.08 m)
Dry Weight 67,900 lbs. (30,799 kg)
Tested Weight 70,995 lbs. (32,203 kg)
Draft 4' 10" (1.48 m)
Fuel Capacity 686.85 gal. (2,600 L)
Water Capacity 179.64 gal. (680 L)
Total Weight 70,995 lbs. (32,203 kg)

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 7.9 sec.
0 to 30 22.3 sec.
Props Michigan Wheel - Bronze
Load 2 persons, full fuel, full water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 88 deg., 70 humid; wind: 8-10 mph; seas: 2'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta IPS950 D11
Std. Power 2 x Volvo Penta D11-IPS950 725-hp
Opt. Power N/A

Captain's Report

Captain’s Report by Capt. Mark Kellum

The Absolute 62 Fly is the latest Italian immigrant to reach America’s shores, bringing elegant style and superior quality that Absolute is well known for.

Starboard view

The sleek lines on the Absolute 62 Fly reflect her Italian heritage. The reflective side windows hide the framework while adding style.


The Absolute 62 Fly is designed, engineered, and built to be a luxury performance yacht for cruising and entertaining. The wide-open floorplan on the main deck's interior and panoramic views is intended to appeal to both buyers looking to move up in size and quality and experienced boaters that appreciate superior features and the quality build. In addition, the Absolute 62 Fly has three staterooms and three heads that make guests feel comfortable onboard. The Absolute 62 Fly is easy to handle when cruising or when operating close-in, making it the ideal yacht for an owner/operator.

Port side fly bridge helm

The helm is mounted on the port side of the flybridge on the Absolute 62 Fly and there are three al fresco entertaining areas: the aft deck, the forward seating, and the flybridge deck.

Major Features

  • Twin Volvo Penta IPS950 Drives. The hull of the Absolute 62 Fly is designed around the twin Volvo Penta D11 IPS950 with pod drives.
  • Full-Beam Master Stateroom. The full-beam master stateroom offers a centerline berth and port and starboard hull side windows with opening portlights.
  • En-Suite Master Head Compartment. The master head compartment has a separate shower.
  • Forward VIP Stateroom. The forward VIP stateroom has an angled double berth for accessibility.
  • En-Suite VIP Head Compartment. The VIP head compartment has a separate shower.
  • Guest Stateroom. The guest stateroom has two single berths that electrically convert to a single double berth.
  • Guest/Day Head Compartment. The guest head compartment doubles as a day head and has a separate shower.
  • Full-Featured Galley. The galley has a cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, sink, oven, icemaker and storage spaces.
  • Hydraulic Swim Platform. The swim platform hydraulically lowers to provide water access or tender retrieval.

Flybridge layout

The flybridge on the Absolute 62 Fly is accessed from stairs leading up from the port side of the aft deck.

Main deck layout

The main deck on the Absolute 62 Fly is situated between the aft deck and the main salon, allowing the hosts to serve both entertaining areas effectively.

Stateroom layout

The Absolute 62 Fly is only available in a three stateroom, three head configuration. A tender garage can be substituted for a crew cabin in the transom.


Port side

Cutting through chop with aplomb, the Absolute 62 Fly did not pound and threw the spray outwards making a smooth dry ride.

The Absolute 62 Fly has a length overall of 61’2” (18.65 m), a beam of 18’8” (5.08 m), and a draft of 4’11” (1.50 m). With a dry weight of 67,000 lbs. (30,799 kg), with 56-percent fuel capacity and four people onboard, an estimated test weight of 70,995 lbs. (32,303 kg).

Top Speed. With twin 725-horsepower Volvo Penta IPS950 pod drive diesel engines running at 2550 rpm, our test boat reached a top speed of 32.7 knots (37.63 mph).

Best Cruise. At 2200 rpm and 26 knots (29.92 mph), the Absolute 62 Fly achieved a 46.9 gph fuel burn that translated to 0.6 nmpg (0.69 mpg) and a range of 342.3 nautical miles (393.91 statute miles/ 633.94 kilometers) while still reserving 10-percent of the Absolute 62 Fly’s 686-gallon (2,600 L) total fuel capacity.

