Offshore Motoryacht 6/11 - 06/11/2008
Offshore Motoryacht June 11, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Bertram 700
- Cruisers Yachts 460 Express
- Formula 45 Yacht
- Doral Alegria
- Grady-White 330 Express
- Windsor Craft 36

Also Inside:
- Think Displacement Speeds
Underwater Video Robot
- Reggie Talks Turkey
- Egg Harbor Sells Factory Direct
- Choosing the RIGHT Boat
- Yanmar 480-hp
- New Sportfishing Convertibles
- Fountain's Bajas-- 2009
- Princess Yachts Sold
- OceanLED Lights
- Earthrace Saga
- Letters to the Editor
- Ducky Award Winner

Think Displacement Speeds

Think Displacement Speeds
The Kadey-Krogen 42’ is famous for its
heart-stopping hole shots.

Much is being made in the TV media these days of the price of fuel. We need only look to Europe -- a place that has been paying these prices for 50 years -- to better understand how American boat owners can cope with rising fuel prices. In fact, the U.S. has been through this before. In a country with no energy policy, owners of large power boats need to have their own fuel management program. To get a few ideas on how to maximize your boating fun and manage fuel costs…fill up here.

Boat Tests & Reviews

Formula 45 Yacht

Strike 37

The 45 Yacht is the largest boat Formula makes and she is very much the star of the Formula fleet.  Formula has reconfigured this model for IPS so this big yacht now has the handling of a runabout. Formula is on the cutting edge of performance in this size boat and has several tricks up its sleeve to make a very good thing even better.


See complete test and video.

Bertram 700

Bertram 700

The Bertram 700 has the distinctive "Bertram Look" which signals that this boat is ready for blue water--and lots of it.  With a solid fiberglass bottom, high-density foam core construction on the hull sides and decks, the boat is both strong and light. She is designed from stem to stern for big game fishing.  The 700 is intended to fish Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama and pretty much anywhere else you want to go. Editor Jeff Hammond takes a close video look .

Cruisers Yachts 460 Express

Cruisers Yachts 460
The Cruisers Yachts brand has been growing in popularity and is now one of a handful of respected names in large express cruiser yachts.  The redesigned 460 comes with a choice of two different cabin layouts allowing you to customize the stateroom for your needs.

Come aboard with Captain Ron for the complete test and video review.

Grady-White 330

Grady-White Express 330

The 330 Express just keeps getting better. By listening to their customers the team at Grady-White has added more features and now offers an air conditioning system in the cockpit. There’s 80 square feet of working room in the cockpit along with a patented fold-away rear seat, 254 quart aft fish box and 10’6” beam. Inside the cabin, the galley woodwork is now all teak. Sounds like a lot of fishboat, doesn’t it? See complete test and video.

Windsor Craft 36

Windsor Craft 36

The Windsor Craft 36 is not for everyone. And, that is one of its appeals. It is really only for someone with a keen eye for classic lines, a romantic heart that appreciates the context in which this type of day boat was conceived, and enough financial gravitas to understand that this boat is worth $600k.



See complete test and video.


Doral Alegria

Doral Alegria The Alegria is an exceptional 45 express cruiser in our opinion and if you are in the market for this size boat you need to track one down to see what we mean.  (In the meantime, watch our video.)  We think the Alegria captures the romance, style, and excitement of European-designed boats, and combines that with the practical functionality of North American boats.  This Canadian company does not have many dealers in the U.S., so contact the factory.  

See complete test and video.  

In the Engine Room

Axius Makes Docking a Breeze

Axius is changing the way boaters around the world look at docking. Never again will a busy marina or windy day prevent you from docking with precision and ease. Captain Robert Smith has captained many boats with this new technology and says, "As a professional test captain, I have been very impressed with Mercury's technology and development of Axius. I found it certainly makes the work of driving a boat in tight, confined situations a breeze.  It is an ideal solution for the inexperienced boater or even  for a veteran like me."

Axius NYC formula 370 SS 33 topaz maxum 2900 se
MerCruiser Axius Overview. A close look at Axius. Formula's 370 Super Sport with Axius. We quiz MerCruiser's president about Axius. Maxum 2900 SE with Axius.


