How Many Recreational Boats Are Registered in the U.S.? - 04/24/2018
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Huge event-worthy raft-ups only hint at the actual numbers of boats.

If there’s anything social media has shown us lately, it’s that people want to belong to a community. This is something that boaters have always known, and it’s why we often wave to each other on the water. But just how large is this community? There’s long been a reliable way to find out: Boat registrations. Check out the statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard on how many recreational boats are registered, based on boat size and propulsion type here.

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The table provides tallies for the number of mechanically propelled vessels, the number of manually propelled vessels, and summations of these two categories. The table documents mechanically propelled vessel registration by length category, and the bottom section of the table focuses on manually propelled vessels.

Note: Report is from 2016.

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