RPM table

Acceleration. In the acceleration test, the Absolute 62 Fly reached planing speed in an average of 7.9 seconds and continued through 20 mph in 9.5 seconds. The test boat Absolute 62 Fly started to plane at 13.5 knots (15.54 MPH / 25.0 KPH ) and was solidly on plane at 19.3 knots (22.21 mph / 35.74 kph).

All of these test numbers are the result of Absolute working closely with Volvo Penta on the hull design.



In tight turns, the Absolute 62 Fly demonstrated a composed 16-degree roll into the turn.

The Absolute 62 Fly proved to be responsive to the helm when operating at slow speed, close in maneuvering situations, such as leaving and returning to the slip. On plane, the Absolute 62 Fly was even more responsive to the helm. With a light chop, the test boat demonstrated no adverse effects. No pounding and due to meticulous joinery, there was no creaking sounds, no flexing of the decks, doors remained stable, everything stayed tight. Overall, the test captain found the Absolute 62 Fly to be an easy to handle boat that would make a smooth transition for someone trading up from a smaller yacht.

Boat Inspection

NYC view

Manhattan put a whole new spin on “island life.” The Absolute 62 Fly makes a statement even in this rarified environment.


The full-beam swim platform on the Absolute 62 Fly is 6’7” (2.01 m) deep. The aft most 5’11” (1.80 m) section is hydraulically actuated for lowering into the water. There’s a reboarding ladder recessed into the trailing edge to port.

Teak swim platform

The teak covered swim platform is the logical boarding point on the Absolute 62 Fly. Mortise and tenon joinery add to its strength when underway.

Submerged swim platform

Stairs deploy on the starboard side when the swim platform is hydraulically lowered into the water for easy reboarding from the lowered platform.

Reboarding ladder

Note the reboarding ladder and stainless-steel grabrail is on the aft most section of the platform. For added convenience and safety, the Absolute 62 Fly has a deployable handrail to assist when reboarding.

Grab rail storage

The reboarding ladder grabrail on the Absolute 62 Fly is stowed conveniently on the inside section of the crew cabin entry hatch.

Crew cabin window

Absolute added an attractive reflective design element in the transom of the 62 Fly that provides windows to the crew cabin inside.


The first two teak covered steps have 10” (25.4 cm) risers with the third step up having an 11” riser (27.9 cm). There is a 14” (35.56 cm) cleat that reflects the design of the handrail on the transom bulwark.

Aft Deck

Egress to the Aft deck on the Absolute 62 Fly is via starboard side teak covered steps. The partially covered aft deck on the test boat had a custom finished table on a pair of stainless-steel fixed mounts. The protective overhead on the aft deck is 6’7” (2.01 m) above the deck.


On both the starboard and port side aft deck bulwarks are heavy duty chocks, 11” (27.9 cm) double horned bollard cleats and a warping winch with foot pedal controls. Note the built-in storage and safety gate.

L shaped bench seating

The L-shaped bench seating surrounds the dealer provided custom fixed mounted table on the test boat Absolute 62 Fly.
Abaft of the bench seating is an 8’4” (2.54 m) x 4’4” (1.32 m) sun pad with protective handrails.


The Absolute 62 Fly has an electrically deployable sun and privacy shade that lowers from the overhead.

Table supports

The aft deck on the Absolute 62 Fly is teak covered. Note the two stainless steel, fixed mount table supports.

Galley window

The window on the port side of the glass galley partition lowers into the aft deck counter to provide a convenient passthrough from the galley. Perfect for entertaining on the aft deck.

Aft engine control stick

Built into the starboard side bulwark on the aft deck is storage, a stereo speaker, and an engine control station with a joystick, thruster controls, and engines start/stop controls for a better advantage when backing into a slip.

Galley and Dinette

The galley and dinette on the Absolute 62 Fly are located directly forward of the aft deck accessed through a 3’6” (1.07 m) wide by 6’3” (1.91 m) high sliding opening in the glass partition. The electrically actuated port side window in the partition lowers into the port side countertop, which serves the aft deck.


Entering through the glass partition, the fully equipped galley is to port and a dinette is to starboard. There is 6’8” (2.03 m) headroom in this portion of the wide-open main deck.

Galley fridge

The galley on the Absolute 62 Fly has overhead storage and a full-sized refrigerator and freezer.


