Carver C52 Command Bridge | Fountain 43NX | Galeon 560 Skydeck - 09/07/2019
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Most Popular Boats of the Week

Most Popular Boats of the Week
Every week BoatTEST publishes news items on about 25 boats. Readers have asked which ones are the more popular each day, so below you can find the answer – by day.
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Tuesday #1

Carver C52 Command Bridge:
Euro-Designed Hull in a U.S. Build

Carver C52 Command Bridge

The Carver C52 Command Bridge has a 14-degree deadrise at the transom which gives her stability and fuel efficiency. The nearly plumb bow maximizes room inside, and hard chines with knockdown rail keep her topsides dry. Her forefoot is particularly sharp and should cut through waves without pounding. The bow gives her a European look, though she is built in Wisconsin. She has a fully-equipped helm topside as well as on the main deck, with virtually all the same monitors and controls -- including AC/heat vents positioned below the wheel. More...

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Wednesday #1

Fountain 43NX:
Center Console Crossover w/73.4 MPH WOT

Fountain 43NX

Go big, go fast, go in style is the mantra of the Fountain 43NX. The double-stepped hull, pushed by quad Mercury 400Rs turning 24” Merc propellers, reached a top speed of 73.4 mph in our test runs. Though she’s equipped for fishing, she is more of a high-performance sport boat. She sleeps two below and has a compact galley with a microwave and refrigerator, as well as a standup head and shower. More...

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Thursday #1

Greenline 39 Solar:
Eco-Friendly Cruiser w/1,000 NM Range

Greenline 39 Solar

It’s not easy being green, but the Greenline 39 Solar makes it seem so. Thanks to her available hybrid diesel/electric power, jumbo storage batteries and large solar panels, this is a boat that can go low-speed cruising for weeks without visiting the fuel docks -- just as long as the sun shines regularly. The hybrid system’s electric motor functions as a generator when the boat is using diesel propulsion, charging a bank of lithium polymer batteries. More...

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Friday #1

Galeon 560 Skydeck:
An Express with Higher Aspirations

Galeon 560 Skydeck

The most eye-catching feature of the Galeon 560 Skydeck is the sliding clamshell fiberglass top that covers the sunning bridge when it is not in use. This design feature not only gives the yacht a sleek express cruiser eye-appeal, but also completely protects the mini-helm and seating located there from rain, spray, and UV degradation. Far forward on the main deck, there’s a large sliding sunroof that opens just abaft the windshield and over the lower helm, opening up the cabin to sea breezes. More...

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