Sea Ray 21 SPX // Boston Whaler 240 // Beneteau Monte Carlo 6 // 21 Reports - 02/25/2015
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15 year anniversary
- Four Winns H210
- MJM 50z
- Prestige Wood Shop
- Sea Ray 21 SPX
- Formula 40 PC
- Beneteau Monte Carlo 6
- Scarab 215 HO Impulse
- Grady-White Express 330
- Boston Whaler 240
- Intrepid 375 Walk Around
- Glastron GTS 187
- Riviera 50 Enclosed FB
- Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT
- Mercury 4.5L
- Regal 2000 ESX
- Mako 19 CPX
- Chaparral 243 VRX
- Sailfish 275DC
- Tidewater 210 LXF
- Bayliner Element XL
- Robalo 246 Cayman
- Picture of the Week
- Boating Course On DVD
- Capt. Steve's Lesson

Four Winns H210:
Classic Styling,
Contemporary Interior

Four Winns H210
The Four Winns H210 displays the exterior lines of a classic sportboat, while the updated interior makes her as fresh and contemporary as any bowrider on the market.

The Four Winns H210 offers 22 power packages up to 300 horsepower, but our test captain found the 250-hp MerCruiser 4.5 L more than adequate for excellent performance in this handsome bowrider, delivering a top speed of 46.6 mph with a fuel burn of 20.2 gph. The most economical cruise was at 3000 rpms, producing 24.7 mph at a consumption of 5.7 gph. Four Winns has made important strides in the last year or so and we think the H210 deserves to be placed firmly in the premium category of sportboats based on fit-and-finish and amenities included as standard. Four Winns is now owned by Beneteau. More...

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New Stability Video

MJM 50z:
Speed Meets Stability

MJM 50z
The folks at MJM tell us that their new 50z “…is the fastest and most fuel-efficient boat in its Downeast class of 48 to 50 footers…” and we have no reason to believe differently. Of course, that was what she was intended to be with her light, high-tech epoxy construction, relatively narrow beam and her modified deep-V hull design. Our test captain also found her to be stable in normal conditions even without the Seakeeper gyro.

The MJM 50z is relatively narrow for a 50-plus-foot yacht, with a 15-foot beam, which makes her strong in the performance department. Her wide chine flats, low center of gravity drive system, and her modified-V bottom, all help keep lateral motion to a minimum both underway and at rest, according to our test captain. Once the standard Seakeeper gyro is turned on she becomes remarkably immune to rolling. See the video...

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Inside the Factory

Prestige Factory Video:
High-Tech Old-World Craftsmanship

Prestige Factory
The wood shop at Prestige Yachts is a state-of-the-art facility, allowing near perfection in the furnishings, paneling and fittings.

Prestige Yachts employs a small army of expert wood craftsmen to build furniture-grade parts for their interiors. High-quality European and African woods are combined with an eye to both appearance and durability for the various applications. Precision machining is finished off with hours of hand fitting and sanding, and the completed parts are dried and heated before varnishing, assuring deep penetration for perfect color, finish and durability. More...

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Sea Ray 21 SPX:
First-Class Performance w/ Competitive Price

Sea Ray 21 SPX
The Sea Ray 21 SPX is a value-priced, watersports-focused bowrider with flexible seating in the cockpit, a generous swim platform and a dedicated transom walkthrough.

Our test captain reports the Sea Ray 21 SPX, powered by a Mercury 150-hp 4-stroke outboard, delivered a smooth ride despite a breezy test day with lots of chop. She required just 3.7 seconds to jump on plane and hit a top speed of 46.5 mph. He found the 19-degree deadrise at the transom a good compromise, easing the ride in head seas, but not cutting into stability at rest or significantly slowing time to plane. More...

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New Features Video

Formula 40 PC:
Agility, Speed and Space

Formula 40 PC
Formula’s 40 PC is a versatile performance cruiser both thanks to her agility at speed and to her layout. She can accommodate entertaining guests till the wee hours or spending time away from the dock on overnight jaunts with family and friends.

The Formula 40 PC is a high-speed weekender, able to run from mainland to island or distant shore for a picnic or overnighter in any reasonable boating weather. She's loaded with notable features, but our test captain particularly liked the professional layout of the helm, complete with oversized analog gauges to provide critical information at a glance. The Volvo Penta EVC display provides a digital readout of selectable information through customizable screens. For those people just entering boating, Formula is perhaps the most prestigious brand in class. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Beneteau Monte Carlo 6:
Stylish Flybridge Motor Yacht

Beneteau Monte Carlo 6
The Beneteau Monte Carlo 6 is a striking 59'9" (18.21 m) yacht with a 16'1" (4.90 m) beam. The company says she's built to the same standards of materials and fit-and-finish as its larger yachts.

