10 Most Common Boat Buying Mistakes | Yamaha’s New 19-foot Jet Boats | World Cat 255DC - 08/15/2018
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New Boats

Yamaha Redesigns 19-Foot Jet Boats
w/New Features and Technology

Yamaha Redesigns 19-Foot Jet Boats w/New Features and Technology
Yamaha’s new AR195 is slightly longer and wider than the previous model. Wakesurfers will like the boat’s new wake-making appliance.

Last weekend, Yamaha WaterCraft Group introduced its 2019 boat line. It has redesigned its 19-foot models, adding such features as improved low-speed maneuverability and corrosion resistance, and new touchscreen interfaces on helm controls. The company also announced new wakesurfing technology that Yamaha says creates the largest, cleanest wake surf ever seen behind a jet-powered boat. Get all the details here...

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New Promotional Video

Cruisers Yachts:
Best Practices Used in All Builds

Cruisers Yachts Best Practices
This is what the inside of a large Cruisers Yachts hull looks like after it has been laminated. The foam structures have been put in place as forms for fiberglass hat sections that will give the boat strength and rigidity. Note that there are eight longitudinal stringers.

Cruisers Yachts has produced a promotional video that explains many of the procedures it employs to build its yachts – and they are all considered “best practices.” No matter what brand boat is being purchased, a buyer needs to know how things should be done right. Also, after seeing the video, one cannot help but be struck by the hundreds of hours that go into the build of a large yacht. All boats are expensive, but some are more than others. The “others” generally have fewer man-hours and less material in them.
See the video here...

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Test Video

Versatile Center Console Fishes Bays and Flats


The MAKO® 19 CPX is a well-equipped turnkey-package center console fisherman sized right for bay and flats fishing, and with a dry weight of 2,155 pounds (977 kg), she's readily towed with mid-size vehicles. She rides on a tandem-axle aluminum trailer, and includes a 28-gallon (106 L) aerated livewell aft and trolling motor wiring and battery storage forward. Performance was good with the optional 150-hp Mercury FourStroke, topping out at 50.9 mph. Check out her features here...

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Features Video

Sea Ray L550 Fly:
Luxury as a Standard Feature

Sea Ray L550 Fly
Sea Ray L550 Fly

The Sea Ray L550 Fly loads up on the standard equipment to optimize onboard comfort, and it really shows in the thoughtful design both inside and out. When’s the last time we saw an aft galley with bar seating on a 56-foot (17.14 m) yacht? Multiple entertainment venues help the L550 Fly really shine with large groups of family and friends on board and the versatile salon is just the beginning. Have a closer look here...

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Test Video

World Cat 255DC:
Stable Cat Design Seats 10

World Cat 255DC
World Cat 255DC

The World Cat 255DC is a large dual-console catamaran that includes a fiberglass top with powder-coated frame, overhead lights, rocket launchers, and spreader lights as standard equipment. She's a versatile platform for offshore fishing, cruising, diving, and other watersports, and the sharp entry of her twin hulls provide a smooth and stable ride in choppy seas. Used as a dayboat, she has seating for 10. See all of this cat’s
features here...

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BoatTEST.com Advice

10 Common
Boat-Buying Mistakes

boattest advice
The fun of a new boat can be tempered by a bad boat-buying experience. Smart boaters know how to avoid key errors.

Getting a new boat is exciting. But it can be even more fun if buyers avoid the pitfalls many buyers make. While some boaters may know to skip some of these mistakes, a refresher never hurts. Have a look at the 10 mistakes boat buyers make here...

Expert Boating

4-DVD Boating Course

Smart Boating
Sometimes it's not what you know, but what you've forgotten. We have the perfect solution for you.

Based on the feedback we’ve been getting about BoatTEST.com's Video Boating Course it’s clearly not only for beginners, but also for veteran boaters as well. Perhaps that is why the NMMA started promoting the course after just one look. It's the most complete boating course available… period. Order your 4-disc box set...

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