Immediately inside to port is the refrigerator and freezer convenient for serving guests on the aft deck.


Built into the solid surface countertop in the Absolute 62 Fly’s galley is a four-burner induction cooktop.

Convection oven

Directly beneath the cooktop is a Bosch brand convection oven and microwave.

Counter top

Forward in the galley is a large preparation, solid surface countertop with a built-in trash-bin and a single basin stainless-steel sink. Note the splash guard forward of the sink.

Galley storage shelves

Below the cooktop and sink in the Absolute 62 Fly’s galley are storage shelves for provisions and kitchen ware.


Across from the galley on the starboard side is a U-shaped dinette with a high-gloss table top on a fixed pedestal.

Sliding table

The table slides to starboard (shown) to provide more space to transit to the salon from the aft deck.


Moving from the galley and dinette forward is a step up. There is a corresponding rise in the overhead, allowing for 6’7” (2.01 m) of headroom. Along with the large side windows and open layout, the main deck feels spacious and bright. The décor throughout the Absolute 62 Fly features zebra wood and blond wood accents along with mirrored insets.

Large side windows

Looking forward from the galley and dinette, the large side windows and windshield give an open, airy feel to the interior.

Salon lighting

The step up to the Absolute 62 Fly’s salon has a courtesy light built in to help avoid the step becoming a tripping hazard.


On the port side of the salon, there is a sofa that forms a semi-circle around a movable high-gloss zebra wood coffee table.

Electric windows

There is an electrically-actuated window on the port side to provide ventilation in the Absolute 62 Fly's salon.

Love sofa

On the starboard side of the salon is love seat-style sofa with end tables on each side that have storage below.

Zebra wood

Absolute did not ignore the details on the 62 Fly. Note the zebra wood and mirror insets on the vertical pillar.


A flat panel television is mounted on an electrically activated lift directly behind the starboard side sofa.

Electric Television Lift. Absolute designed the television lift to rise automatically with a single touch of a switch on the aft end of the cabinet. However, to lower, the operator must press and hold the switch. This ensures that fingers and hands are safely clear of the retracting television.

Lower Helm

The lower helm is mounted on the starboard side. It has a compass centered on the tilt base, leather wrapped, stainless-steel wheel. The windshield spans 11’2” (3.4 m) and is 4’4” (1.32 m) high. Along with the large side windows and the aft glass partition, the operator has a panoramic view while underway.

Helm bucket seats

The Absolute 62 Fly's lower helm has side-by-side bucket-style operator and companion seating.

Garmin displays

The test boat had two 16” (40.64 cm) Garmin multifunction displays mounted in a carbon fiber panel. To port of the displays are the Volvo Penta engine monitor display and the autopilot display. Note the two air condition vents on both sides of the helm.

Rocker switches

To the left of the steering wheel is a drink holder, 12-volt port, system rocker switches that light when in the on position. Below the switches is the spotlight controls, windshield wiper controller, and the Quick windlass controller.

Trim tabs

To the right of the steering wheel is more system rocker switches, the Volvo Penta engine start/stop switches. Below the switches are the trim tab controller with indicators and the bow thruster controller.


Mounted aft of the dashboard is the engine controller binnacle and joystick controls. Mounted in the starboard bulwark are the air conditioner controls and a VHF radio remote.

Helm bolster

The helm and companion seats have detailed upholstery and fold-up bolsters for stand-up operating. Note the pantograph-style door next to the operator’s seat.


Absolute built in a footrest at the base of the helm console for comfort during long distance cruising.


The storage drawers built into the helm seat base demonstrate the commitment to quality on the Absolute 62 Fly with solid zebra wood inside and out.

Windshield defrosters

The windshield defroster vents are an appreciated detail on the Absolute 62 Fly.

Operator view

There is a 19” (48.26) vertical view through the windshield from the operator’s vantage at the lower helm of the Absolute 62 Fly.

Side Decks

The side decks on the Absolute 62 Fly begin at 15” (38.1 cm) width with 32” (81.3 cm) high bulwarks. The width increases to 20” (50.8 cm) forward towards the forward seating.

