The Cabo 41 is Coming Back! - 09/06/2018

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Cabo 41
This is a CAD image of the new Cabo 41 that will make its debut this fall. She is 42’10” (13.05 m) LOA, has a 15’9” (4.80 m) beam, a draft of 3’5” (1.04 m) and displaces 31,000 lbs. (14,061 kg).

Perhaps no boat took the offshore fishing world by storm quite the way that Cabo did in the 1990s, but sadly the aftermath of the devastation of 2008 forced the brand to go dormant several years later in order to fight another day. Well, that day has arrived. Cabo is now owned and built by Hatteras in New Bern, NC, and it has announced that the new Cabo 41 will be unveiled to the public at the Miami International Boat Show, in February of 2019.

Hatteras/Cabo Yachts is to relaunch the Cabo fishing boat brand at the Miami International Boat Show next year with the unveiling of the new Cabo 41. The company says that more models are planned. Because the company built such fine yachts and had such a good reputation, we think that it is an important inflection in the boat business that a dormant good brand is coming back.

The Back Story

Cabo, which was founded in Adelanto, California in 1991, was once a leading builder of offshore express-style fishing boats from 36’ to 52’ (10.97 m to 15.85 m). In 2010, production moved to the Hatteras Yachts facility in New Bern, North Carolina, where the focus was placed on the Hatteras range of convertible sportfishing and motoryachts from 41’ to 105’ (12.50 m to 32 m).

“In 2013, the decision was made to focus on building the Hatteras Yachts brand by making a major investment in developing new models with leading-edge styling and technology. Now, we feel the market conditions are right to bring back the proven Cabo line of hard-core fishing boats,” says Hatteras/Cabo Yachts president and CEO Kelly Grindle in a statement.

Cabo 41
Cabo was always known for providing a strong, well designed boat for fisherman with needless frills and expenses – giving good value.

Even though Cabo boats have not been produced for a few years, consumer research shows a continued strong affinity for the brand, says Grindle.

“Cabo ranks as one of the top brands for quality and reliability,” he adds. “We intend to build on this well-deserved reputation as we fill a growing demand in the marketplace for inboard offshore, express-style fishing boats – a niche that Cabo once owned. Cabo will provide a step up from a center console to a boat that offers greater comfort and amenities while owners pursue their passion for angling offshore.”

Cabo 41
The layout is conventional, open, clean, and comfortable for serious anglers. While basically a day fishing boat, she should make an excellent couple’s cruiser when not chasing big game.

Rebuilding the Dealer Network

Grindle added that the company has already begun building a new dealer network for Cabo among its Hatteras dealer partners as well as successful dealerships with knowledge and experience in the offshore fishing boat market.

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She has mezzanine seating where anglers can stay in the shade, watch the baits, and jump to the rods when a fish is on. She carries 550 gallons (208 L) of fuel.

The Cabo 41

The Cabo 41 will be offered with twin 626-hp Volvo Penta D11 engines, standard, with upgrades available to 670-hp and 725-hp, as well as Cummins QSM11 propulsion.

“The Cabo 41 is aimed at the sportfishing enthusiast who wants a better performing, higher quality, more comfortable offshore fishing platform,” Grindle says. “This model is only the beginning – the new Cabo line we have in development will be made up of easy-to-own, durable fishing machines that give anglers the confidence to fish longer and the satisfaction of catching more fish while staying dry and comfortable, even in rough conditions.”

Starting with the new Cabo 41, the Cabo line is being readied for production at the Hatteras/Cabo Yachts factory in New Bern.