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Six New Boats Tested


This hot jetboat from Yamaha is for people who want to wind up her twin 4-stroke 1052 cc engines to 11,500 rpms, and let her rip—check here to see test speeds and video!
  Grady-White 275 Tournament
With a range of 424 miles at best cruise this new Grady can fish most week-long tournaments on one tank of fuel. She’s also a family coastal cruiser.
See Test & Video.
Tracker Pro Team
175 TXW

Only $9K and you are ready to fish in this Tracker 175 (almost 18’ LOA) with a 75-hp Mercury, trailer, fish finder, trolling motor and much more.
See Test and Video.
  Malibu Sunscape
247 LSV

This new wake boat comes standard with a Hammerhead 400-hp engine, cruise control, ballast monitoring system, tower, and much more. $69K. See Test and Video.
Premier 231 Alante

A “changing room,” a Flexsteel 7 Star helm chair, 11’ Bimini and more are standard on the Premier 231 pontoon boat. See Test and Video.
  Four Winns H180

It’s hard to beat the $17.5K MSRP price on this 18’ bowrider, complete with trailer. The 135-hp sterndrive engine gives her a WOT of 42 mph. See the complete Test and Video.

PWC Power Struggle

Sea-Doo PWC
Has Highest HP
With 1494 CCs turning out 255-hp, the Sea Doo RXT-X has the highest horsepower rating of any standard PWC

With an inter-cooled, supercharged Rotax engine, this 3-person PWC has power to spare.

The new RXT-X has extra laminates in the hull for added strength, sponsons for stability and improved handling, knee-pads, and a re-boarding platform among many other features, such as dual, automatic siphon pumps to take water out of the engine compartment and a “Tip Over Protection System” ™ (TOPS) to protect the engine when the unit takes a dump. MSRPs start at $13.3. For more details, listen to Capt. Smith on our new video…

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World's Greatest
Outboard Engines

90-hp Honda Outboard Blows Away 2007 Sales Projections
After one year in the market the 90 Honda has proven popular with both builders and consumers alike

The Honda 90-hp engine is the same block as used in the Honda Fit automobiles.

Because Honda’s 90-hp outboard engine is the newest in that power range, it is little wonder that the company’s engineers did what it took to make it the lightest 4-stroke outboard on the planet – 10-lb lighter than Yamaha, 27-lb lighter than Mercury and 57-lb lighter than Suzuki. But the Honda 90 has a lot more going for it than just light weight. Watch this video of Capt. Robert Smith taking an in-depth look at the features that have made the 90 so popular…see video.
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Sorensen's details make the difference
Part I:
Bowrider Functionality
There’s more to a good bowrider than a snazzy instrument panel. Eric Sorensen shows you what to look for

Basic Boating Instruction
Mercury Marine Presents:
New Basic Boating Video Series
We urge new boaters, youngsters, spouses and even old salts to watch these terrific basic boating videos.
First of a series--

Boating Terminology

Everything on a boat
has a proper
nautical name.
Boating Part I Safety 
Do you know the difference between a Type I, II, III,
and IV PFD?
Boating Part II Safety

What is the difference between an emergency and an inconvenience?

New Boats and Great Deals At America’s Oldest Boat Show
Deep discounts, design innovations, new boats and higher quality were all on display in the Big Apple
Boston Whaler 230 DauntlessBoston Whaler 230 Dauntless
This new 230 Dauntless fills out the Dauntless line of Boston Whalers. The boat we were on had a 250-hp Mercury Verado and a boat show price tag of $76.5K. See the Video…
Four Winns 262
Four Winns 262
 Boston Whaler 170 DauntlessBoston Whaler 170 Dauntless
The classic 170 Dauntless has been “refreshed” and with a 90-hp, 4-stroke Mercury has a show special price of $27k. See video on show special.
Bayliner 185 BR
Bayliner 185 BR
Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless
Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless
The company says this boat has a 3300-lb. “swamp capacity” which means you can swamp it and still float 3300-lbs. Show Special with 135-hp Verado: $47.5K. See video…
Bayliner 195 DS
Bayliner 195 DS
Glastron 209GT
Glastron GT 209
Tahoe Q4SS
tahoe q4ss

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BoatTEST received 150+ letters in response to its December 5th article about a new Chaparral sinking and over 4750 responses to it questionnaire “You Be The Judge.” 91% of the respondents said the company should have apologized.

