How Do Conditions Contribute to Boat Accidents? - 04/11/2018
How Do Conditions Contribute
A boater needs to keep a close eye on conditions at hand and take action to make sure the crew and the boat get home without accident or injury.

To keep the crew safe and prevent accident and injury, a boater must monitor deteriorating weather conditions, know where the boat is in relation to hazards both visible and unseen, keep an eye on boat traffic that may present challenges, and consider other factors as they arise.

It’s the responsibility of the operator of the boat to watch the conditions at hand and keep everyone on board, and the boat safe and operational. Here’s the breakdown of the primary contributing factor for accidents and casualties.

How Do Conditions Contribute

The Coast Guard The "contributing factors" of an accident are the causes of the accident. In the Coast Guard's national accident reporting database, there are allowances for up to four causes. This table reflects the first cause listed for all accidents, deaths, and injuries nationwide. For the purposes of displaying information in a simplified manner, the Coast Guard divided the contributing factor categories into five larger categories: operation of vessel, loading of passengers or gear, failure of vessel or vessel equipment, environment, and miscellaneous. The “Environment” category is shown, with the total number of accidents, deaths, and injuries associated with it to the right.

Note: Report is for 2016

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