Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW // Hampton Yachts 650 // Chaparral 191 SunCoast - 09/28/2017
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TRACKER® Pro Team™ 195 TXW:
Lightweight Aluminum Basser w/ 57.9 MPH WOT

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW
The TRACKER® Pro Team™ 195 TXW.

With a dry weight of just 1,770 lbs. (803 kg), the TRACKER® Pro Team™ 195 TXW is easily towed behind smaller trucks and SUVs on the single-axle trailer that's part of the package. More...

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Hampton Yachts 650:
Luxury Long Range Cruiser w/ 4 Ensuites

Fleming F58
The Hampton Yachts 650.

The Hampton Yachts 650 features a notable level of interior fit-and-finish, including the cherry wood cabinetry found throughout the accommodations level. Note the intricate design of the portholes above the vanity in the master suite. More...

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Chaparral 191 SunCoast:
Quality Deckboat w/ Competitive Pricing

Chaparral 191 SunCoast
The Chaparral 191 SunCoast.

The 191 SunCoast is a deckboat designed with tall hullsides to create a secure cockpit, yet she can float in just 14" (35.6 cm) of water. More...

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Hatteras GT54:
Carolina Convertible w/ 42.4 KT WOT

Hatteras GT54
The Hatteras GT54.

Powered with twin 1600-hp CAT C32As, the Hatteras GT54 can exceed 40 knots, allowing her to fish distant bluewater canyons and get home ahead of the competition. More...

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Bluewater 2550:
Bracket-Drive Tournament Fishing Boat

Bluewater 2550
The Bluewater 2550.

Twin Evinrude 200 E-TEC G2 outboards pushed the Bluewater 2550 to 52.0 mph in our test runs, and the engines delivered a best cruise at 26.0 mph, where the range was 393 SM. More...

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How Monte Carlo Yachts are Built

Monte Carlo Yachts Factory

Our video inspection of the Monte Carlo Yachts factory in Montefalcon, Italy presents a detailed view of how these beautiful yachts are built. Here we see a yacht in the paint facility where the paint is baked on for two days. See it all...

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