What Kind of Boats Are Involved in Accidents More Often? - 04/17/2018
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The vintage of a boat involved in an accident, as well as its horsepower and size, all are tracked by the Coast Guard when compiling statistics.

Looking at the reported boat accidents in 2016, the U.S. Coast Guard analyzed the boats involved by hull material, length, horsepower, and age. Boaters looking to understand accidents should review the categories into which their boats fall and see if there are trends. After all, preventive measures can save lives, and help boaters and their passengers avoid injury.

Note the age of vessels has some categories as a single year (more recent) and some as a range of years, varying from 2-year to 5-year periods, to all boats built before 2003.

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This table documents some of the characteristics involved in accidents. It provides information about the number of accidents, deaths, and injuries by horsepower, year built, length, and hull material.

Note: Report is for 2016

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