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15 year anniversary
- Bryant Boats 210W
- Regal 3200
- Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius
- Four Winns H350
- Grady-White Freedom 335
- Mercury Joystick Piloting
- MJM 36z
- Nitro ZV 21
- PowerTech! Performance
- Prestige 500 Fly
- Robalo R180
- Volvo Penta V8-430
- World Cat 320CC
- Picture of the Week
- Boating Course On DVD
- Capt. Steve's Lesson

Bryant Boats 210W:
Quality Build
in a New Sportboat

The two-level stern platform on the Bryant Boats 210W is made to order for serious watersports and just plain water play.

The reinvigorated Bryant Boats company has repositioned itself as a top-quality sportboat builder on the level of specialty ski and wakeboats. To that end, they are doing things differently and better than ever. For example, the hull and deck of the Bryant Boats 210W are left to cure for a full three days in the mold, says the builder, as opposed to the industry standard of one day, assuring a complete cure with no warping or ripples. All upholstery and bolster vinyl is double-stitched and then back-stitched for added durability. There's no wood in the boat, not even in the transom, assuring long-term durability. Top management was formerly at MasterCraft and they have brought the demanding fit-and-finish ethos with them -- along with innovation. More...

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New Captain's Report

Regal 3200:
XL Bowrider with Day-Cruiser Comfort

Regal 3200
Lots of freeboard and a tall windshield ensures a dry ride in the Regal 3200, while the swooped sheer and style lines maintain a sleek appearance.

The Regal 3200 tucks a full-sized head featuring cherry cabinetry, a vessel sink and luxurious soft step floor into a sporty bowrider design, a rare package in the industry. With a 21-degree deadrise and a 10'4" (3.15 m) beam, she is exceptionally seaworthy and spacious compared to other bowriders. She offers seating for up to 14, including a roomy couch across the bow and a pair of aft-facing, multi-position recliners overlooking the swim platform. More...

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Engine Room Video

Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius:
Engineered for the Owner-Operator

Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius
With 5'3" (1.60 m) of headroom, lots of lighting and easily-accessed daily maintenance checks, the engine room of the Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius makes things easy on the owner-operator.

In addition to striking styling and space above decks, there's a lot to like below the hatch into the engine room on the Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius. Neat wire, fuel and hydraulic runs, all precisely labeled, make things easy on the captain who does his own daily maintenance, and 5'3" (1.60 m) of headroom and the diamond-deck walkway should make moving around below much less of a challenge than it is in some yachts this size. More...

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Captain's Report

Four Winns H350:
Bowrider with Space for Overnighting

Four Winns H350
The smoked-glass hullside windows not only bring lots of light in below decks, but form an appealing part of the exterior lines of the Four Winns H350.

The Four Winns H350 has the exterior lines of an express cruiser, right down to the sizable hullside windows, but in fact she's a roomy bowrider that happens to offer compact but luxurious accommodation for two below the bow cockpit area. The arched hardtop with opening sunshade controls the rays reaching the helm and also functions as a styling feature. More...

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Captain's Report

Grady-White Freedom 335:
Family-Friendly DC Loaded Up for Angling

Grady-White Freedom 335
The standard 32-gallon (121 L) livewell at the transom of the Grady-White Freedom 335 makes it easy to dip live bait for quick rigging, and the broad fishbox is positioned so that fish can be dropped inside without ever coming into the cockpit.

The Grady-White Freedom 335 is a capable fishing rig in spite of the many entertainment features onboard. Across the transom is a 166-quart (157 L) insulated fishbox, which of course can also be used for dry storage. An aft facing seat rolls out on an electrically-actuated slider, providing a comfortable place to keep an eye on the trolling spread. More...

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Review Video

Mercury Joystick Piloting:
Easy Docking and Lots More

Mercury Joystick Piloting
Mercury's Joystick Piloting system brings intuitive fingertip docking to multi-engine installations, and also offers digital cruise control and a unique system of "digital anchoring" to hold position based on GPS.

In addition to fingertip docking, Mercury's Joystick Piloting system offers a unique "Skyhook" feature that allows digital anchoring offshore, compensating for wind and tide with electronic input to keep a boat positioned over a reef -- a big feature for anglers fishing wrecks, sea-mounts and similar bottom structure. The system can also be operated as a GPS-based cruise control, moving between preset waypoints. This will be a useful feature for offshore trolling, among other applications. More...

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Features Video

MJM 36z:
Timeless Lines, Modern Engineering

MJM 36z
Classic downeast lines reminiscent of New England lobster boats distinguish the MJM 36z, a premium-level cruiser designed to carry a couple in timeless style on long adventures.

