Hatteras GT65 Carolina | 21’ Tahoe BR | Key West 244CC - 04/10/2019
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Key West 244CC:
50.4 MPH WOT w/2x Evinrude E-TEC G2 150s

Key West 244CC
Key West 244CC

Redundancy is bad in writing or speaking, but good in offshore boats. We like the twin Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H.O.s that provide a power option for the Key West 244CC. This is a relatively light center console at just 5,046 lbs. (2,288 kg) that is ready to run. The high-tech two-strokes turning RX4 15" x 20" (38.1 cm x 50.8 cm) four-blade props did an exceptional job of putting her on plane in our tests, with a 2.7-second hole shot and 0 to 30 time of 4.9 seconds. Top speed was 50.4 mph. The twin engine package also proved to be fuel-efficient, getting 5.2 mpg at a 1000-rpm, 5.7 mph trolling speed, and about 2.5 mpg at a cruise of 24.9 mph. More...

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TAHOE 700:
Redesigned Turnkey Bowrider Package

TAHOE® 700

The TAHOE 700 is the latest model of the company's 21' (6.4 m) bowrider that is redesigned with a larger, deeper bow to provide added security for kids and pets as well as increased under-seat storage. Like all in the line, it comes as a turnkey package complete with MerCruiser sterndrive to 300 horsepower, as in the version we tested. She also includes the factory-matched tandem-axle trailer with brakes and swing-away tongue as seen here, which allows the package to fit in many garages. More...

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Product News

Imtra -- Zipwake:
Trim Tabs vs. Interceptors -- Which is Better for My Boat?

Imtra - Zipwake

Both interceptors, such as Zipwake, and traditional trim tabs are designed to trim or alter the running attitude of a boat, raising the transom slightly so that the boat planes fully and thus can increase speed and reduce fuel consumption. Zipwake Interceptors are smaller and can be deployed and retracted more quickly than trim tabs and present less drag, making them a better choice for high-speed boats. They're also less likely to be damaged by contact with docks or trailer bunks and they're unlikely to tangle fishing lines or anchor lines, as tabs sometimes do. While slower boats do better with the larger surface area of tabs, most performance boats get on plane faster with interceptors and adjust more quickly to changing sea conditions. Learn more...

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Captain's Report

Hatteras GT65 Carolina:
Battlewagon w/High-Tech Construction

Hatteras GT65 Carolina
Hatteras GT65 Carolina

Hatteras is well-known for producing bulletproof hulls, but the new Hatteras GT65 Carolina sets a new standard with what the company says is an industry first -- the hull and stringer system are infused as a single part to deliver a perfect resin-to-glass ratio, reduce weight and increase strength. The hull is engineered to go fast in rough water while keeping anglers comfortable, dry and safe. She has the power to go plenty fast, indeed, with twin 1600-hp CAT 32A diesels standard. Four staterooms below welcome up to eight guests for overnight offshore trips or cruises through the islands -- remember, she's a cruiser as well as a trophy hunter. More...

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Palm Beach 50 Fly:
Artistry in Burmese Teak

Palm Beach 50 Fly
Palm Beach 50 Fly

Check out the impressive extent of solid Burmese teak trim in the cockpit of the Palm Beach 50 Fly, just a hint of the world-class cabinetry and woodwork in the interior. The swing-up galley window frame is varnished teak as are the sliding door and frame, while the decking is natural teak. A high-gloss teak pedestal table is standard in the salon, movable to the aft deck for al fresco dining. Even the helm is completely dressed out in beautifully-fitted teak. The stainless-steel steering wheels, both on the flying bridge and the down helm, also have teak rims. More...

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New Electronics

New Raymarine Element Combines CHIRP
Fishfinding with GPS Chartplotter

uscg report
The new Element series from Raymarine builds GPS chartplotting into a CHIRP sounder.

The Raymarine Element is a new line of fishfinder-GPS-chartplotters with optically bonded LCD displays that range in size from 7" to 12" (17.78 to 30.48 cm). Raymarine says the units all use HyperVision 1.2-Megahertz sonar technology to improve the resolution on the company's proprietary Downvision, Sidevision and RealVision 3D sounding systems. In addition, the chartplotter can store up to 5,000 waypoints and 50 routes, so anglers can hit the same honey holes again and again. To see how the new Raymarine Element series of fishfinder-chartplotters stand up to other multifunction displays, click here.

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