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Improper Loading Can Lead to Accidents

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Overloading a boat can land the operator, and numerous guests, in hot water.

Boaters need to understand how to load their boats for safe operation, and the 145 best reasons for that are contained in the 2016 Recreational Boating Statistics report from the U.S. Coast Guard. Bad things happen when passengers or gear are loaded improperly or just plain overloaded.

It’s the responsibility of the operator of the boat to make certain the boat is loaded properly for safe operation, and this includes people and gear that may, by their position on the boat be compromising the stability of the vessel.

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The Coast Guard The "contributing factors" of an accident are the causes of the accident. In the Coast Guard's national accident reporting database, there are allowances for up to four causes. This table reflects the first cause listed for all accidents, deaths, and injuries nationwide. For the purposes of displaying information in a simplified manner, the Coast Guard divided the contributing factor categories into five larger categories: operation of vessel, loading of passengers or gear, failure of vessel or vessel equipment, environment, and miscellaneous. The “Loading of Passengers or Gear” category is shown, with the total number of accidents, deaths, and injuries associated with it to the right.

Note: Report is for 2016

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