Offshore Motoryacht December 12, 2007 - 12/12/2007
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Formula 45 Yacht:
Class, Speed, Comfort and
Range (with IPS)

We test the 45 Formula with the IPS and diesel V-Drives

The 45 is pictured here in the Bahamas. With 320-mile range take her “Down Island.”

With an 18-degree deadrise at the transom and a fine entry, the Formula 45 not only lives up to her name as a performance cruiser, but can do it in conditions that would slow other boats down. The fit and finish, details, and list of standard equipment is extensive. What we like most of all is “Formula Guard” – the company’s standard “Stem-to-Stern” 5-year warranty program. See Capt. Smith’s full test and video

We have tested the 45 with both the IPS 600 and a conventional V-Drive with twin 575-hp Volvo Penta diesels-- the difference is dramatic.  Compare the performance data on the 435-hp IPS diesels vs. 575-hp V-drive diesels…

Careful Engine Selection Can Save 20-30% + on Your Fuel Bill
We compared two gas engines and two diesels and found some surprising data

Tests of Formula 40 Super Sport (top) and the 40 PC yield some surprising results.

We are all more fuel conscious these days, and that is a good thing, because it forces us to take a good look at engine performance numbers. Just like every boat, so, too, is every engine a compromise-- they are set up to perform best at a certain RPM and load, among other things. Decide what is more important to you (we recommend you consider optimum cruising speed), and see how the engine options perform there.
Here, we look at two Formula 40 Super Sports powered by 525-hp and 415-hp MerCruiser gas engines, and two Formula 40 PCs powered by 370-hp Volvo Penta diesels and 440-hp Yanmar diesels. There are some surprises. See the comparison tables…

Video Review
Nordhavn 43
Is an Affordable World Cruiser

Displacement speeds mean long range, dependability and low cost
Nordhavn 43 photo
This 2 stateroom vessel is for world cruising.

Nordhavn says that it did not set out to design a 43-foot model to fit a marketing strategy, but instead built-in the successful features of their popular 40 and 47-foot models to make an affordable 2 stateroom LRC. We like the Nordhavn concept of go anywhere cruisers at affordable prices and operating costs. Keep-it-simple, no fru-fru, single-engine diesel and built-in reliability. See what Capt. Robert Smith has to say in his video review

Larry Russo: Part II

Buying & Selling
Advice from an
Industry Veteran

Boat Depreciation and Trade

1st Time Buyer Advice

Baby Boomer Boat Buying

Video Review

Maritimo 48 Convertible From Australia
With an emphasis on range and reliability, this 3-stateroom boat has a lot to offer

Maritimo  photo
Maritimo builds three convertibles with sky lounges: 48’, 52’ and 60’.

Founded by Bill Barry-Cotter who has been building boats since 1968, the mission of the Australian Gold Coast company is to build distinctive long range cruisers. Unlike the American concept of displacement hulls going 9 knots, Maritimo makes convertibles into long range cruisers with the addition of a sky lounge, smaller engines, and by keeping them very lightweight. In this way one can cruise at 26 knots, according to Maritimo, or motor along slowly for range. As alert readers of BoatTEST know, we think that convertibles make fine cruising boats because of their low CG.
See Capt. Robert Smith’s video review…

New Products
Catalytic Converters on Westerbeke Gas Generators
The company says they eliminate 99% of
Carbon Monoxide
This 3 kw gasoline generator will power a small boat. Other gas units go up to 25 kw.

Gasoline engines produce carbon monoxide which can be hazardous to your health and now Westerbeke is fitting their full line of gas generators with catalytic converters, which they say reduces toxic emissions by 99%. Westerbeke also has introduced a new electronic panel for its diesel gen sets.
See Capt. Smith’s video report on Westerbeke’s new products…



Give the Perfect Nautical Gift!!!
A Barometer for that Special Someone.

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Pots and Pans
For Your Boat
9-Piece Stainless Steel "Nesting" Cookware!!  Designed Specifically for Boats!

The quality and value you've come to expect from Magma products now in an 18-10 stainless steel cookware set that nests for storage in less than 1/2 cubic foot of cabinet space. The set includes three saucepans (1-1/2 qt., 2 qt., and 3 qt.), a lid that fits all three saucepans, a 5 qt. stock pot, a 9-1/2 inch diameter saute pan (also serves as a lid for the stock pot), 2 removable handles, and a convenient "bungee" storage cord. All have triple clad bottoms (stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel) and perfectly flat bottoms for even heat distribution on gas, electric or ceramic cooktops. All the cookware is oven safe and dishwasher friendly. Yacht quality cookware at a value price.

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New 3500 Tiara Sovran for

With a range of 311 miles at cruise, Tiara has designed
this 35 for the IPS

This twin-cabin hard top has a cruise speed of 28.5 mph and gets 1.38 mpg.

The 3500 Sovran is built with Tiara’s famous high-quality with a very specific mission in mind. She is equipped for exciting blue water cruising for one or two couples, or a small family. Powered by twin 300-hp IPS diesels from Volvo Penta, Tiara takes advantage of the latest power technology to reduce fuel consumption and increase range. With a draft of only 30”, this boat can be a dream in the Bahamas, or anywhere else with skinny water.

See Capt Ron Svoboda’s recent test and video…

Henriques 35: Rugged Offshore Fish Boat
This express was designed for the Atlantic canyons and
has good fishability

The Henriques 35 with hard top.

