When to Turn Back | Sea Ray SDX 270 | Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht - 09/10/2019
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Sea Ray SDX 270:
Upgraded Upholstery Plus Quiet Ride

Sea Ray SDX 270

The folks at Sea Ray have told us that they have upgraded their boats and that is evident when looking at the upholstery on the Sea Ray SDX 270. Patterned, double-stitched, two-toned and embroidered upholstery is a visible signal for a premium boat. The double-wide helm seat includes a flip-up bolster, and the back is reversible for cockpit conversations when at the docks. She has seating for up to 15. The builder continues its QuietRide technology, which we tested and compared some years back. It is not marketing hype, and a boat we tested was significantly quieter than an earlier version. More...

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Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht:
Let the Parties Begin

Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht

The Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht is ideal for entertaining. She is equipped to do so with features like the double-wide grill at the transom, which has a large refrigerated door under and a large canvas shade covering the whole area. The abundant lighting set into the overheads welcomes guests for after-sundown partying. Just inside is the U-shaped galley with five refrigerated doors, a range and dishwasher. The large aft window swings upward to provide a pass-through for drinks, food and conversation. More...

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She Fits in Most Garages


The TRACKER PRO GUIDE V-16 WT is easy to own at just $19,595, including a 60-hp Mercury FourStroke and single-axle trailer. She’s also easy to tow, with the package weight just 2,558 lbs. (1,160 kg), and easy to fit into the garage. With the swing-away tongue, her storage length is 19’10” (6.05 m). She is able to squeeze into most standard garages which have 20’ to 22’ (6.09 to 6.70 m) depth. Her height on the trailer is 6’8” (2.03 m), which easily clears standard 7' (2.1 m) garage doors overheads. More...

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Hatteras GT 54:
Precise Control for Fishing, 42.4 Knots WOT

Hatteras GT 54

Low-speed handling is particularly important in a serious bluewater sportfisher, where precise control while backing down on a fish can make or break a fishing day. The Hatteras GT 54 impressed Captain Steve with her capabilities, thanks to the twin 1600-hp CAT C32A diesels turning large 5-blade, Nibral, 56.5” pitch by 35” diameter propellers. In fact, control is so positive that there’s a slow-motion trolling valve function available at the touch of a button, which is useful when easing up to a dock as well as when slowly towing big, live baits for billfish. See the full test here...

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Axopar 28 Cabin:
Functional, Practical, Fast & Seaworthy

Axopar 28 Cabin

The Axopar 28 Cabin is an enclosed cabin center console with a radical-looking but highly-functional design. The hull is built for offshore safety and performance, with a CE rating of category B -- the highest possible rating for a sub 40’ (12.19 m) boat. She backed up her no-nonsense appearance, too, showing a capability to flatten some seriously rough water offshore in our test runs. The keel sweeps upward as it approaches the axe bow, reducing the wetted surface for improved speed and efficiency in flat water -- top speed was 55.9 mph with twin Mercury 200-hp V8 outboards -- and preventing the hull from burying the nose when running with rolling waves. More...

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Boating Tips

Turning Back is Always
an Option

uscg report
As opposed to looking for an alternative port when needing shelter or repairs, sometimes turning back to port is the best option.

Planning your passage along a coastline is an interesting experience. With modern electronic charts, plotting the route is quite a simple operation. But, the requirements of passage planning also require you to look for alternative ports where you can pull in for shelter or repairs if things do not turn out as you might have expected. So far so good, and it is really just sound seamanship to plan ahead in this way. However, have you ever thought that one of these alternative ports that you might turn to is the one you have just left? More...

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