9 Maintenance Mistakes | Schaefer 510 | Donzi 41 GT - 08/28/2019
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Donzi 41 GT:
Triple Engine Sportboat w/80 MPH WOT

Donzi 41 GT

Powered with triple supercharged Mercury Verado 400Rs, the Donzi 41 GT has a top speed of over 80 mph, which is a whole different world from the speeds most of us are used to on the water. Though she is a boat that’s over 10,000 lb. (4,720 kg) fully-loaded, she’s quick out of the hole -- getting on top in 3.4 seconds in our tests with the big outboards turning 26” Bravo 1 four-blade props. The double-stepped hull is equipped with Mercury 380 K-Planes, standard to assist in leveling the ride and staying on plane at lower speeds when needed. More...

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Schaefer Yachts 510 Sport:
Easy Handling for the Owner/Operator

Schaefer Yachts 510 Sport

The Schaefer Yachts 510 Sport is right-sized and well-equipped to be owner/operated, especially considering features like the joystick control on the starboard side of the aft deck, making docking simple. This station also includes controls for the anchor windlass, allowing the captain to secure the bow in position when necessary. There is a compact crew accommodation with a head under the aft deck, just in case a skipper is desired on board for an extended trip to new waterways, but most will probably use this feature for the grandkids, or perhaps for storage. More...

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Everglades 340DC:
The Summer Sales Event Continues

Everglades 340DC

Everglades has extended its "Summer Sales Event" on the company’s 340DC. Regular readers know that we at BoatTEST are partial to dual consoles, for the simple reason that they are so much more comfortable -- and they have so much more utility than a center console. The image above, taken while we were testing the Everglades 340DC, shows some of the reasons why. With the standard hardtop and some optional isinglass, she can be a three-season vessel. There is a porcelain flush head to starboard and a rest cabin to port that converts into a bunk. More...

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BENETEAU Monte Carlo 6:
Ready to Take on Rough Weather

BENETEAU Monte Carlo 6

With 15 to 20-knot winds blowing across the Mediterranean Sea, Captain Steve gave the BENETEAU Monte Carlo 6 a workout during our test. She came through with flying colors, thanks to her remarkably sharp bow entry which splits through the waves, rather than pounding into them. In beam seas, the 16’2” (4.9 m) maximum width of the hull did its job, keeping her relatively steady. Following seas were no challenge. The full bow provided plenty of buoyancy so that there’s no chance of stuffing the nose, even when pushed beyond normal operating parameters as we did in this test. See it all here ...

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ULTRA Anchor:
Carefully Engineered for All Bottoms

ULTRA Anchor

ULTRA anchors are carefully-engineered and finished in polished stainless-steel so they look as good as they perform. The shank is hollow and the flukes are lead-filled, ensuring that the anchor lands upright and ready to dig in every time. Side-sweep plates prevent the anchor from being pulled sideways with the drift of the boat. The anti-foul bar prevents the chain from wrapping the shank and pulling it free, while also providing a convenient spot to attach a trip line. ULTRA anchors are available in weights from 11 to 800 lbs. (5 to 363 kg). Learn more here...

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Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover:
Opulent Day Boat, Eminently Practical

Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover

The Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover is at once an opulent dayboat that’s eminently practical thanks to her huge swim platform, two on-deck entertaining venues, hardtop, and surprisingly large overnight accommodations below. She is built to handle up to 1600 outboard horses on the transom. With the power in the form of four Mercury 400Rs, she is fast -- topping out at 64.2 mph in our tests. Three-across seating at the console gives the skipper plenty of company, and flip-up bolsters ease the ride at speed. More...

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Boating Tips

9 Common
Maintenance Mistakes

uscg report
Before waxing a boat, remove the oxidation first.

Some maintenance can actually cause more harm than good. Try as we might to do the right thing, a simple task that needs to be done turns into a serious problem. Look out for these maintenance mistakes, and hopefully your boat and engine will live long, happy lives. More...

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