New Bertrams Wired For
Underwater Video Robot

VR_Bertram ROV marlin

Bertram Yachts recently announced a new exclusive partnership with VideoRay LLC, makers of the most popular commercially available ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The VideoRay will be available to all Bertram owners as a pre-wired option on new Bertram yachts. Not only will ROV be able to see fish underwater, but it will also be able to check for prop damage and fouling, hull damage, bottom conditions, the anchor set and maybe even billfish approaching the bait! To find out more about this exciting Bertram innovation and to see actual underwater video taken for the first time on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor and a giant whale shark...ROV this.


Sportfishing Convertibles
from Down Under

The 58’ Riviera convertible has been designed and built by big game anglers in the world’s most demanding fishery – off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean piles up on the continental shelf of Queensland, Australia only a mile off the Great Barrier reef and 16’ seas are not uncommon in season. But if you want the biggest Black Marlin in the world, that’s where you go. And that’s where Riviera’s boats are tested and have gained their reputation as one of the world’s top sportfishing convertible brands -- you can count them all on one hand. And the U.S. dollar is still above parity with the Australian dollar! The BoatTEST crew has taken a video look at a couple of the Riviera battlewagons. Join us and you’ll see what we mean...

See Editor Jeff Hammond’s commentary on the 45’s flying bridge and cockpit.
jeff 2
See video look at the 45’
interior and 3 staterooms.
riviera 47
Promotional Video of the Riviera
47 Enclosed Flybridge
riviera 58
Promotional Video of the Riviera
58 Enclosed Flybridge

Sportfishing Boats

The Egg Harbor Group Sells Factory Direct

70' buddy davis egg harbor convertible 33 topaz 35 predator
New 70'
Buddy Davis Sportfisherman.
The 43'
Egg Harbor
Sport Yacht.
The 33'
Topaz Express.
The 35'
Predator Express.

Dr. Ira Trocki is the only plastic surgeon we know who owns not only a boat company -- but four of them, all under the umbrella of The Egg Harbor Group. Trocki's primary dealer, Passport Marine, went out of business this spring, but that has left him unfazed -- he is now selling "Factory Direct." Dr. Trocki says buyers can save 28% on his new boats and that's $100k per $1 million. The Egg Harbor Marine Group builds about 15 boats a year, according to Trocki. To find out more about buying "Factory Direct," warranties, and this unusual boat builder, take a peek at the four videos below...

ira eggharbor1 eggharbor2.jpg tremendous value
The "Factory
Direct" program.
Find out
about warranties.
Does the
factory take trades?
Trocki explains "good value."

To contact the Factory Direct, call Robert Weidhass, President, at (609) 965-2300 or try him on his cell phone (609) 412-3413.

Choosing the RIGHT Boat

The Devil is in the Details

Sabre 42 baja 405 Nordhavn 50 Bertram 450 Custom Line

Different boats for different purposes, but the details must be done right in any case.

We spent two weeks on board two very different 44’ boats to find out what worked well and not so well. In the process we discovered a number of details that needed work on both boats, as well as features that won our approbation. This series of 12 videos will give you an idea of the things to look for when you are buying a new boat. Remember, all boats look pretty good during the excitement of a boat show, or when the salesman has just dropped the price 3%. Take a look at these instructive videos and you’ll see what we mean…view this.

Engine Selection

Yanmar 480-hp is a
Versatile Workhorse

Strike 37
Twin Yanmar 6LY3 with 480-hp diesels
power this custom-built Strike 37.

One reason why the Yanmar 6LY3 engine is selected both for new boats and re-power is because it has a significant power to weight ratio over its competition. The Yanmar 480-hp 5 L diesel weighs 1411 lb. compared with 1891 lb. for the 8 L CMD 480C-E diesel, and the 2,304 lb. 7 L TAMD 75 P EDC Volvo Penta, which also develops 480 hp. Listen as Capt. Rob Smith discusses the Strike 37’s power…

Fountain Powerboats

Reggie Talks Turkey

The new Fountain 33 Lightning is the company's "entry level" boat. Fountain says it goes 82 mph.