The MJM 36z combines relatively light weight and an 11' (3.35 m) beam to produce an exceptionally fuel-efficient cruiser with a distinctive downeast style and a premium-level of interior fit-and-finish. Under the skin, construction is state-of-the-art, with the layup using modern wet, E-glass and Kevlar, prepreg epoxy that’s vacuum set, and oven post-cured. Cored hull, deck, and bulkheads also save weight, and only epoxy is used in the hull, which is 25% stronger and longer lasting than vinylester or polyester resin, according to the company. More...

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Test Video

Nitro ZV 21:
Big Water Fishing Boat with 60 MPH Speed

Nitro ZV 21
The Nitro ZV 21 has a deeper hull than high-performance bass boats, making her better suited for taking on rough water on a regular basis.

The Nitro ZV 21 multi-species fishing boat is broad, deep and relatively heavy at a weight of some 4,000 lbs. (1,814 kg) including fuel and passengers. But that didn't stop her from achieving over 60 mph in our test runs, powered by a 300-hp Mercury Verado turning a 21'' pitch Tempest prop. Power steering with the Verado setup made for easy handling, and the 18-degree deadrise proved a good combination for hole shot -- just 3.2 seconds -- and comfort when running in choppy water. More...

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Review Video

PowerTech! Performance and Speed:
Blade Area Boosts Heavy Boats

PowerTech! Performance and Speed
According to the prop experts at PowerTech!, propeller blade area is a big factor in generating maximum efficiency in any given power/hull package.

While three-blade props are the all-around favorite for most recreational boating, larger, heavier boats aimed at carrying large loads or maintaining a good planing speed in rough water may benefit from four or even five-blade propellers, according to the prop engineers at PowerTech!. And, they report, a precisely matched prop-to-power setup can also improve fuel economy 20 to 30%. More...

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Captain's Report

Prestige Yachts 500 Fly:
Large Interior Spaces for Living

Prestige Yachts 500 Fly
Broad expanses of windows both above and below decks insure lots of natural light aboard the Prestige Yachts 500 Fly.

The Prestige Yachts 500 Fly optimizes living space by not craming 3 staterooms in a boat better suited for two large ones. Placing the galley adjacent to the salon as in larger yachts keeps the cook in the center of the action and makes food service handy. Best of all, she's a real motoryacht, not an express cruiser with added on hardtop. More...

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Test Video

Robalo R180:
Tall Freeboard Inshore Fisherman

Robalo R180
Though she draws only 11'', the Robalo R180 has a good amount of freeboard for an 18-footer (5.49 m), making her versatile enough for both flats fishing and fishing well in coastal waters when sea conditions are right.

The Robalo R180 should provide a reasonably soft ride in bumpy seas thanks to her 18-degree deadrise at the transom -- our test day was flat so our captain was limited to wake-jumping, where she performed well. The moderate vee is also a factor in getting on plane -- pushed by the minimum 115, she got on top in 3.8 seconds. The optional 150 would definitely make her top-end quicker, so it should be considered. More...

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Test Video

Volvo Penta V8-430:
Lightweight 6.0 Liter Muscle with EVC

Volvo Penta V8-430
Top-mount access for maintenance checks eases that daily chore on the Volvo Penta V8-430, and a fuel-water filter mounted on the block is standard, important in these days of E10 fuels.

The new Volvo Penta engine with Duo Prop is lighter than some competing big block engines and drive packages by nearly 300 lbs. (136 kg), with the entire package weighing in at 1,115 lbs. (506 kg) Variable Valve Timing produces more horsepower from hole shot through top-end, and closed-loop cooling protects against corrosion in coastal use. EVC is standard, providing digital throttle control and access to one-touch functions like automatic trim, cruise control and the steady-rpm towing mode. More...

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Captain's Report

World Cat 320CC:
Easy Rider Loaded for Angling

World Cat 320CC
The squared-off bow of the World Cat 320CC adds lots of extra space for fishing or for relaxing on a ride down the bay.

The World Cat 320CC is fully loaded for angling. She includes 14 gunwale-mount rod holders, 300-quart (284 L) port and starboard in-deck fishboxes with macerator pumps and a tackle center behind the helm seats, including a 45-gallon (170 L) livewell, sink and storage. Padded coaming bolsters and loads of seating space -- most convenient to drink holders -- also make her entertainment-friendly for a sundown ride around the harbor. More...

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Lesson of the Week

Using Sound Signals
 To Alert Other Boaters

Capt. Steve Smart Boating Cover
A vessel leaving a dock in a busy channel should make its intentions clear by sounding off one long blast.

This week Captain Steve goes over sixteen lessons and guidelines on using sound signals to alert other boaters of your intentions on the water. By using specific sound signals boaters can communicate whether they want to pass another boat to port or starboard, cross in front of a slower boat even though they are the give-way vessel, and several other things. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of’s Smart Boating Course which is USCG-approved. Watch these video boating lessons every week on

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