Teak side decks

The teak decking continues forward to the 6” (15.24 cm) molded step at midship where molded in non-skid continues to the two 8” (20.32 cm) steps up to the forward seating area. The handrail, shown, is 36” (91.4 cm) above the deck.

Boarding door

The Absolute 62 Fly has a pantograph style boarding door midships on both the port and starboard side decks. They are complete with heavy-duty stainless-steel hardware.

Helm door

There is a pantograph helm door forward on the Absolute 62 Fly’s side deck. This facilitates operating in close in situations with the engine controls immediately inside the door.

Bow Area

Forward on the Absolute 62 Fly there is another al fresco social area that features bench seating forward of the windshield and a large sun pad that converts into three loungers with multi-position backrests.

Bench seat

The bench seat at the base of the windshield is 7’5” (2.26 m) wide with stereo speakers built into each side the base riser.

Pop up lights

For improved nighttime ambiance, Absolute provided pop-up night lighting on both sides of the forward seating.

Bow storage

The storage on both sides of the forward bench seating has gas-assist struts for hands-free access. Mounted on toe rail the safety rails are 29” (73.7 cm) above the deck.

The sun pad forward of the bench seating is 6’6” (1.98 m) square. The three backrests are adjustable to four positions. Note the drink and incidental holders built into each side of the sun pad’s base.

Single Level Foredeck. It is notable that the entire forward deck is on a single level. No steps, no tripping hazards, and the deck is entirely non-skid. Distinctively different than most yachts of this size and class.

Bow anchor

The Quick vertical windlass deploys and retrieves the chain rode. On each side of the bow roller are heavy-duty chocks and dual horn bollard cleats.

Chain locker

The chain locker houses the windlass remote control and the backup manual windlass handle.

Flybridge Deck

Access to the flybridge deck is via a stairway up from the aft deck. The flybridge deck on the Absolute 62 Fly is designed to be a highly social area with a dinette, bench seating, large sun pad and an upper aft deck of its own.

Teak port steps

The teak covered port side steps leading up to the Absolute 62 flybridge deck above. Note the stainless steel hand rail on the inboard side.

Stairs hatch

The steps lead to a clear acrylic hatch that is held open with gas assist struts at each end. On the starboard side across from the hatch is a dinette.

Dinette table

The U-shaped dinette on the test boat’s flybridge had a table made of the same high-gloss wood that is used on the aft deck table below.

Lounge chairs

Aft of the dinette on the test Absolute 62 Fly is an open aft deck that, in this case, has room for two chaise lounge seats.

Open storage

Under the dinette seats aft end is open storage that could be used to stow life jackets or even a life raft.

Forward facing bench seat

Forward on the starboard side is forward facing bench seating that is 5’ (1.52 m) wide. Ahead of that is a sun pad that measures 5’ (1.52 m) wide by 5’2” (1.78 m) deep.

Sun pad extension

Mounted on the riser of the bench seating are flip-up panels that allow the sun pad to be extended to 7’4” (2.24 m) deep.

Flybridge grill

On the port side of the flybridge is a summer kitchen with sink and grill mounted under a lid that is held in place by gas assist struts.

Ice maker

In the base of the summer kitchen’s cabinet is an icemaker mounted on the inboard side.

Flybridge fridge

Next to the icemaker is a refrigerator mounted in the outboard side of the cabinet.

Hard top

The Absolute 62 Fly has a protective hardtop that is 6’10” (2.08 m) above the flybridge deck. It is supported by molded supports aft and stainless steel, arched stanchions forward.

Sunroof built in

The sunroof built into the hardtop on the flybridge opens electrically to provide a 6’7” (2.01) wide by 8’9” (2.67 m) opening.

Mounted all around light

On the aft end of the hardtop is a radar mount with a mount for the all-around navigation light.

Upper Helm. The upper helm console on the Absolute 62 Fly is mounted forward and to port on the flybridge deck.

Flybridge helm

There are two 12” (30.48 cm) Garmin multifunction displays mounted in the dash panel. The steering wheel is mounted on a tilt base and the compass on the brow is aligned with the steering wheel.

Flybridge throttle

On the inboard side of the helm console is the spotlight control to the right of the multifunction display. Lower next to the wheel is the trim tab controls with indicators, bow thruster controller, windlass controller, and two drink holders. The engine control binnacle and joystick controller are mounted on the front of the console next to the stereo remote.