In response to a subsequent article titled “Chaparral DID Apologize” 94 more letters rolled in. The following is a sampling of those 94 letters and no one escapes scathing reader criticism.
To find out what’s on our readers’ minds…read them

all in the family

Having Trouble Convincing
Your Spouse?

We’ve all been there – just when you’ve found your dream boat, your spouse wants to put a new roof on the house. He or she needs a good dose of the “Justificator!” What’s that, you say?

It is not uncommon for spouses, kids, or your financial planner to be on different pages when it comes to buying a new boat. And, by the way, it is not always the female half that is the recalcitrant one. If your nautical bliss is in danger of not being launched, then we recommend that you click through to Larson Boat’s clever antidote to no-boatitis. This special web page is called “The Real Men of Boating” and there you will find four wonderful “Justificators” -- Carl, Mark, Chaz, and Anne. Read what they have to say, then you’ll know what to do.

Check out the “Justificators”…

Larson’s 5-year “Stem-to-stern” warranty is the best justification we can think of, and check that out, too…

New Product

SOTA Innovations From EZ Loader 
Seven new improvements to EZ Loader trailers – plus a
10-Year Warranty!

Capt. Smith is no stranger to trailer problems and is impressed with EZ’s improvements.

There is nothing more aggravating than having trailer problems on the way to the launch ramp. Now EZ Loader – the country’s leading trailer manufacturer – has solved most of those problems with a combination of new technology and better materials. If you are thinking about buying a new trailer, it would be well worth your time to look at this video of Capt. Smith explaining EZ’s seven new features…load up here

New product

Minn Kota’s New Trim-N-Troll  Propulsion System
Anglers can now stop trolling and hole-shot with the push of a button, then trim for speed

And you thought the folks at Minn Kota were asleep at their trolling motor pedals?

Minn Kota’s credo is “Design with No Limits” and they aren’t kidding. By thinking out of the electric trolling motor box, their engineers have come up with a laundry list of innovative new products, some of which you didn’t even know you needed – until now. Be the first at your launch ramp with the Trim-N-Troll propulsion system which allows you to fight and land fish at the bow without worrying about getting tangled up with your trolling motor. Capt. “Cat Fish” Smith explains it all in this video…
Sneak Peek

Baja Marine Unleashes:
The Hammer X
With an optional MerCrusier 496 Mag HO this new 22-footer can smoke big, heavy cigarillos

Baja’s new Hammer X will gain instant respect among the goodfellows.

Baja Marine recently announced an all-new 22-footer, called the Hammer X. The Hammer X will come standard with a 300-hp MerCruiser 350 Magnum which should push her well over 65 mph. As soon as we test her, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, to find out more about other Baja speedsters…light up here

Miami Boat Show Banner

Can’t Make it to the Miami Boat Show? It’s a great place to check out your next new boat – but, if you can’t make it, let us help!

One of BoatTEST's captains will be glad to check out your next boat.  Just ask us!

One of the difficulties in making the best decision when buying a new boat is checking out all of the brands and models available to you and zeroing in on the best few for your unique situation. Big boat shows like Miami are a good place to do it -- but not everyone can make it there, February 14 to 18. For that reason, Boat Test will check out any single boat on your short list and answer your most important question…sign up here


Canadians Flock To New Low-Cost Cruising Boat
This limited production model appeals to boaters who want to look cool. Hurry and get one while they last!

This new Spitzbergen 18 is an unsinkable cruiser for the whole family, or just two guys out for an afternoon of sun bathing.
Made from a proprietary formula of hydrogen and oxygen, this new boat comes only in white. The manufacturer says it has tried other colors but they are hard to keep clean and their surface coat oxidizes faster. Interior seating is made of specially designed seats made with new light-weight aluminum alloys to meet the severe demands of the active ice boater. The bottom coat is guaranteed to be impervious to barnacles or other marine growth. A 4-quart Igloo cooler and an AM radio are standard. The vessel comes with a 15-hour limited warranty. When you’re done cruising, just pack up your boat in the Igloo cooler and go home.

