Offshore Motoryacht March 19, 2008 - 03/19/2008

New BoatTEST

New Regulator 30 Express Fishboat
This man-sized express hardtop takes advantage of Yamaha’s 350s for simplicity and added room.

regulator 30
For the first time in 10 years Regulator has introduced an express.

The new Regulator 30 Express has a LOA of 38’ (because of the bow pulpit and the Armstrong outboard bracket) and a displacement of 11,300 lbs. which gives this boat the room and heft of most 33-footers. She is designed for people with small kids or, conversely, aging boomers. The 30 comes standard with a hardtop. Her 44-sq. ft. cockpit has the fishbox in the transom and bait well under the mezzanine seating. To find out more about this solid offshore boat…troll here

See Capt. Smith’s video test…

bertram ARG

Only Bertram’s Battlewagons have Mitsubishi’s ARG
Deep-V hulls trolling in blue water are tamed with compact
anti-roll gyro.

bertram arg
Seeing is believing! Our side-by-side comparison proves the concept works.

The great thing about Bertram’s deep-V battlewagons is that they handle rough, blue water as well as anything. On the down side is while all boats roll, that deep-V hull which cushions the ride so well, probably rolls more. For the last couple of years the company has been outfitting its big, offshore convertibles with Mitsubishi anti-roll gyros and now the verdict is in: Not only do they work well, but they are also addictive. Bertram has a fish boat exclusive on this system.

See Capt. Smith’s startling video… 

Sterndrive Joystick Wars
Merc’s SD Joystick is Here! From Idea to Market in 14 Months!
Volvo Penta Blows its Early Lead in Joystick Technology
– and risks its Sterndrive Market Share Big Mo'.
We test Axius' Production Joystick
formula axius
See video test in
Formula 370 SS.
in just 14 months!

Pres. Grodzki explains comeback.
Departing Merc Chief's Last Coup
Gives "attaboy" to
Mercury Team.
"It will come when we are ready."
When will volvo be ready?
But when will Volvo
be ready?

In December of 2006 engineers at MerCruiser realized that the concepts used in the IPS and Zeus pod drives would work equally well on sterndrive engines – and in a matter of just a few days green lights flashed “GO” from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Just 14 months later the Merc joystick system was being installed in boats going down the production lines in six boat companies. To read our take on this important industry story and to find out what’s happening at Volvo Penta…turn this joystick 

private builder

Audacity is the Corporate Culture
at Genmar
America’s most aggressive boat builder turns debacles
into conquests.
Azimut banner

Innovation with Italian Style and Classy Design
The world’s largest
motoryacht builder
stays on top by thinking.


Larson’s 5-Year to Life Warranty
Proves Popular

A 5-Year “stem-to-stern” warranty that is not prorated
sets the gold standard for large production builders.
5-year warranty explained.
larson 2
Larson’s policy
on warranty shop labor rates.
larson 3
Larson warranty covers all the
“usual suspects.”
Larson 4
Larson stops
engine vendor
finger pointing!

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Fractional Ownership
So You Want
To Own a Megayacht?

Everyone should have a megayacht, and now
you can for just 10% of the normal cost
How the fractional concept works.
Sell fractions
of your own motoryacht.
$400k is the
minimum cost
for 10%.
Less costly
than chartering, 
The typical fractional buyer:  just like you?

With over 30 large motoryachts under fractional management, Monocle Yachts has sold over 200 fractional ownership shares and currently has 10 100’ Hargrave megayachts on order. Watch the videos above and find out what is going on in the most exciting venture to hit megayachts in years. To see the boats available…fractionalize this 


OceanLED Leads in Underwater Lights
Once you have seen them you will never want to be without

The birth of OceanLED underwater lights.

OceanLED lights last from 4.5 to 7 years.

OceanLED lights are cool, and they look neat, too!

A special coating prohibits marine growth on the lens.

Every boat that is operated after dark in places where there are fish or crystal clear water should have OceanLED lights. Not only do they add romance and exciting color around the boat, but they also raise fish and create a nocturnal spectacle that is guaranteed to tear you away from the tube. For more information…turn on here.

