Standard Features: Mercury V-8 vs. Yamaha V-6 - 06/22/2018

BoatTEST Comparison

mercury v8 vs v6 comparison
The new Mercury FourStroke 300 is a 4.6L V-8 outboard with a long list of standard features. See how it stacks up with the Yamaha F300 4.2L V-6.

Mercury Marine has taken what it calls a a “holistic boating experience” view of its engines and control systems. It has worked hard to integrate the power and the electronics that now go with it, to make boating more pleasant for the operator, and more of an integral part of the activities on the boat, such as helping with fishing and towing sports. We list 9 standard features on the new Mercury V-8 platform and discover how many Yamaha offers as well on a similar horsepower platform.

Standard Features to Aid Boat Operation

mercury v8 vs v6 comparison mercury v8 vs v6 comparison

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