Evinrude vs. Yamaha Fuel-Efficiency Comparison on 3 Boats - 05/01/2018
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Fuel Efficiency Comparison:

Evinrude E-TEC G2 300
Yamaha F300

Evinrude E-TEC G2 300
We compare the fuel efficiency of the Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 with the Yamaha F300 on three different types of boats – center consoles, pontoon boats, and sportboats.
The results are instructive.

Veteran boaters still remember the old days when 2-stroke engines smoked, smelled, were hard to start, got poor fuel consumption, and left an oil slick on the water. When Yamaha and then other engine makers introduced large 4-stroke engines from 15 to 20 years ago, they were most all demonstrably more fuel-efficient than 2-stroke engines made by any manufacturer.

But in June of 2014 all of that changed when Evinrude introduced its new E-TEC G2 engine platform. In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin, the all-new engine had been under development for 5 years, and the end result was a 2-stroke engine that had all of the advantages of a 2-stroke, as well as fuel efficiency that was as good as or better than 4-stroke engines in most RPM ranges -- and significantly better in the low RPM ranges.

BoatTEST.com has tested 30 of the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines on 30 different boats and we now have a database that can independently confirm what Evinrude has been saying for the last 3 1/2 years. Today, we look at three tests of three different boats and compare them with published Yamaha test data on the same models. It is about as close to an apples-to-apples comparison as practical. Take a look at the video and see what we mean…

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Test Video

Sea Ray SLX 250:
Seating for 15, 52.2 MPH WOT

Sea Ray SLX 250
Sea Ray SLX 250

With seating for 15 adults in comfort, the Sea Ray SLX 250 brings friends and family along for a day of tow-sports, beach-combing, and harbor-hopping. She has more passenger capacity than most deckboats of similar length but rides on a 21-degree deadrise V-bottom that should handle rough water much better. And with the 380-hp MerCruiser ECT 8.2L MAG, she topped 52 mph. See our test here.

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Test Video

Aquila 44:
Oceangoing Catamaran w/Speed & Stability

Aquila 44
Aquila 44

The engines of the Aquila 44 have independent fuel and electrical systems, resulting in redundancy that’s a big plus for those who cruise to remote areas. While she's not built for speed, she can run at more than 20 knots with the twin 300-hp V-drive diesels when needed. The broad-beam cat design is stable and has more space in the salon and galley areas than some larger yachts. More...

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Entertainment Video

Monte Carlo Yachts 105:
Builder’s Exterior Style Meets
Buyer’s Interior Ideas

MCY 105
Monte Carlo Yachts 105

The massive foredeck of the Monte Carlo Yachts 105, easily accessed via a Portuguese-style bridge, provides an al fresco gathering and sunning area for the entire guest list when the weather is right. Monocoque-type hull construction allows almost limitless customization of interior layouts, while the exterior is styled by Nuvolari-Lenard. Modular interior assembly allows for more rapid build times. More...

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Test Video

Tournament Bass Fishing Machine
w/71.2 MPH WOT

Nitro Z20

Bow and stern casting decks mark the mission of the NITRO® Z20, a tournament-grade bass boat that tops 70 mph with the standard Mercury 250 OptiMax Pro XS outboard. The bow deck has an anti-fatigue mat under the carpet, a plus for anglers who stand all day as they cast. The console is large enough for a 16" (0.41 m) display, and the padded racing-style seats offer rough-water comfort. See all the details here.

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Bonnie O’Boyle,
the First Woman
Editor-in-Chief of
a Boating Magazine

Bonnie O’Boyle was a fixture in the boating magazine business
for 20 years.

Bonnie J. O’Boyle passed away recently but is remembered by people in the boating industry for her wit, sunny disposition and professionalism, which raised the standard of boating journalism in the 1980s. She was responsible for coining the word “megayacht” as well as publishing the PMY Top 400, descriptions of the largest 400 yachts in the world, providing the public yardstick for the owners of these boats to annually discover their rank in the pecking order of the truly rich – which of course begat ever larger boats. More...

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