Chaparral DID Apologize // 5 New Grady Tests // NY Boat Show Round-Up - 01/16/2008
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BTC Tests Grady-White
5 New Grady-White
Offshore Boats Tested
Premier builder submits its 5 newest boats to Capt. Smith’s scrutiny during a cold December week on Pamlico Sound
Gulfstream 232
Gulfstream 232
Tournament 275
T'rnament 275
Express 305
Express 305
Canyon 336
Canyon 336 
Express 330
Express 330

Grady-White Employed
Ahead of its Time

Since the early 1990s the concept of “Best Practices” in manufacturing and related business activities has been sweeping the country. But Grady-White adopted many of those techniques a decade earlier and, fundamentally, this is the reason that the company has won the J.D. Power Award every year it has been given in the marine field. To find out what sets G-W and its boats apart from other boat builders and why its customers rate its products so highly…read on

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World's Greatest
We Test the 305 Express Coastal Cruiser/Fishboat

Flat seas or rough, the 305 Ray Hunt bottom will keep you dry and maximize comfort.

Grady-White’s 2008 305 Express makes a good coastal cruiser for family outings, or a comfortable canyon runner for the salty fisherman. It sleeps 4, has a 4 kw Panda diesel generator to power the AC, microwave and recharge batteries if they need it, wet head, galley, and comes standard with twin Yamaha 250 4-stroke engines. We tested the boat with the new Yamaha 350s, which add 18k to the price. Best cruise was 31.7 mph giving you nearly 1.5 mpg and a range of 382 miles. Base price with the 250s is $224k. To get Capt. Smith’s take on the 2008 305…put pedal to metal
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Boat Whaler 50th Anniversary
Whaler Introduces a New
50th Anniversary
13-footer with a Special Price
BW Old Pix
Whaler founder Dick Fisher in Life Mag. picture.
BW old boat
Fisher's unsinkable concept changed boating world-wide.

Boston Whaler
50-year old 13’ Whaler
Boston Whaler
Anniversary Special $14,660
The Power of an Idea

Boston Whaler founder Dick Fisher had a unique idea in the mid-1950s: that small boats shouldn’t sink. It was a revolutionary concept at the time, and in 1958 he introduced a 13’ boat that wouldn’t sink at the New York Boat Show. It was called the Boston Whaler. At the time few people realized it, but boating would never be the same afterward. To find out how this boat changed the sport…read on

new boattest

New Tahoe 225 Under $30k
New 2008 bowrider performs well with 5.0 Liter Sterndrive

The Tahoe 225 has a best cruise of 30 mph and 3 gph at 3500 rpm. 45 mph at WOT.

Tahoe has revamped the 222 and released the 225 for 2008 which finds more room for everyone inside without stretching the measurements on the boat. The hand laid PowerGlide hull and Hydrostep lifting strakes mean you will enjoy peppy performance even with the minimum engine package. This model offers both family and fishing features and is capable of adding a wakeboard tower for even more water-fun. See Capt. Smith’s complete test…
new boat test

New Stratos 186 XT For Affordable Fishing
This ultra-stable, tournament-ready bass boat can be yours for $17k with trailer

Stratos 186 XT
Equipped with a 115-hp 2-stroke Yamaha this 18’9” boat has a WOT of 51.6 mph.

Stratos extends the popularity of the 176XT by offering the next level 186XT. This new model offers additional room up front and a wider beam for those needing a bit more space to fish and compete. Larger than most in its class, this model has about 15” more length added to the bow over its sibling. Three men can stand on the combing without putting the rail under which we find impressive. This complete boat, motor, trailer package is rated for up to 115-hp outboard power and has 23 gallons of fuel capacity. See complete test…
Boston Whaler Boat Tests

New Malibu VLX Wakesetter is SOTA Rich
V-drive version gives a large, uncluttered cockpit for more seating, better parties

Wake and bake with a tremendous amount of sunbathing space on this wakeboat.

Malibu focuses on producing boats that are designed specifically for the sport. They do not compromise when it comes to the pursuit of fabricating the best wakes to launch riders. In addition, Malibu will let you customize this boat with exactly what you want from a long list of options. We like the new vest warmer tray over the engine, ballast monitoring system and standard tower. See Capt. Ron Svoboda’s complete report…


New Premier Flagship: 310 Boundary Waters
This top-of-the-line long-distance cruising vessel can be fully customized. Let your imagination go wild

boca grande
With a galley complete with refrig. and microwave you can have a moveable feast.

The 310 Boundary Waters PTX rides the top of Premier’s line of Luxury Pontoons. She offers more room and more comfort than her siblings and many of her competitors. As the flagship, there are few boundaries to the options and personalization you can order. This model offers options such as a hardtop with swim slide, LCD TV, and much more. Let your imagination run wild and customize this boat for your own water system. See our complete test on this very special boat…


Show Specials Abound as Dealers Kick Off New Year with a Bang
Virtually every brand had super savings at 2008's 1st boat show.  Check them out, you might be surprised.