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reading room

sorensen's guide to powerboatsSorensen's Guide to Powerboats--2nd Edition. The 500-page, easy-to-read, abundantly illustrated 2nd edition is completely updated, with an all-new Part 2, Market Survey section, and a completely revised Propulsion Systems chapter. Everything you need to know about boat design, construction and performance is included in the most comprehensive powerboat book in the world. The other big news is that it now incorporates J.D. Power and Associates data, and a large amount of information and insights to help people choose their next boat.

Please select option for Inscription and enter the inscription you would like.

Buy HERE! $34.95 – Shipping included

Visit BoatTEST's Book Store

Boating Industry Customer Survey
You Be the Judge!
The boating industry is hungry for boat-owner feedback. Here is your chance to let the brass know what you think

Your STYLE preference?

is enough?

Your WARRANTY requirements?

Are you  
PRICE sensitive?

Is boating in
your  FUTURE?
BoatTEST wants to get your feedback to builders so that they can bake your ideas and concepts into the next generation of boats. With the advent of the Internet the consumer has never before been so influential. And now, most builders have access to a five-axis router with CAD which means new tooling can be made in months not years. Take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us and we’ll get your advice into the executive offices of America’s boat builders. Sound off here…

Daytime Safety Tips
Man Drowns on Christmas Day
There is no better way to commune with nature than boating solo, but wear a kill switch lanyard and PFD
man alone
Using a kill switch lanyard and automatic inflatable PFD are “musts”
for nature-loving solo boaters.
This is not a story we like to report, but it illustrates the reality that veteran boaters often think they can handle most anything afloat without using often cumbersome safety devices. We mourn the loss of Fowler Miller Cahoon, 68, of East Lake near Albemarle Sound, North Carolina, who drowned in a marshy area between Alligator River and Manns Harbor on Tuesday, Dec. 25. When he did not show up for Christmas dinner, authorities were contacted. Read the rest of the story and some solo boating safety tips…

Planning that cruise on your boat? Let our DVDs guide you through and show you the ins and outs of your destination. The planning, safety tips, where the tourist attractions are, and what can’t be missed at your destination. With over 25 DVDs to choose and destinations ranging from the east coast, south, the Caribbean, to the South Pacific, there is sure to be a destination for you. $29.95
To visit your favorite destination click here 
  nighttime safety tips
Hospitalized On New Year’s Eve
It’s fun to be boating on New Year’s Eve, but are the other boaters sober? Are you?

What is bound to happen when you run out of gas in the ICW channel on New Year’s Eve in South Florida?
Anthony Venezia joined a few friends for what he thought would be a quiet boat ride on New Year's Eve on the Intracoastal Waterway in Pompano Beach. Instead it turned into a near-tragedy. To find out what happened and to get some tips on avoiding trouble at night…pop the cork

Envoy Brake Control Ergonomic styling enhances functionality. Easily adjustable to accommodate different trailer weights. Green LED monitors a secure connection with trailer and changes to red to indicate increase of power to the trailer brakes. New "pivot-mount" is ideal for installation in newer model tow vehicles. Meets NHTSA regulations regarding tow vehicles/trailer light activation.

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Engine Room Heater- The MUST HAVE accessory for the serious boater who wants to enjoy their boat year-round! Why spend time and money to winterize your boat and miss out on enjoying your boat during the fall and winter months? XTREME Heaters are small, highly efficient marine engine compartment heaters that will protect your boat from the threat of sudden freezes for a never-ending boating season. 
Prices Start at $349
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Boat Covers at Discount!! Taylor Made offers a style of boat cover to fit every boat, and each cover is made with the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship. Taylor Made products offer a variety of different ways to protect your boat from the elements. Purchase your Taylor Made Boat Cover at Discount Prices.