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Yamaha DRiVE Technology:
Intuitive Docking Control for Twin Jets


Yamaha DRiVE Technology

Yamaha’s new DRiVE technology, available on the new 275SD, incorporates a pair of shifting paddles just behind the steering wheel in this big twin-jet boat, making docking almost joystick-easy. Simply use the touch screen to put the system in docking mode, then pull the right paddle for forward or the left paddle for reverse, and steer with the wheel as usual. The paddles can add all the power necessary to control the boat, even in strong wind or current, and control is far easier than with conventional steering systems. More...

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Fountaine-Pajot MY 37:
Cat Design Ready for Offshore


Fountaine-Pajot MY 37

The Fountaine-Pajot MY 37 rides on twin catamaran hulls that not only give her an amazing amount of living area, but also produce high initial stability thanks to the 16’8” (5.1 m) beam carried over much of her length. The sharp forward entry of these hulls slice through waves with ease. We tested her outside an inlet in 20-knot winds with no issues. Deep spray rails running all the way to the bow on each hull turn head seas out and down, keeping most spray off the windshield and deck. The rails also provide added buoyancy up front, helping her to recover quickly when running down sea in rough conditions. More...

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Sailfish 270 CC:
Wave-Splitting Hull for a Soft Ride


Sailfish 270 CC

The Sailfish 270 CC rides on a “Variable Stepped Hull” (VDS), a laterally-stepped hull that starts with an extreme 24-degree deadrise at the keel and steps up to shallower vee toward the chines. The VDS design, combined with a 48- to 58-degree deadrise at the forward entry, results in a wave-splitting hull that delivers a soft ride even at WOT in bumpy conditions. The step design is also aimed at greater beam stability at rest than extreme vee hulls and combined with reversed chines, at quicker planing. Spray rails and broad bow flair help keep spray out of the cockpit on upwind runs. More...

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Absolute Navetta 48:
Open and Airy Salon and Galley


Absolute Navetta 48

Huge windows all around and high overheads make the salon and galley of the Absolute Navetta 48 feel like a much larger yacht. A frosted privacy glass electronically slides out to separate the galley from the salon when desired. A pantographic door adjacent the helm to starboard provides flow-through ventilation when the aft sliding doors are opened. It also gives the captain easy access to dock lines when cruising short-handed. The salon and dinette are combined forward to port, elevated but still providing 6’8” (2.03 m) of headroom. The one-piece windshield is 9’ (2.74 m) across, giving the skipper a panoramic view. More...

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Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC:
Flying Bridge Ready to Party


Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC

The large grill, sink and food prep area complete with a refrigerator welcomes the party crowd to the flying bridge of the Hampton Yachts Endurance 658 LRC when she’s in port. Just aft is a 16’ x 16’ (4.88 m x 4.88 m) boat deck complete with a 1,600-lb. (726 kg) davit, a mark of her long-range-cruising heritage. There’s also storage on the bridge for a canoe, kayak or SUP. A dining area is just behind the helm and a TV flips down from the overhead. To port is the weather-tight door to stairs that lead down to the pilothouse. More...

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Cruisers Yachts 338 OB:
Special Edition Bowrider w/ 53.8 MPH WOT


Cruisers Yachts 338 OB

Cruisers Yachts is well-known for building rugged and well-equipped sterndrive boats. But check out this new model, the Cruisers Yachts 338 OB, as Captain Steve puts her through her paces. The ebony color scheme is a great match for the twin Mercury 350 Verados, and the power was equally a good fit. The 13,500-lb. (6,124 kg) package got on plane in just 4.0 seconds with the engines turning 16 x 18 Enertia propellers, and had a top speed of 53.8 mph. The large engine box, unused with the outboards, becomes a jumbo storage area and provides easy access to batteries and other mechanicals. More...

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Boat-Buying Tips

Go Light or Go Heavy?

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Shape almost anything correctly and it will float, as long as it displaces more water than it weighs.

Weight plays a role in a boat's performance and handling, but whether more displacement is a plus or minus depends on what a boater is looking for. Check out this brief guide. Boats with less weight and more power are naturally faster, while those with more weight are likely to be slower, but will generally ride much better in a seaway and are easier to handle around the docks. More...


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