Beneteau Flyer 20' BR // Larson 23 // Sea Ray 510 // 14 Reports - 01/22/2014
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- Sea Ray 510 Fly
- Beneteau Flyer 6
- Larson All American 23
- Sun Tracker Party Barge 254
- Bayliner Element
- Yamaha SVHO
- Premier 235 Solaris
- Cruisers Sport Series 328
- Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht
- Prestige 450 S
- Mercury 150-hp
- Tracker Pro Team 190 TX
- Carolina Skiff Fun Chaser
- Beneteau Swift 44
- