HCB Center Console Yachts: New Name, New Strategy for Hydra-Sports Custom - 01/30/2018
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HCB Center Console Yachts is a new name for Hydra-Sports Custom Boats.

HCB Center Console Yachts has renamed the company formerly known as Hydra-Sports Custom to reflect a strategy focused on delivering luxury product and customer experience.

This newly recapitalized company is will showcase its new direction at the 2018 Miami Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show. The strategy encompasses five major areas:

  • A model Year 2019 yacht collection introducing refined luxury.
  • The next generation of the 5300 Sueños, retooled
  • The latest news of the 65-foot Estrella yacht, designed to appeal to customers interested in center console boats.
  • HCB’s highly customized build and ownership experience
  • Creation of HCB Factory Annexes, a global extension of the factory experience.

The new model year 2019 portfolio will feature the next-generation Sueños (53’), a revised Siesta (42’), a reinvigorated Speciale (39’), and the introduction of the Estrella (65’).

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The 53’ Sueños by HCB Center Console Yachts

“We’ve taken every aspect of our product to the next level,” said CEO Elias De La Torre III. “In places and in ways the discriminating custom boat buyers will appreciate when stepping aboard. You might think you’re boarding a center console at the dock, but once aboard, you know you’re on a yacht.”

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HCB Center Console Yachts 42’ Siesta

Yacht-inspired options will include a summer kitchen, new transom-seating and bow-layout options, and the use of teak on decks, countertops, tables, decorative steering wheel pods, and coaming boards.