VHF remote

On the outboard section of the upper helm console is the VHF remote, drink holder, fire suppression status indicator, and the Volvo Penta 7” (17.78 cm) EVC engines monitor display and system switches.

Volvo Penta EVC Display. On our test boat of the Absolute 62 Fly, the Volvo Penta EVC display is fully-functional repurposed Garmin multifunction displays and could be used that way.

Flybridge helm seat

The helm and companion seat is the same as the lower helm with bolsters and diamond-stitched upholstery.

Wrap around windshield

Ahead of the helm is a wraparound wind screen supported by a stainless-steel framework.

Lower Deck Companionway

Between the salon and the lower helm is a companionway with a stairway leading to the lower deck accommodations. Directly forward is the VIP stateroom.

Companion stairs

On the port side of the companionway stairs is the electrical panels. The aft most half is the DC panel and the forward half is the AC panel. Note the leather wrapped, stainless-steel handrail.


The stairs are fabricated from natural wood with zebrawood behind.

Wine cooler

The impressive fit-and-finish continues below. Moving aft in the companionway there is a wine cooler built into the bulkhead.

Natural light

The open atrium on the Absolute 62 Fly allows natural light to enter the companionway.

VIP Stateroom

The VIP stateroom on the 62 Fly reflects Absolute’s inventive thinking. The double berth is at an angle, allowing for greater access to both sides of the berth. The upholstered headboard is positioned under the starboard hull side window. The headroom in the VIP stateroom is 6’4” (1.93 m).

VIP stateroom

Looking forward in the VIP stateroom, the berth is situated on the starboard side at an angle with end tables on both sides. The overhead is 3’7” (1.09 m) over the berth.


Built into the bow is a zebrawood appointed vanity with an upholstered stool below. Note there are storage drawers to port under the countertop.

VIP hanging locker

On the port side of the VIP stateroom is a hanging locker with a full-length mirror on the doors.

Hull side windown

The hull side windows are on both the port and starboard side with opening portlights forward.

VIP overhead hatch

Additional natural light enters the VIP stateroom from an opening overhead hatch with screen and privacy shade built in.

VIP En-Suite Head

The VIP en-suite head is on the port side with the private entrance just aft of the hanging locker.

VIP vessel sink

The VIP head features a vessel sink mounted on a solid surface countertop with a mirror and cabinets above.

Upper cabinet

The upper cabinet opens to storage shelves.

Wand style shower head

The separate show stall has a wand-style shower head. There is an opening portlight with privacy shade built into the overhead.

Guest Stateroom

Just aft of the VIP stateroom on the starboard side is the guest stateroom with two single berths. The guest stateroom has a private entrance to the day head.

Twin berthing window

A large hull side window and opening portlight provide natural lighting. The two separate single berths slide together electrically with a switch on the bulkhead.

Guest stateroom hanging locker

The guest stateroom on the Absolute 62 Fly has a relatively large hanging locker with a full-length mirror mounted on the outside of the door.

Guest stateroom head

Shown is the private entrance to the day head from the guest stateroom.

Day Head

The main entrance to the day head is in the companionway. Like all of the heads on the Absolute 62 Fly, the day head has a separate shower. The exception is in the crew cabin which is a wet head.

Guest stateroom sink

The day is set up like the VIP en-suite head with a vessel sink and mirror above.

Master Stateroom

The master on the Absolute 62 Fly is a full-beam stateroom with headroom of 6’8” (2.03 m). There are large hull side windows and opening portlights on both sides. The impeccable fit-and-finish carries on the zebrawood, mirror elements, and natural wood themes.

Master stateroom

The centerline berth in the Absolute 62 Fly’s master stateroom measures 78” (198,12 cm) long by 69” (175.26 cm) wide. The overhead is 4’7” (1.40 m) to 4’1” (1.24 m) above the berth.

Master stateroom vanity

On the port side is bureau-style storage with a built-in vanity. The vanity would be better served if it had lighting.

Love seat

On the starboard side is a love seat with two zebrawood and leather end tables. Note that all of the tabletops have fiddles that help keep items in place.