Tahoe Q4 SSTahoe Q4 SS

18' bowrider for only $16k base price.
bayliner 175 BRBayliner 175 BR

17' 6'' bowrider for only $13.7k base.
Four Winns 248Four Winns 248

Starter "pocket cruiser" for only $64k.
Wellcraft 210 CoastalWellcraft 210 Coastal

"Pocket OB Fish Express" w/ boat show special:$48.4k.
MasterCraft 280SSMasterCraft 280 SS
Pickle-fork design with $20k show special discount.
Mako 171 CCMako 171 CC
With 90-hp engine and $4k show rebate only $18k.
cobalt dealer newsCobalt Dealer News
Cobalt had more dealers in Boating Industry Magazine “Top 100”
Cobalt 202 BRCobalt 202 BR
See the rich details on this bowrider. Show Special: $38k
Glastron 225 BRGlastron 225 BR
An affordable bow rider with great engine room. Show Special: $27,900.
stingray 250Stingray 250
New starter “pocket cruiser” from Stingray. Show Special: $55k.
yamaha ar 230 High OutputYamaha AR 230
Yamaha 230 AR wins Boating Magazine  “Boat of the Year”
Hydra-Sports 2200 DCHydra-Sports 2200 DC

New 22’ bow rider for family fun and fishing.
mako 234 express FishboatMako 234 Express Fishboat New 234 Express with 250-hp Verado Show Special; $80k. wellcraft Scarab SportWellcraft 30 Scarab 
New 30 Scarab Sport with 2 x 225-hp Yamahas Show Special: $128k.

larry russo part IV
Chaparral Did Apologize in Boat Sinking Incident
Confidential memo outlines Chaparral’s response to last year’s new boat sinking

A new Chaparral 215 SSi sank at the dock April 23, 2007 in Indiana and was replaced
in 24 days by the builder.

In December this newsletter published an article [“New Chaparral 215 SSi Sinks at the Dock”; 12-05-07] which was literally read not only around the world, but also in the executive offices of nearly every major boat builder in the United States. 

According to a “Private and Confidential” memo circulated to Chaparral Dealers dated December 20, 2007, “The article contained some incorrect and incomplete information.”

To find out the extent of this “incorrect and incomplete” information and to read excerpts from the “Private and Confidential” memo…read on

Iran Discovers Boating!
Five Iranian speedboats discover the fun of jumping the wakes of 3 US Warships

Out for a day of watersports at 5:30 AM on Sunday Jan. 6, 2008, these Iranians enjoy playing chicken with 5” guns.

On January 6, 2008 in the Persian Gulf five speedboats, which appeared to be about 35 feet long, most outboard-powered, seemed to be doing performance testing around a US destroyer, cruiser and frigate (see video). The Iranian boaters seemed to enjoy wave jumping, hole shots, racing the naval vessels, and otherwise playing chicken with the Navy’s 5” guns, missiles, and radar controlled Gatling guns capable of firing 20 mm rounds of depleted uranium.
To see the video of Iran’s sportboat Navy from both the US Navy and the Iranian Navy’s point of view, plus that of Al Jazeera…pull the trigger


Suzuki 300-hp Outboard Wins NMMA Innovation Award
This 4.0 Liter, 4 OHC V-6 is packed with features and has more displacement per hp and less weight

Reliability, lower weight and fly-by-wire make the Suzuki 300 attractive.

Boating Writers International voted the Suzuki's DF300 V6 the outboard innovation of the year. And it is little wonder as the engine is an engineering masterpiece with a narrow, compact design in 25- and 30-inch shaft versions (available in counter rotation) for single, twin or triple installations. This engine has advanced features like digital sequential electronic fuel injection, dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing, a long-track intake manifold, a newly designed air intake and spherical bore throttle body, a new free-flowing exhaust system and much more. Our Capt. Robert Smith takes a close video look at the engine…see details

reading room

boaterschecklistBoater's Checklist by Clay Kelley A true seaman’s Bible. Boater’s Checklist addresses what should be checked and when it should be checked before traveling the waterways with your boat.  This book is a necessity!!! Systems onboard have become so complex and varied that remembering everything that should be done is nearly impossible! This is a must have for every boat owner.
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Save: $4.83
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  larry russo part IV
Russo Says the Boating Industry is “Changing Fast”

luxury taxHow did the 10% luxury tax affect boat dealers in the early '90s?
future of boat dealersWhat is the future of boat dealers?
trend away from boating?Why does there seem to be a long-term trend away from boating?
How to findWhat do you see for the future of boating?
24 builders surviveRusso wants to see only 24 builders survive out of 400!

global marine

Sea Battles Now
to be Fought
on YouTube

It is a new world -- and that is a good thing. Be alert to governments with an agenda and disinformation

“You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”—Wm. Randolph Hearst to Frederic Remington in Havana, Cuba, March, 1898. Cause of the sinking is still a mystery.

It is chilling to think about how many US wars were brought about by, or hastened by, attacks or alleged attacks on US vessels. Historically all governments' misdeeds have been aided and abetted by media that have been manipulated.

Dueling videos can be a lot more powerful than guns and torpedoes in the 21st century. It is noteworthy that both the US DOD and the Iranian Navy are using YouTube  to make their case to the world’s public.

See videos about another famous incident of patrol boats almost sinking a US Navy ship – the USS Liberty in 1967, when 200 Americans were killed or wounded in the largest loss of life in US Naval history since WW II. These videos are disturbing and proceed at your own risk of high blood pressure…manipulate here

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I just watched your video for Lazzara LSX (The Tour). "THE WIFE!!??" Are you kidding me!? Do you really think she is still stuck in the kitchen!? I find your tour to be offensive to me as a woman. You are obviously intending to show this boat to men. I'll shop elsewhere.

--T. A., Troy, Michigan 

We couldn't make this stuff up. – Ed.

When will you test out the 2008-RXTT-X 255HP Sea-Doo and compare it to the Yahama 2008 FX SHO?

--D. F. (City and State Unknown)

Sooner than you might think.—Ed.

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