Drinking and Boating Accidents: How Does Each State Rate? - 04/18/2018
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State statistics will vary due to length of boating season and the number of participants in the sport.

While alcohol use can be a factor in accidents, looking at each state for a 5-year period may indicate noteworthy trends. Of course, accident statistics must be reviewed in light of how many boats are on the water, as well as how long the season is for each state.

Have a look at this breakdown of accidents involving alcohol by state (or territory, as the case may be).

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This table reflects a tally of all four causes of accidents listed for all national accidents, deaths, and injuries.

This table lists accidents where alcohol use by the vessel’s occupants was listed as a direct or indirect cause of the accident. There are other cases in the national database where alcohol use is listed as being involved in the accident but it was not determined to be a cause of the accident.

See some unfamiliar abbreviations in the table above? Have a look at the two-column table below to find out what places are referenced.

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Note: Report is for 2016

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