Yamaha Introduces New Models and Updates to WaveRunner® Line - 08/16/2018

Yamaha introduced new models, redesigns, and upgrades to its WaveRunner Line of personal watercraft. From lighter hulls to revamped technology intended to improve the overall rider experience, the announcements were made at the company’s annual dealer meeting in San Diego, California, where Yamaha set out its strategy for continued growth.

Key announcements included:

A New High-Performance EX Model

Yamaha Introduces New Models and Updates to WaveRunner Line
The Yamaha EXR is light and maneuverable, and loaded with features, according to the builder.

For 2019, Yamaha added the EXR to the most affordable series of WaveRunner personal watercraft. Yamaha says it is the most powerful and lightweight Rec Lite watercraft on the water today. With a three-cylinder TR-1® HO marine engine, the EXR comes with a modified engine control unit (ECU) that increases horsepower by ten percent compared to the rest of the EX line, according to the manufacturer. The EXR weighs 540 lb. (245 kg), 60 lb. (27 kg) less than the EX Deluxe, owing to its construction using lightweight NanoXcel® 2 hull and deck material, according to Yamaha.

The builder says the EXR also features a top-loader intake grate and a 40mm pump extension for more agile handling and performance, and couples it with Yamaha’s RiDE® dual-throttle system for exceptional maneuverability. “No one has developed a watercraft quite like the EXR,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha WaterCraft’s WaveRunner product planner. “With its combination of high performance and ultra light weight, it offers the best power to weight in its class, and customers are going to find that it’s a blast to ride, unlike anything else on the water today.”

The FX Series has been Redesigned

Yamaha Introduces New Models and Updates to WaveRunner Line
A touchscreen display and versatile accessory system give Yamaha FX series riders more options.

Yamaha’s series of luxury performance personal watercraft has some changes in store for the 2019 model year.

  • An all-new deck and hull design, is aggressive and bold, according to Yamaha, and features stylish gunwales and an entire look that is angular and sleek. The builder says the hull design favors stability, predictability, and comfort in choppy water conditions.
  • The FX Series will feature Yamaha’s Connext® multi-color LCD touchscreens, and the builder says the system offers all vital system information and customized features. Yamaha says it includes new Drive Control technology, which allows operators to program engine speeds and acceleration curves.
  • All 2019 FX WaveRunner models come standard with a new RAM® Multi-Mount System to support a range of accessories, including ECOXGEAR® Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers and a Garmin® Striker™ GPS Fish Finder w/ Transducer, according to Yamaha. The builder says the accessories are sold separately, except on the FX Limited SVHO, and are easy to remove for flexibility or stowage.
  • For 2019, the FX Series includes five models: the flagship FX Limited SVHO, supercharged FX SVHO and FX Cruiser SVHO, and normally-aspirated FX and FX Cruiser HO.

Yamaha Upgrades Performance on GP1800R and VXR

Yamaha Introduces New Models and Updates to WaveRunner Line
Yamaha says the GP1800R has a new planing surface to provide the proper running angle.

Yamaha added upgraded top-loader intake grates that feed water to the top end of the impeller to improve prop traction and keep the pump hooked up to maintain maximum thrust when turning, and in rough water, according to the company. Yamaha says race-designed ride plates are not just for reducing bow rise during quick acceleration – they also provide more predictable handling in rough water.

The planing surface is angled to give the GP1800R the correct running attitude for top speed, while the edges help the PWC track straight, the builder says. The VXR has those new attributes, as well as a weight-reducing NanoXcel 2 hull. “With the 2019 performance upgrades, we took designs that were proven on the race course by the best riders in the world, and made it something customers can get right out of the box,” said Watkins. “The result is a whole new character to these WaveRunners, that recreational riders and racers alike will find fuels their desire for ultra-high-performance experiences on the water with unbelievable handling.”

2019 Yamaha Sport Boat Models:

Yamaha FX Series:
FX Limited SVHO®, FX Cruiser SVHO®, FX SVHO®, FX Cruiser® High Output, FX® High Output

Yamaha VX Series:
VX® Limited, VX High Output, VX Cruiser®, VX Deluxe, VX, VX-C™

Yamaha EX Series:
EXR™, EX Deluxe, EX Sport, EX®

Yamaha Race Series:
GP1800R™, VXR®, SuperJet™