Most Popular Boats of the Week - 03/02/2019
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Most Popular Boats of the Week

Most Popular Boats of the Week
Every week BoatTEST publishes news items on about 25 boats. Readers have asked which ones are the most popular each day, so below you can find the answer – by day.
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Monday #1

Beneteau Swift Trawler 47:
Coastal Cruiser w/26.0 Knots at WOT

Beneteau Swift Trawler 47
Beneteau Swift Trawler 47

As the name indicates, the Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 is a trawler design, which implies making an excellent home afloat for extended cruising and a range approaching 1,000 NM at 9 knots. But when conditions call for it, she can get up and go, with a top speed of 26.0 knots in our tests. At 2400 rpm (about 80 percent power) the twin Cummins QSB’s pushed her at 17.5 knots and gave a range of about 378 NM from her 510-gallon fuel tankage, with a 10% reserve. More...

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Tuesday #1

Sailfish 360 CC:
Ready for Big Game Offshore

Sailfish 360
Powered by triple 300-hp 4.2 L V-6 Yamaha outboards had a top speed of 54.1 mph, or 47 knots, in our tests. As can be seen here, she was made for offshore work.

Introduced last fall, the Sailfish 360 is the flagship vessel of the Sailfish line. Our test vessel had a weight of about 15,220 lbs. (6,904 kg). Everything about this boat is big. Forward, her freeboard is 4’7” (1.4 m) high and aft is 3’4” (1.0 m) high. The result is a deeper cockpit for greater safety offshore when things get snotty. The fiberglass T-top and power actuated captain’s centerline seat are standard as are many other features. She is remarkably well equipped. Be sure to see our in-depth Captain’s Report in addition to the detailed video. More...

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Wednesday #1

Everglades 435CC:
60.0 MPH WOT w/Quad Yamaha 425 XTOs

Everglades 435CC
Everglades 435CC

The Everglades 435CC joins the growing ranks of 40-something center consoles intended to satisfy the needs of angers downsizing from battlewagons – or those moving up from smaller rigs. The 435 has a 12’ (3.65 m) beam and our test boat had tested weight of 20,898 lbs. (9,479 kgs.). Her power came from 4x Yamaha 425-hp XTO 5.6 L V8 outboards. Her top speed was 60.0 MPH, or 52.1 knots. Best cruise came at 3000 rpm where she went 24.7 mph, 21.4 knots, burned 34.2 gph for a range of 344 nautical miles. That means she can get out to the canyons in less than two hours, troll all day, and be back before sundown. The optional tower more than doubles the sight distance to the horizon. While she is a premium fishing machine, she also has comfortable seating both fore and aft for entertaining near home. More...

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Thursday #1

Intrepid 345 Nomad:
62.9 MPH WOT w/2x Yamaha 425s

Intrepid 345 Nomad
The Intrepid 345 Nomad has a beam of 10’6” and carries 275 gal. (1,040 L) of fuel. As can be seen here, she moves through seas with authority thanks to twin Yamaha 425 XTO engines on her transom.

The folks at Intrepid tell us that their customers wanted something between 32’ and 37’ and thus the 345 was born. They wanted to be able to fish or cruise and that required protection from the elements. So, the boat comes standard with a fiberglass T-top and full height wraparound glass. We just tested the boat last week, so while our video and full report are not ready, we can give you a sneak peak at performance numbers. Stay tuned...

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Friday #1

Pardo Yachts 43:
Elegant Luxury Dayboat w/Berth Below

Pardo Yachts 43
Pardo Yachts 43

Take a good look at this boat – she, and others like her, are the wave of the day boating future. They are called “Luxury Day Boats” as opposed to sportboats or bowriders. It’s a new type of boat that has been germinating in Europe for the last 10 years or so, and now they are coming to America. Above is the Pardo Yachts 43 from Italy. At first to the American eye she may seem odd-looking, or impractical, or wet, or a flash in the pan. We have tested her and can report she is none of the latter, and once the eye becomes accustomed to her shapes, she will become beautiful. The Pardo Yachts 43 stands out as a premium-grade dayboat by bringing together bold Italian design elements including an axe bow, vertical topsides, carbon-fiber T-top, an open transom like a modern racing sailboat, and a grand al fresco dining table aft. She also fits a small salon and double berth forward belowdecks, as well as two single berths amidships. Note the cutout at the bow, which hides the optional automated anchor system. Twin 435-hp Volvo Penta’s are located amidships for best balance, connected to IPS drives aft by jack-shafts. Begin your trip into a new world of boating here…

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