Inboard Repowering: Is the 383 Stroke Powerful Enough? - 03/19/2018
Inboard Repowering
The Mercury Reman 383 Stroker is rated at 350-hp and is built specifically for repowering applications.

A BoatTEST Member has a 1987 43’ Wellcraft Portofino which he says weights 20,000 lbs. (9,090 kgs.). He asks, “Is the Merc Reman 383 Stroker strong enough to push my boat all day? And, what transmissions should I chose for opposing prop rotation?”

Mike Horak, spokesman for Mercury Reman, answers--

“The 383 was created to be a superior replacement for the 454 in every way: improved fuel economy, better durability, and continuing ability to be fully serviced for years to come. We have carbureted 383 engines that are standard and opposite rotation that would drop into the boat with the transmissions and props you now have. The reman engines make more torque than the 454 you are replacing. Fuel injected 383 MPI engines only come in standard rotation, and would need to use ZF 63 2.7:1 transmissions as they have slightly higher RPM requirements.”

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