Weather banner

Professional Weather Radar In Real Time Better than Al Roker and it's 24/7.

Pick your weather at different altitudes as far as 1,000 miles from the U.S.

WxWorx brings together an incredible U.S. government network of both ground and weather satellites as well as sea buoy data to give you incredible pictures of the weather patterns. Anyone going offshore any distance should be equipped with this relatively low cost equipment. To find out about some of its features, how much it costs, and how to get it…tune in here

See Capt Rob Smith’s magical video tour… 

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Rate Your Boat - Test of Time
Share Your Boat Review
With the World

BTC “Owner Boat Reviews” gives you the chance to help guide fellow consumers to the right choice.

As advertised?

Under powered?

Do you fit?

Good guidance!

Caveat Emptor!

One of the most popular services offered by BTC is our “Owner Boat Reviews.” There is nothing like the “Test of Time” to guide boaters on their next purchase. With over 6,000 boat models available on the market, there is no way that our captains can get around to all of them – but you can help by sending in a review of your boat.

Engine Review

MTU Series 60 Marine Diesel Report
Now over 700,000 of the blocks are in use, most in trucks.

The last diesel engine that General Motors
built is now a proven success.

Just as Roger Penske bought Detroit Diesel from General Motors, the Series 60 was introduced to the market. Under Penske’s command, Detroit Diesel’s over-the-road market share went from 3% to over 30% on the back of the Series 60. Now with the merger of MTU and Detroit Diesel, the marinized Series 60 is being marketed to the marine industry as the MTU Series 60. With a turbocharger, supercharger and large injectors the company is rating its high-horsepower model at over 800 hp at 2300 rpm. Other marine versions are available under 500-hp from the same block. See Capt. Smith’s product demo of this engine…

World's Greatest 

Boathistory Report
Check before you buy.
New Boat

New 3900 Tiara Open New diesel-powered Express Fishboat with “Sky Lights”.

Note the “Sky Light” treatment in both the foredeck and the hard top.

Tiara is replacing its 3800 Open with a new 3900 Open which should be available this summer. The main new features of the boat will be:

Mezzanine seating in the cockpit and the “skylight”, Plexiglas strips down the center line of the foredeck and the optional hardtop.
There are two opening hatches in both “skylights” allowing plenty of airflow when you want it.
To see a full set of drawings on the boat…turn the page

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Final Installment:  Nordhavn Transatlantic Rally
nordhavn 14
The hospitality
on Horta
was memorable.
nordhavn 15
Bad fuel can kill
good engines.
Keep it clean.
nordhavn 16
Frolic and fun
in the deep blue Atlantic.
nordhavn 17
Gibraltar at last! Nordhavn rules
the waves!

Even though this epic voyage of 18 vessels took place 4 years ago, it is still remembered as one of yachting’s great cruising achievements. Since that time several Nordhavns have rounded Cape Horn – two within mere weeks of each other. Nordhavn is now the largest builder of expedition-type yachts in the world, something that the company has worked hard to attain and deserves.

For more information…voyage here


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Sen. Boxer Sponsors “Clean Boating Act of 2008”
The first major step toward stopping the EPA permitting travesty.

Keep the EPA Permit “passbook” from becoming a reality. The clock is ticking. Sept. 15 is the deadline.

Late last week Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) kept her promise to boaters. She and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) introduced S. 2766, the Clean Boating Act of 2008. S. 2766 would fully and permanently restore a 35-year permit exemption for recreational boat incidental discharges, such as weather deck run-off and engine coolant water. The NMMA tells us that it is a “good bill.” Boat/US’s congressional mavens tell us that it is a “tremendous step forward…a major achievement.” Unfortunately, the battle is far from over. The name of the game is to get as many senators as possible signing onto this bill as “co-sponsors.” There is strength in numbers, and the more senators who have signed on, the more likely it is for the bill to be passed and for common sense – to say nothing of common decency – to prevail.

BoatTEST urges YOU to stop what you are doing right now and take 3 minutes to contact your senator with our easy-to-use software…take three to contact two

Special message to people in the Marine Industry…eyes only

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