The Beneteau Monte Carlo 6 combines the best tradition of Italian design with the industrial know-how of Groupe Bénéteau, whose shipyards are a widely admired among recreational mariners around the world. With the characteristic sharp entry of the brand, she should be sea-kindly in all reasonable weather, and she displays the usual Beneteau flair in luxury materials throughout the interior. More...


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Scarab 215 HO Impulse:
Roomy, 54.9 MPH Jetdrive Bowrider

Scarab 215 HO Impulse
The Scarab 215 HO Impulse has a nearly flat running attitude, and her jet drives allow her to operate at speed in water as shallow as 15''.

Powered by twin 200 Rotax jet systems, the Scarab 215 HO Impulse reached a top speed of 54.9 mph in our test runs, and time to plane was a remarkable 1.8 seconds. Most economical speed was 26.8 mph, which lowered the fuel burn to 8 gph and increased the range to 123 miles, allowing a 10% reserve. More...

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Grady-White Express 330:
Long-Range Bluewater Express

Grady-White Express 330
The Grady-White Express 330 was designed for long-range fishing missions even in challenging weather, and she provides a small but comfortable cabin for overnights offshore or along the ICW.

Equipped with twin 350-hp Yamaha 4-strokes, the Grady-White Express 330 cracked the 50 mph mark in our test runs, turning in 50.9 mph and consuming 69.9 gph at 6000 rpms. Best cruise was at 3500 rpms, at which she ran 26.7 mph, consuming 21.5 gph, for a range of about 370 NM, allowing a 10% reserve. She is big-game ready and at the same time is family-friendly. More...

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Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless:
Impressive, Single-Engine Performance

Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless
The distinctive lines of the Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless are easy for Boston Whaler fans to recognize, and this nimble 24'8" (7.52 m) hull features the company's trademark level flotation if swamped and bulletproof construction.

Boston Whaler's 240 Dauntless, powered by a Mercury 250 Verado in our tests, produced the same 3.0 mpg fuel economy at both 3500 rpms (20.2 mph) and 4000 rpms (30.0 mph). This provides a nice window for fuel-saving operation at the captain's choice of speeds. Top speed was 48.2, and time to plane, with the 17-pitch Inertia prop, was an impressive 2.5 seconds. More...

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Test Video

Intrepid 375 Walk Around:
Premium Design, Built for Offshore

Intrepid 375 Walk Around
Wraparound amidships seating can convert to a sun pad and the area would easily accommodate a table for al fresco dining. Add cruising canvas to the overhead and -- presto! -- the yacht has another cabin. There are few boats like her.

The Intrepid 375 Walk Around is one of the most creative boats in her size range in class, in our opinion. She has a cuddy forward with a table/V-berth seating and a galley. Under the helm console is another compartment that has a head, sink and shower. The stern has a foldaway bench seat for cruising and a clean deck for fishing. Sandwiched between all of this is a double-wide helm console with an aft-facing seat. Intrepid is widely regarded as being the premier builder in class. More...

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New Captain's Report

Glastron GTS 187:
Handsome, Fleet-Footed Jet

Glastron GTS 187
With striking graphics and Rotax jet agility, the Glastron GTS 187 is a bowrider that's very quick on her feet.

The Glastron GTS 187 marks the brand’s first voyage into jet powered pleasure boating. She brings strengths and features Glastron is known for including smart styling, Glastron’s touted “Super Stable Vee” (SSV) hull, and competitive pricing. Rotax power to 250 horsepower is available. More...

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Snapshot Review

Riviera 50 Enclosed Flybridge:
Sky Room with a View

Riviera 50 Enclosed Flybridge
The Riviera 50 Enclosed Flybridge is a convertible designed primarily as a cruising yacht that maximizes the use of interior space, but she's also a fully-functional offshore fishing machine.

The semi-enclosed flying bridge on the Riviera 50 gets the helm out of the salon, protects the captain in inclement weather, and creates an economical extra living area. It also offers spectacular views whether the mission is cruising or blue water fishing. An internal staircase makes all-weather access convenient. More...

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New Captain's Report

Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT:
Trailerable All-Welded Angler

Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT
The Tracker Pro Guide V-175 is available in walkthrough, shown here, as well as a side console and a "combo" dual-purpose fishing/watersports version

Though the Tracker Pro Guide V-175 WT is a compact hull at just 16'11" (4.87 m) long and light in weight at just 2,644 lbs. (1,199 kg) including a 90-horse Mercury outboard, she has plenty of freeboard to deal with bumpy water. Plus, the all-welded, heavy-gauge aluminum hull is built to deal with the hard knocks of a fishing life. More...

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Test Video

Mercury 4.5L:
V8 Power from a High-Tech V6

Mercury 4.5L
Mercury's new 4.5 L V6 is the company's purpose-built engine aimed at delivering V8 power from a lightweight six-cylinder block.