Henriques has been in business since 1977 and has built rugged express fish boats designed for canyon running. The Henriques 35 Tournament Sportfisherman is derived from the time-tested and successful Henriques 38. We are impressed with the company’s attention to detail and the fishability of the boat. Her 100 sq.-ft. cockpit is huge for this size boat, yet she still has comfortable accommodations below. She is powered by twin diesels and comes with AC, generator and other features as standard. Best of all, she is semi-custom, which means you have a choice of accommodation plans.

See our full test and video…

Windsor Craft 36:
A Gentleman’s
Day Boat
For those yachtsmen who will only settle for the elegance of wood and the charm of yesteryear
Windsor Craft 36 photo
A cold molded mahogany hull insures
long life and easy maintenance.

Windsor Craft aspires to recreate for discerning yachtsmen the elegance and grace of an era gone by. By recreating the classic lines of wooden boats built in the U.S. and Europe in the 1920s, then artfully placing below the mahogany and burl wood skin all of the important technology of our age, the company has truly captured the best of both worlds. The Windsor Craft is built in Turkey and sold world-wide for about half the price of quality picnic boats built in Maine with fiberglass hulls. Most important of all it comes with a promise of incomparable customer service, personally guaranteed by the owner of Genmar, Irwin Jacobs.

See Capt. Robert Smith’s video review of the 36…it is a visual treat.

First Look

Inboard Gas Engine Water Ingestion Explained
Crusader Engine’s Pres. Chuck Thurman describes 3 major causes of water ingestion

Chuck Thurman
Pres. Thurman says quest for power exacerbated water reversion problem.

Water ingestion in gasoline inboard engines is no red herring. And as Detroit downsizes its blocks, the problem could get worse as marine engine marinizers struggle to squeeze more power out of smaller blocks. Crusader Engine's President Chuck Thurman says that his company has found solutions to the problem and is so confident that it offers a two year warranty on all of their engines. To see a video of Chuck explaining the problem and Crusader’s solutions…

First Look
Luhrs 35 Fish Boat Has Unique Features
Wide, recessed side decks, molded in steps and an open salon layout show good design thinking

Luhrs 35
Luhrs is working hard to give the customer a lot of boat for the money.

Luhrs is all about affordable offshore fishing and the 35 is a prime example of that. The builder has incorporated many design features that make the boat easier – and safer -- to get around on in a seaway and has opened up the salon to maximize space. See Capt. Smith’s video review… Recommended

Bass Electrical Panels are

Aluminum panels with LED lights are yacht quality

Bass control panels are handsome and top quality, but Bass Products don’t stop there.

B.T.S. (Bow To Stern) is Bass Products’ premier line of single source switchgear and comprehensive monitoring and control system for yachts and commercial vessels. Design and engineering services are available to naval architects and builders for complete project electrical from Bow to Stern. The 9200 Series of Modular Panels is the first complete panel line in the industry that is designed to be fully ABYC and Coast Guard Subchapter T compliant. All panels feature a 2-year limited warranty.
See Capt. Smith’s video review of Bass Products… Recommended

Kelcom Seals, Gaskets and Tapes Eliminate Silicone Mess
For both thru-deck and
thru-hull hardware these water-proof seals make
installation "fool-proof"

Kelcom seals allow hardware to be removed without destroying gelcoat.

Kelcom, Inc. is a leading fabricator and distributor of a wide variety of pressure sensitive tapes, sealant and gasket products for many industries, including marine. Replacing traditional “pumpable” silicones, their gaskets allow for a watertight seal with the performance, flexibility, and finish owners of boats expect. No little beads of silicone oozing out, no dirty smear where someone tried to clean off the excess. Kelcom gaskets are designed for all hardware pieces--both above and below the water line, and the company will make any shapes required. See Capt. Smith’s video of Kelcom’s other marine products…

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Fishing Tips 2 DVD Set

This set includes 100 Saltwater Fishing Mistakes and
Inshore Saltwater Fishing.

Discover the best strategies and techniques for inshore fishing along with the 100 common and not so common mistakes to avoid and become a better angler.

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Tuna Tips 3 DVD Set

Includes: How to Catch Tuna, Battle of the Big Tuna, and Tuna, Tuna, Tuna

• Tips & techniques for catching yellowfin & bluefin tuna
• Expert advice from captains & charter boats
• Migratory habits & tackle selection
• Tackle tips & landing techniques
• Electronics & everything needed to beat the yellowfin
• Stand-up fishing techniques

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Reading Room

The Restoration Handbook by Enric Rosello
An essential guide to yacht restoration and repair with sequential photographs for step-by-step guidance.

• How to restore a cruising yacht
• Color photo-sequences for easy use
• Restoration is a key topic in the sailing world
• Covers every aspect of restoration in detail, e.g. deck repair, the galley, electrics, engine, the bow
• Highly illustrated with more than 1000 sequential photographs to show each stage

List Price: $49.95

Know Your Boat's Diesel Engine by Andrew Simpson
Just what you need to keep your engines running trouble-free and your vessel on the water. Boating expert Andrew Simpson shows you how marine diesels work, and explains operating, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair procedures. Illustrated with detailed full-color drawings and photos, the book includes “How to Do It” and “Emergency Procedures” chapters that give quick, step-by-step instructions for most common repair and maintenance procedures.

List Price: $16.95
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