These days Reggie Fountain has his hands full trying to sell go-fast boats with fuel over $4 a gallon, and with his recent purchase of Baja Marine. We asked him about his new 33' Lightning and about the new interior in his largest boat, a 48' express cruiser. As always, Reggie lays it on with the silver tongue of a North Carolina lawyer, telling us who buys his 33 and about the windshield problem inherent in high-speed boats. Listen up-- you all...

Product Review

Underwater Lights

OceanLED has a lighting solution for you.

OceanLED is lighting up the waters with a range of sizes, colors, and beam patterns that will draw a crowd from fellow boaters and fish alike. Captain Smith takes us through the installation process of the OceanLED lights and explains to us what differentiates these lights from others on the market. To see this and other videos about OceanLED...light up here.

Visit OceanLED's website.

Retail News

Bass Pro Shops & MarineMax: “Unprecedented Discounts
and Deals”

Tracker Targa 175 Sea Ray Sun Tracker
Tracker Targa
175 Sport
Sea Ray
210 Select
SunTracker Party Barge 24


Bass Pro Shops and MarineMax have joined forces to present what they call the “Great American Boat Sale.” The two retailers tell us that they are offering “unprecedented discounts and deals” on Tracker Marine and Sea Ray boats.  From now until June 15th this sale is applicable at all Tracker Marine Group and MarineMax dealerships. Visit the official website for details about the “Great American Boat Sale.”   Watch the commercial.


Tracker tests and video…
Sun Tracker tests and videos…
Nitro full tests and video…
Tahoe  tests and video…
Sea Ray  tests and videos…

EZ Dock

yamaha pwc

grady-white ad




boat history





Sea-Doo Canada

Boat Attitude

Industry News

Princess Yachts Sold

Princess 95
The flagship of the Princess is this 95’ flybridge motoryacht.

A consortium of investors led by French billionaire Bernard Arnault, and Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the luxury goods company he runs, has purchased Princess Yachts of Plymouth, England. Princess Yachts are sold in the U.S. under the brand name Viking Sport Cruisers.

To find out more about the transaction and how this may effect the future of Princess and Viking Sport Cruisers…drink this cognac.

Industry News

Fountain's Bajas
Available for 2009

Baja 40
Baja's are known for speed and on test day the 40 Outlaw reached a thrilling 76.6 mph. We can only imagine how a "Baja by Fountain" will perform.

Fountain Powerboats recently announced that it would begin building Baja high performance boats for the 2009 model year under the name "Baja by Fountain." Brunswick, which has sold Baja to Fountain, ended production in May. To find out more about "Baja by Fountain"... hammer down here.

Earthrace Saga II

Earthrace Reversal
of Fortune

A midnight exit from the harbor
at Koror, Palau spelled trouble.

After 14,386 nm of relative problem-free operation, Earthrace literally hits trouble. After refueling in Koror, Palau in the western Pacific, while idling out of the harbor behind well-wishers, Earthrace hits something and destroys its port prop and rudder. The boat must be hoisted out of the water but there are no facilities for such an operation in Palau. This is the scene of last years long wait for spare parts that ruined her record run.
What will Capt. Pete Bethune do? To find out...hit this object.

Letter of the Week

"Natural Gas Engine is 66% Better than Ethanol," says Reader!

CNG Engine
A 9L 260-hp CNG engine from
Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.

The coveted Rubber Ducky Award for “Letter of the Week” goes to J. Kruger from Brazil. Mr. Kruger is amused that the U.S. is 20 years behind Brazil in Ethanol technology, and he has personally moved on to a natural gas-fueled engine to power his boat, which he says is 66% more fuel-efficient. To read Mr. Kruger’s letter as well as 5 other runner-ups…lick this stamp.

Ducky Award Winner

whats going on here?

First Place

“FIRST~~Spring plowing, THEN~~We go boating.” –R. Morris


Second Place

“The former Captain of the Exxon Valdez now enjoys recreational boating. “

–J. Pearson


Honorable (almost) Mention

“According to Mr. Gore, this place will be 10 feet under water in about 48 more minutes.” -- M. McKinney


"All grassed up and nowhere to go.”

- M. Baucom


Devil Duck Award

“When you said 'Land Ho' I thought you were talking about your girlfriend.” -- C. Boyd

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