Sailfish 275 // Carver 37 // Tiara 44 // 17 Reviews - 04/30/2014
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- Volvo Penta D3
- Sailfish 275DC
- Carver C37
- Mercury Glass Dash
- Tiara 44 Coupe
- Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O.
- Formula 34 PC
- Prestige 750
- Regal 46 Sport Coupe
- PowerTech Propellers
- Yamaha FZR
- Sweetwater SW 2286
- Beneteau Swift 34
- Nitro ZV 21
- Beneteau Flyer 6
- Sun Tracker FB 20 DLX
- Glastron GT 245
- Picture of the Week
- Boating Course On DVD
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson

Volvo Penta D3 220-hp:
High-Tech / New Tech
in a Diesel Sterndrive

Volvo Penta D3 220-hp
The new D3-220 diesel sterndrive engine is a 5 cylinder, 2.4 L (146 cu. in.) 220-hp common rail, engine that utilizes new technology to maximize low-end torque and performance.

The Volvo Penta D3 220-hp fills the gap between diesels for smaller displacement boat engines such as those in sailboats and trawlers, and the larger D4 and D6 engines for big powerboats. With its high power-to-weight ratio and excellent fuel economy it makes a natural choice for mid-level planing hulls. And now -- because of its technology -- the D3 burns cleaner and more fuel-efficiently than ever before. There are several important attributes to this engine which are somewhat unique when compared to conventional diesels. More...

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Sailfish 275DC:
A New Launch Into a New Realm

Sailfish 275DC
The 275DC has a LOA of 26’2” (7.98 m), a beam of 9’ (2.74 m) and a hull draft of 18” (45.7 cm).

Sailfish enters the dual console market with its new 275DC. She is built with the same “SailTech” construction methods and utilizes the same VDS (Variable Deadrise Stepped) hull that gives the brand's center consoles their smooth, dry ride in choppy conditions. That, coupled with her many amenities we were impressed with what we found in the 275DC. Take a look...

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Carver C37:
New Styling is the Driving Force

Carver C37
The new Carver C37 has a LOA of 37’8” (11.48 m), a beam of 13’ (3.96 m),
and a draft of 42” (1.07 m).

The C37 is the third new cruiser that Carver has launched in the last 12 months. The latest launch is the C37 express, differentiated from the first two which were both flying bridge sedans. She features a single-level floor plan, an aft galley, two staterooms and one head. She has the same distinctive profile as the C34 and C40, which is an attractively modern style that also has a retro look. More...

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Mercury Glass Dash:
Big Ship System for Small Boats

Mercury Glass Dash
The Mercury/Simrad glass dash also has provisions for touch pads as well as having touchscreen control.

The Mercury/Simrad "glass dash" is designed to be intuitive, allowing the end user to be able to operate all systems without referring back to an owner’s manual every time something needs to be accessed or changed. What could be better? Further, it is designed to integrate all the ship's systems into one or more hi-definition touchscreen displays. More...

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New Captain's Report

Tiara 44 Coupe:
New Express has 2 Heads/Staterooms

Tiara 44 Coupe
The Tiara 44 Coupe has a LOA of 45’6” (13.87 m), a beam of 15’ (4.57 m) and a draft of 3’9” (1.14 m). She has a galley up and 2 staterooms with 2 heads.

It started with the 50 Coupe. But in order to make the design scheme available to a larger market of potential buyers, she was downsized and re-drawn. The 44 Coupe is certainly strongly influenced by her larger sister and we think she compares favorably with other boats in class, whether from the U.S. or Europe. Most important, she has two ensuite staterooms. She’s slated for launch late this summer followed by a retail debut during the major fall boat shows. Here’s what to expect...

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Formula 34 PC:
Smooth Handling at Speed

Formula 34 PC
The Formula 34 PC has the good handling manners of a thoroughbred, and she certainly is that.

The Formula 34 PC, like all Formula boats we have tested, is quite responsive to the helm. When it comes to handling, our Captain's Report states: "Hard turns at speed showed no ventilation and the boat rolled into the turns comfortably so nothing got thrown to the outside. Jumping wakes showed no spray coming over the bow and we tended to go through the waves rather than over them." Find out more...

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Prestige 750:
A Family-Oriented Motoryacht

Prestige 750
The Prestige 750 has four staterooms with the master suite on the main deck level, just as is found on 125-footers (38.1 m).

It is not often that a family-oriented large motoryacht comes along, so when we tested the new Prestige 750 we were in for a treat. She was set-up to be handled by an owner/operator, so the first thing we did was to scope out her handling and performance characteristics. How hard was she to dock? How did she ride offshore in a chop? How complicated were her systems? How owner-friendly was the engine room space? See the answers to these questions on our new video. Cue the projector...

Prestige Materials Interview Quality and materials interview...
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PowerTech Props:
Optimize Performance with Prop Geometry

PowerTech Props
If the boat had lackluster performance last season, now is the time to find a
solution for next season.

Performance problems have cropped up for all of us at one time or another. The bow seems too high on plane; the boat is lethargic out of the hole; the engine can’t reach rated RPM levels; all of these, and many more problems are most likely caused by incorrect prop geometry. The best -- and certainly the cheapest -- solution for poor performance may not be to buy a new boat, but rather simply finding the right prop. Our go-to place when we have prop questions is PowerTech. Its team is not only courteous, but extremely knowledgeable and good humored. And -- they return phone calls! As it turns out, correcting a prop is the easiest performance fix there is. More...

