Which State Is the Most Dangerous? - 04/04/2018

Many folks step aboard all kinds of boats in the United States, and not one of them expects to be in a boating accident, let alone one involving a fatality. That’s why it’s paramount to review all safety precautions every time. But still, accidents happen. Here’s what the U.S. Coast Guard reports about fatalities by state.

Which State Is the Most Dangerous
Which State Is the Most Dangerous

Coding States by Their 2016 Fatality Rate

The figure above displays states that are color-coded depending on their fatality rate, which is expressed as the number of deaths that occurred in that state per 100,000 vessels that that state registered. It is important to note that not all states register the same types of vessels, which could skew the fatality rates provided. When examining a state fatality rate, it is important to note that the state fatality rate may include vessels that were registered in another state. Only the contiguous jurisdictions, Hawaii and Alaska are represented on this map.

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