The Causes of Boating Fatalities - 04/06/2018
The Causes of Boating Fatalities
Boating accidents are analyzed by the Coast Guard with an eye toward prevention.

When the U.S. Coast Guard reviews a boating accident, investigators look at the situation as it unfolded, and break down the accident by the events that transpired. In these statistics, the analysis takes into account only the first event, the start of the accident, in hopes of helping boaters avoid all accidents and their aftermath.

Accident, Vessel & Casualty Numbers by Primary Accident Type

This table focuses on the first event in a boating accident and provides information on the number of accidents, vessels, and casualties attributed to that first event. The deaths section is also separated by the categories drownings and non-drownings.

The Causes of Boating Fatalities

Note: Report is for 2016

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