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New Captain's Report

Sweetwater SW 2286:
A Toon that Makes Boating Easy

Sweetwater SW 2286
The Sweetwater SW 2286 has a LOA of 22’3” (6.79 m) and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m).

The mission of the Sweetwater SW 2286 is to provide a cost-effective pontoon boat that maximizes open deck space and provides easy access to the water. Onboard she offers comfort from chaise lounges and a plush helm seat. This twin-toon vessel has plenty of room aboard for guests to move around when entertaining. We particularly like the wheel-chair accessible bow gate and large foredeck platform that aids anchoring. More...

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Snapshot Review

Regal 46 Sport Coupe:
Taking a Detailed Look

Regal 46 Coupe
In the Regal 46 Sport Coupe a boater has a long list of choices they can make with regard to colors and textures of upholstery, countertops and other materials.

The Regal 46 was designed with the goal of providing boaters with as much practical and comfortable space as possible in a convertible hardtop of this size. The team at Regal also tells us that providing options to boaters with regard to colors, materials, and design was also part of their goal. In this Captain's Report we take a detailed look inside and out to see what makes this model so interesting. More...

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Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O.:
Key Features Make the Difference

Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O.
By "de-tuning" its standard 300-hp engine, Evinrude has been able to create the Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O. The fuel injector seen at right is one of Evinrude's high-tech refinements.

Evinrude's E-TEC 250 H.O. V6 has the same displacement as the company's standard 300-hp engine -- 210 cu. in./ 3.4 L instead of the 200 cu. in/ 3.2 L in the standard 250-hp model. That, together with SAE's 10% latitude on actual horsepower delivered, means that this High Output engine is producing about 275-hp. She also has slightly more muscle in low-end torque thanks to the greater displacement, and her gear case is also beefier than the standard version, which means the H.O. can take more offshore abuse. Find out more...

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Close Quarter Maneuvering

Beneteau Swift 34:
Easy and Controlled Docking

Beneteau Swift 34
The Beneteau Swift 34 has two cabins and one head, and a comfortable flying bridge. Two years ago one made the North American Great Loop -- so she fits under all of the bridges.

Docking is a snap with the Swift 34 -- if the captain takes advantage of the single-engine boat to naturally back to starboard. With the sliding door to starboard, its easy to look out -- or even to step out on the side deck -- to check clearances when docking. A couple of bursts on the bow thruster will bring the bow over and the job is done. It couldn't be much easier. But how about the ride offshore? Find out here...

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Yamaha FZR:
Sporty Handling with 1.8 L Engine

Yamaha FZR
We recorded a WOT speed of 69.1 mph which is enough to give most riders plenty of thrills.

Our overall impression of the Yamaha FZR is that this is a machine that is sporty enough to allow weekend-warriors to feel like race drivers. Given the track record of the Yamaha watercraft engines and the 1.8L block, we expect that the FZR SVHO will continue to add to the reliability legacy that Yamaha enjoys. More...

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Nitro ZV 21:
Multi-Species and Multi-Sports

Nitro ZV 21
The Nitro ZV 21 has all the fishing amenities needed by multi-specie anglers.

The Nitro ZV 21 is designed for multi-specie anglers who have families who might want to do something with a boat other than fish. While most anglers we know have a hard time believing it, the fact is many people find watersports even more enjoyable. That is the beauty of the ZV 21: not only does she have all of the fishy features, but she can be used as a tow boat, too. More...

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Beneteau Flyer 6 SPORTdeck:
Not Afraid of Rough Water

Beneteau Flyer 6 SPORTdeck
She weighs 2,358 lbs. (1,070 kgs.) dry without engine, draws 2'7" (.80 m) with the engine down, and has a beam of 8'2" (2.49 m).

The Beneteau Flyer 6 SPORTdeck has been designed for the global market. She is a dual console boat with a bowrider layout and has the basic specs of an American sportboat of 20' (6.10 m). We made an informal test (no test numbers) of her last winter in the Atlantic off the west coast of France and discovered that because of her very sharp entry which flattens out amidships and her Air Step II hull design, this 20' boat has the capabilities of a much larger boat in snotty conditions. We were impressed. Find out why...

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Captain's Report

Sun Tracker Fishin' Barge 20 DLX:
Affordable Lake Fishing and Cruising

Sun Tracker Fishin' Barge 20 DLX
The Fishin' Barge 20 DLX has twin 24'' (60 cm) toons, bow and aft fishing positions, 40-hp outboard, and an MSRP of $16,595, plus freight and dealer prep.

With standard features, the Sun Tracker Fishin' Barge 20 DLX makes an easy crossover from lounging to fishing. The 20 DLX comes standard with a 40-hp 4-stroke BigFoot outboard that will provide slow, calm trips across the lake, and then the amenities take over for relaxing on the hook. She’s even wheelchair accessible. More...

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Captain's Report

Glastron GT 245:
Range from 260-hp to 380-hp Engines

Glastron GT 245
The Glastron GT 245 comes in three distinctly different versions -- GT, GTS and GTL.

The GT 245 is the flagship of the Glastron 9-boat GT Series and as such, provides the most carrying capacity (1,950 lbs. / 886 kgs.) and has the highest horsepower options (380-hp) of the line from either Mercury or Volvo Penta. MSRP of the three models in the GT 245 Series range from under $46k to over $65k, depending on model and engine. More...

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