Bertram Grows Team at Tampa Facility - 01/26/2018
Bertram Grows Team at Tampa Facility
Bertram 35

Bertram Yachts announced its plans to grow production and expand its staff, since opening the doors on its Tampa facility in mid 2016.

“We purchased this facility 18 months ago and we have made huge improvements to the plant and equipment,” said Peter Truslow, CEO of Bertram Yachts. “We started 2017 with 30 employees and now we are up to 85. We continue to add team members to all departments.”

Bertram Yachts returned to form in 2017, having launched several of the new Bertram 35s, beginning production on a new 61’ (19 m) model and planning a third 50’ (15 m) boat in design stages for a projected launch in 2019.

Bertram Grows Team at Tampa Facility
Bertram 61

“Initially, we hired to staff the new Bertram 35 production line and establish our new Yacht Service Center,” Truslow said. “We are now hiring for our 61’ production line. Sales of the 35’ and buyer interest in the new 61’ have been excellent.” Truslow cited pent-up demand for the new generation of Bertram Yachts. “Now, we are building the team to support this demand on a long-term basis,” he said. “We grow this business using ‘The Spirit of Eagles,’ a standard set by Founder Dick Bertram in 1960.”

The work environment, waterfront location and a semi-custom, service-oriented approach has attracted experienced boatbuilders and managers to the team, and Bertram is currently hiring in all areas of production, as well as engineering, and production management.