The Mercury 4.5L V6 features a host of engineering advances making it highly suitable for marine use, including a new fuel supply module and a revised fuel filter system which incorporates a ‘water-in-fuel’ sensor. A cross-ram, tuned scroll runner design was used to lengthen the intake runners which results in greater torque at low rpm, better out of the hole response and quicker planing times, according to Mercury. More...

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Regal 2000 ESX:
Fast Track to Easy Handling

Regal 2000 ESX
Our test captain found the Regal 2000 ESX to be "edgy" in styling and strong on all-around performance thanks in part to Regal's proprietary FasTrac hull.

The Regal 2000 ESX delivered light and quick handling in our test runs, and a strong top end of 48.1 mph -- impressive for V6 power. Our test captain reports she has no tendency to fall off in sharp turns or to slide out excessively. The double-wide observer’s seat features a flip-back, allowing it to convert to an aft-facing seat with no latches to lift, no levers to release. More...

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Mako 19 CPX:
Bay Boat Draws 12''

Mako 19 CPX
The Mako 19 CPX Coastal Predator is a turn-key, multi-purpose bay boat for serious anglers who enjoy fishing both inshore and off the beaches.

The Mako 19 CPX draws just 12'' (.30 m), making her a competent flats boat, but she can also run out the inlet and fish along the beaches on the right days. Casting platforms bow and stern make for ease in sight-fishing, and the convertible back on the helm seat makes a good spot to watch live baits while anchored offshore. More...

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Test Video

Chaparral 243 VRX:
Wake Surfing Twin-Jet Sportboat

Chaparral 243 VRX
The Chaparral 243 VRX combines jetboat acceleration and agility with sportboat space, comfort and ease of handling in a 24'3" (7.39 m) hull with seats for 12.

At the Miami Boat Show this year, Chaparral won the National Marine Manufacturers Association's "Innovation Award" for its "Aerial Surf Platform" (ASP). This design was specifically intended to create a high wake for the sport of wake surfing. The Chaparral 243 VRX, powered with twin 250 Rotax 4-TEC jets, has the ASP hull design. Chaparral says that the ASP hull is the only jetboat design on the market purpose-built for wake surfing. We found the 243 VRX to have remarkable acceleration, jumping the 3,600-lb. (1,633 kg) hull on plane in just 2 seconds flat and reaching 20 mph in 3.9 seconds. More...

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Test Video

Sailfish 275DC:
Multi-Mission Dual Console

Sailfish 275DC
The 59'' (1.49 m) height of the walkthrough windshield on the Sailfish 275DC gives good protection from wind and spray while providing a standing operator a view just above the frame.

The Sailfish 275DC is a roomy crossover dual console with plenty of amenities for hard-core angling as well as for relaxed family weekends. Cockpit depth is 30'' aft, and padding coaming is easy on adults and kids alike when bracing to haul up a big one. A major feature of the 275DC is her variable stepped deadrise bottom whic his dee-v in the center and more shallow-v outboard. This unusual hull design seems to work, giving her a comfortable ride and stability at rest. More...

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Snapshot Review

Tidewater 210 LXF:
Value-Priced Center Console

Tidewater 210 LXF
The Tidewater 210 LXF has a Carolina-style sheer and plenty of bow flair, making her a capable rough-water performer, and competitive pricing puts her in reach of many families seeking a dual-purpose center console.

The Tidewater 210 LXF is suited for cruising, picnics and casual watersports as well as fishing, according to our test captain. Stern bench seating and standard cushions on the bow in addition to padded bolsters all around make her more comfortable than a standard "guys-only" fishing machine. Like all Tidewater boats, pricing of the 210 LXF is competitive with most other boats in the "affordable" category. More...

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Test Video

Bayliner Element XL:
Aggressively Affordable Bowrider

Bayliner Element XL
The Bayliner Element XL is an entry-level bowrider with some interesting production features offered at a cost-effective price.

Our test captain found the Bayliner Element XL to be an exceptionally easy boat for beginning captains to operate thanks to the simplicity of construction and layout. The M-Hull is a unique feature, with mini-sponsons delivering quick planing with minimal bowrise as well as little lean into turns. But most importantly, this design makes the boat extremely stable at rest. All molded-in seating means quick cleanup and nothing to wear out. She is designed for protected water and entry-level boating. More...

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Test Video

Robalo 246 Cayman:
Bay Boat with Lots of Utility

Robalo 246 Cayman
With huge twin livewells aft and a flip-up seat that also doubles as an aft casting platform, the Robalo 246 Cayman makes excellent use of her broad beam to provide maximum fishing utility.

With a draft of just 12'' (30 cm), the Robalo 246 Cayman is a capable flats fishing boat, but her bow flare, "Extended V-Plane" hull, and 9' (2.74 m) beam makes her more offshore-capable than most bayboats. The forward entry on the console head compartment is easier to access than the more common side-entry versions, too. More...

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How to Trim Your Outboard or Sterndrive Boat

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