Special Report: The New Formula 430 All Sport Crossover - 01/02/2018
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***Special Report***

Formula 430 All Sport Crossover:
An Exceptional Boat for All Reasons

The new Formula 430 All Sport Crossover has more -- and better -- fishing features than we find on many so-called “fishing machines.”

Every once in a while, a new boat comes along that is so different, so well executed, and so functional that it cries out for special treatment. Such is the case with the new Formula 430 All Sport Crossover. By any measure, she is an exceptional boat, full of good ideas in a remarkable build.

She is not cheap, tipping the scales at about $1.2 million, so only a few people will be able to afford her, but we are highlighting her today because so many of her good ideas serve to make her the standout that she is. Our prediction is that she will be a trend-setter.

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with this exciting new vessel, one that is a tribute to Formula and its personnel.

This huge livewell doubles as a container for scuba diving tanks and there is plenty of room aboard for an air compressor to refill them.
Her stern platform is the launching point for all manner of watersports. Formula has solved the problem of a “swim” platform on an outboard-powered boat by putting the platform in front of the engines, rather than trying to put it behind or beside them. Swimmers, divers, and towing enthusiasts will go off the port and starboard sides.
This is Formula’s take on a leaning post – one not to sit on, but one to lean forward on. It is one huge bolster that can handle several anglers at a time. Note its height which is far more comfortable than cockpit coaming bolsters that are hip height. Best of all, Formula can build it to suit any owner.
The aft platform can also be used for storage for paddle and wake boards, or other water toys. In the lower left corner, note the joystick for docking and handling the vessel’s 1600 horses in quad engines with the twist of a wrist.
Under the console which has a large sink and bait prep (or food prep) are Plano tackle drawers, plus other drawers for gear. In the middle is a pull-out sprayer, and both fresh and raw water bibs. Over the 5-gallon (18.93 L) bucket are toggles for the baitwell and other accessories.
The cockpit has a picnic table that hydraulically rises from the deck. A stool provides extra seating, and a special fitted table cloth comes standard.
Formula has put a refrigerated fishbox under the portside cockpit seating. Of course, it can also be used as a huge refrigerator for big parties or extended cruising. The temperature can be taken down to freezing.
She has almost 360-degree wraparound seating in the bow which makes the 430 a bowrider in addition to all of her other functions. This will undoubtedly be the most popular place for the sport of entertaining.
Once again the boat’s deck serves double-duty and rises in two parts – depending on how many people are coming to the picnic, or perhaps cocktails or al fresco dining. An awning can be fitted over the area.
Below there is 6’6” (1.98 m) of headroom. Here we see our test captain surveying the galley which has a sink, cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator drawers. In the background is the boat’s mid cabin.
Captain Steve demonstrates the size of the cozy lower dinette with seatbacks on three sides. The forward side is up in this photo, demonstrating the extra length provided when the hydraulic table is moved down to convert the area into a large bed.

There is a lot more to this remarkable vessel than just the features shown above. See our two videos - one on the features and one on the operation and performance - plus our detailed Captain’s Report. More...

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