Pocket door

To save space, Absolute used a pocket door for the entrance of the master stateroom.

Master stateroom TV

The forward bulkhead has a 42” (106.68 cm) flat panel television. Note the full-length mirror is the door to the hanging locker.

Hanger locker

The hanging locker on the starboard side of the forward portion of the master is lighted.

Courtesy lighting

There is a 4” (10/36 cm) step up on both sides of the berth. Note the courtesy lighting mounted on the underside of the berth.

Master Head

The master en-suite head is forward on the Absolute 62 Fly. It has a separate shower that is accessed through a glass door. The mirror retracts to reveal a hull side window. A heated towel rack is located just outside the shower door.

Vessel sink

The vessel sink is mounted on a solid surface countertop and back splash. Below the counter is storage.

Head storage cabinets

Shown are storage cabinets on both sides of the mirror which electrically lowers to reveal a hull side window.

Heated towel rack

A really nice touch is the heated towel rack mounted directly outside the shower compartment.

Shower port hole

The shower has an opening portlight for ventilation and a privacy screen built into the overhead. Note the adjustable wand style shower head.

Shower compartment

The shower compartment has a built-in seat shown and a shelf for products, not shown. The product shelf would be better served with a rail to keep items in place.

Crew Cabin

The crew cabin is entered through a vertical lift door in the transom. Owners can option this space to be a tender garage.

Crew cabin

There are large transom windows that bring in natural light to the twin single berths in the crew cabin. The starboard side has an opening portlight for ventilation. Note the shelf with fiddles in the foreground and the washer/dryer below.

Crew head

A hanging locker is across from the entrance with a door on the port side that leads to the crew’s head.

Crew head sink

There is a vessel sink mounted on a solid surface countertop in the crew head compartment.

Wet head

The crew head is a “wet-head” with the shower wand mounted on the bulkhead behind the toilet. Note the bulkhead door that leads to the mechanical space.

Mechanical Space

The mechanical space can be accessed from a hatch in the aft deck or through a door in the crew cabin head. The headroom is 5’1” (1.55 m) which is not truly standup, but it is easy to get around with 11” (27.94 cm) on the starboard side and 20” (50.8 cm) between the engines and on the port side.

Engine room entrance

Egress to the mechanical space on the Absolute 62 Fly is through a hatch in the aft deck.

engine room hatch

The hatch is constructed of solid wood, which is gasketed, soundproofed, and supported by two gas-assist struts.

Engine room ladder

The ladder descends between the forward portion of the Volvo Penta IPS950s. Note the deck chair storage above the starboard engine. The day-check ports are easily accessed on the outboard side of both engines.

Volvo penta IPS 950's

An important feature is that both of the Volvo Penta IPS950s are mounted on vibration absorbing engine mounts and the pods are directly connected to the aft end.

Air conditioning system

Forward and to port is the 72,000 BTU tropical air conditioning system.

water heater

Next to the air conditioning system is the freshwater heater that services the Absolute 62 Fly. Behind the water heater are the labeled hoses that lead to two chests minimizing the number of thru-hulls.
gyro stabilizer
Mounted forward and center is the SeaKeeper 9 gyro-stabilizer.

fuel filters

There are two fuel tanks forward. Fuel filters are mounted to the tanks with a crossover fitted for easier changeouts.


The charging system is on the starboard side. Just below is the Cummins Onan 21.5-kilowatt generator.

Hydraulic system

Behind the generator is the hydraulic system for the swim platform. Further aft is two shore power cord containers.

Options to Consider

  • The crew cabin can be optioned out for a tender garage
  • The sofa in the master stateroom can be optioned out for a wide walk-in closet


See your Absolute dealer for warranty information.


Price Range: $2,490,000 base.


The Absolute 62 Fly is a well-executed yacht with an open layout that invites crowds aboard. Huge side windows flood the main deck interior with natural light. Below, the large hull side windows do the same for the staterooms. Coupled with the generous headroom, the Absolute 62 Fly feels like a much larger yacht. The attention to detail is self-evident in the exacting joinery work. The Absolute 62 Fly is also a pleasure to operate. Whether entertaining at the dock or voyaging, the excellent quality of the build is ubiquitous.

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