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Triton 20 TrX:
Premium-Class Tournament Bass Boat
w/73.0 MPH WOT

Triton 20 TrX

The console seats in the Triton 20 TrX give a clear idea of the level of quality in this up-market fiberglass bass boat. They include a deep bucket design to hold the anglers in place at high speeds in bumpy water, multi-tone heavy gauge coverings and diamond stitching over multi-density foam padding. They also slide fore and aft, a rarity in this genre. A spring-loaded Hot Foot throttle is standard, a good idea in a boat this fast. Powered with a 250-hp Mercury Pro XS turning a 24” pitch Fury prop, she maxed out at 73.0 mph. More...

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Test Video

MJM 35z:
Designed by Cruisers, for Cruisers

MJM 35z

The rigging and labeling job on the MJM 35z, an outboard-powered couple’s day boat for entertaining and a couple’s cruiser, is clearly built with the owner/operator in mind. Our test boat had both a bow thruster and Mercury’s joystick system for the twin 350-hp Verado outboards. The windshield is broad and equipped with wipers, but they can be opened upward to provide air flow at the touch of a switch. Not surprisingly, she meets ABYC standards and has been certified by the NMMA inspectors. More...

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Test Video

Yamaha 212 Limited S:
Twin Jet Performance, Seating for 10

Yamaha 212 Limited S

The Yamaha 212 Limited S has a pair of 1812 Yamaha H.O. 4-stroke engines with jet drives that produce a ride that will rival that of many PWCs. She went from 0 to 30 mph in 6 seconds flat and top speed was 51.8 mph during our tests. Cleanout ports provide easy access to the impellers to remove grass and debris. “Quiet-Cruise” construction cuts noise from the twin four-cylinders significantly -- 85 dBa at a cruise of 30.3 mph. More...

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Test Video

Ocean Alexander 70E:
Easy Control for the Owner/Operator

Ocean Alexander 70E

The Ocean Alexander 70E is built with the experienced owner/operator in mind, which is why she includes a cockpit joystick on the starboard side of the aft deck, putting the skipper in just the right spot to back her in using the combined power of the bow thruster and the twin Volvo Penta IPS 1200s. Top speed was 26.7 knots, and like most IPS boats, she maintained steady fuel consumption from about 1750 rpm upward to full throttle -- allowing the captain to choose speed based on sea conditions rather than range considerations. More...

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Test Video

Aquila 44:
Short-Handed Control for the Owner/Operator

Aquila 44

One of the many convenient features on the Aquila 44 is the built-in steps that lead directly from the flying bridge helm to the bow. The captain can walk to the bow in under five steps, making circuitous access around the house unnecessary. Among other notable features are the bulbous bows on each hull, similar to those found in ocean-going ships. They add buoyancy forward. The design resulted in a top speed with the twin Volvo Penta D4 300s of 24.5 mph and a range of 185 NM. More...

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What Drives Old Boats
to the Graveyard?

uscg report
What Drives Old Boats to the Graveyard?

Fiberglass hulls may more or less last forever, but generally speaking, as a boat ages it often becomes less and less functional – until it’s officially deceased. This is particularly true as a boat’s age becomes measured by decades as opposed to years, and there are a few significant forms of age-related structural failure which can end a boat’s useable life. Find out what can effectively kill a fiberglass boat for good. More...

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