7 Marine 527 HP OB Tested | Anchoring a Small Boat | Intrepid 345 Nomad - 06/24/2019
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Seven Marine 527-HP Outboard Engines:
New, Huge Outboard w/DuoProps

Seven Marine 527-HP Outboard Engines
Seven Marine 527-HP Outboard Engines

Recently, we tested twin Seven Marine 527-hp V8 outboards, now part of Volvo Penta. These engines, along with their stablemates that produce even more horsepower, are the most powerful outboard engines on the planet. But there is more going on here than just raw horsepower. The Seven Marine 527s we tested have Volvo Penta’s DuoProp drives.

Volvo invented the drives years ago for sterndrive applications and then used the concept in its IPS drives for diesel engines. Now, they have adapted those heavy-duty lower units for the Seven Marine outboards to harness the tremendous torque the 527 horses generate. That torque got our 22,000 lb. (9,981 kg) test boat on plane in just 5 seconds and pushed her to 54.6 mph at a WOT of 6000 rpm.

The 6.2-liter supercharged engines have closed-loop cooling with heat exchangers to ensure internal parts are fully protected from the ravages of saltwater. They also include an engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler, formerly unheard of on outboards. Joystick steering and the twin-prop system make handling around the docks a non-issue. But that is just the beginning of the story of this remarkable engine. More...

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TAHOE 2150 CC:
Center Console Deck Ready for Fishing


The TAHOE 2150 CC is a clever variation on the center console concept. She has the roomy hull of a deckboat and can function well to carry family and friends when dayboating is the mission. However, she’s also fully-equipped as a fishing boat for lakes or inshore saltwater. Upfront is a pad and wiring for the optional bow-mount troller, and there is dedicated storage under the deck for this motor on days when it’s not in use. There’s a 17-gallon (64 L) aerated livewell front center as well as a pair of 84-quart (79 L) insulated fishboxes on either side, an elevated casting deck where an optional swivel chair can be mounted, a mount for a second chair on the aft casting deck, six vertical rod holders, and under-gunwale rod racks. The center console design makes it easy for anglers to chase larger fish from bow to stern. And the price is right. More...

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Boat-Buying Tip

Everglades 340DC:
Sales Incentives on a Large Dual Console

Everglades 340DC
Everglades 340DC

The trick in new boat-buying is to take advantage of buying opportunities when they present themselves and we’ve recently learned of such an opportunity. From now until July 31, Everglades is running a Summer Sales Event on this model and several others that can save consumers tens of thousands of dollars. Regular readers of BoatTEST know we favor dual console offshore boats because of their versatility and family-friendly features. The Everglades 340DC is one of the largest and best-built dual consoles on the market in class. More...

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Intrepid 345 Nomad:
Sporty CC w/62.9 MPH WOT

Intrepid 345 Nomad
Intrepid 345 Nomad

With power options up to twin 425-hp Yamaha outboards, the Intrepid 345 Nomad is a very fast way to get to the offshore canyons or distant islands for some serious bluewater fishing. She had a top speed of 62.9 mph in our tests. The 345 Nomad can also function as a very muscular upscale dayboat for diving, picnicking and general harbor hopping. Note the build details on the included hardtop with no visible tubing - the supports are finished as an integral part of the boat. The large windshield connects to the T-top to keep out wind and spray when it’s cold and wet, but it has a power vent for days when it’s warm and dry. The rigging station behind the helm seat has a sink, a large roll-out cooler and space for an optional grill - lobster fajitas, anyone? More...

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Hargrave 80 Deal Maker:
Safe Ride for the Ship’s Boat

Hargrave 80 Deal Maker
Hargrave 80 Deal Maker

The Hargrave 80 Deal Maker welcomes carrying along a dinghy with a broad hydraulic swim platform that elevates completely out of the water, reducing drag and giving the ship’s boat a safer ride when underway offshore. Seen here is a 15 DXL AB tender with a 70-hp Yamaha mounted on its cradle. Just ahead through the transom door is the crew’s quarters with two separate cabins, each with its own head, plus a salon and kitchenette area for up to four crew. The accommodations area has four staterooms, each en suite. Quantum Brown metallic polyurethane paint from Alex Seal distinguishes this particular Hargrave. More...

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Boating Tips

How to Anchor a Small Boat

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Yamaha Anchoring: Every boat should have an anchor and anchor locker.

Here’s a quick refresher from Yamaha on basic anchoring with reminders to check wind and current when determining where to drop the anchor, lowering the hook rather than heaving it overboard, letting out proper scope as you back down, and cleating off to fully set the flukes. More...

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Based on the feedback we've been getting about BoatTEST.com's Video Boating Course, it's clearly not only for beginners but for veteran boaters as well. Perhaps that is why the NMMA started promoting the course after just one look. It's the most complete boating course available... period. Order your 4-disc box set...

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