New Bluewater 2850 | Donzi 41 GT | Greenline 48 - 09/17/2019
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Bluewater 2850:
All-Digital Controls and Monitoring

Bluewater 2850

The Bluewater 2850 with twin 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards that we tested included a full suite of Evinrude’s all-digital control and monitoring systems, such as the ICON Touch monitor panel which includes the homepage with general cruising and performance information, the fuel/fluids page, vessel page, trip logs and more. Other menu features on the touch screen include adjusting steering tension with iSteer, activating iTrim for automatic trimming, and winterization, for automatic fogging for winter layup -- no dealer is needed. The test boat also had the optional iDock joystick, allowing effortless docking. More...

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Captain's Report

Ocean Alexander 90R Motoryacht:
Evan Marshall's New Euro Design

Ocean Alexander 90R Motoryacht

There is a new large motoryacht design trend coming out of European yards these days, and naval architect Evan K. Marshall captures its essence in the new Ocean Alexander 90R Motoryacht. This is a radical departure for Ocean Alexander which has produced a line of relatively traditional-looking motoryachts, most of which were from Marshall’s drawing board. At first glance, don’t be put off by the thought that she is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen afloat. With time, your nautical eye will adjust -- as ours has -- and accept this exterior styling. Her interior layout, fit-and-finish, and functionality must be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated. This 90-footer is huge inside and is a vessel that is both an excellent entertaining and cruising platform. You will be seeing other builders playing the same styling tune. Interestingly, Marshall and at least one of the other designers served their apprenticeship at the renowned - and ultra-conservative - design firm of Sparkman & Stephens. More...

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Test Video

Yamaha AR195:
Redesigned for Added Space, Performance

Yamaha AR195

The latest version of the Yamaha AR195 is 3” (7.62 cm) longer and 2” (5.08 cm) wider than previous models, adding seating space as well as improving stability and ride. A new bottom design helps cut bow rise on acceleration. The bucket-style helm seat swings around to face a portable table for lunch. The sport tower with an elevated tow point is standard. She’s powered by Yamaha’s 1.8-liter Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) super-charged four-cylinder 4-stroke, which produced hole shot times of 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 48.4 mph. Yamaha’s Articulating Keel system improves steering both at speed and around the docks. See the full test here...

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Features Video

Greenline 48 Fly:
Available Hybrid Power, Well-Equipped Galley

Greenline 48 Fly

The Greenline 48 Fly is best-known for its available hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system – the only one in the world that is successful in production and proven -- but, it’s also a well-designed and engineered cruising yacht with conventional power. The C-shaped galley is compact but fully equipped, with covers over the sink, electric stovetop, and trash receptacle to increase available counterspace. A dishwasher is also standard. A flip-down bar extends through the swing-up window and bi-fold doors open to port, joining this area with the aft deck. The area is fully shaded when the fold-out overhead is deployed. The best news of all is her value-oriented price. More...

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Test Video

Donzi 41 GT:
1200 Supercharged Horsepower, 81.9 MPH WOT

Donzi 41 GT

Triple 400-R supercharged Mercury outboards hang on the transom of the Donzi 41 GT. She’s relatively slender with a 9’8” (2.95 m) beam for her 40’6” (12.34 m) LOA, all of which contribute to her top-end speed of 81.0 mph. Standard Mercury 380 K Plane racing trim tabs and a double-stepped hull are also part of her go-fast contributing factors. She was quick out of the hole with the 26” (66 cm) Bravo 1 propellers in just 3.4 seconds. Despite the low profile, designers managed to fit a compact salon/seating area for up to six belowdecks, as well as a hideaway toilet. See her in action here...

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Boating Tips

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Financing a motorized vehicle is every bit as American as baseball and apple pie — for nearly all of us, buying a new boat means taking out a loan. You’ve probably already financed a car and a house, so you’re ready to find the lowest rate and do a deal, right? However, boat loans are a unique species with their own set of perks and pitfalls. More...

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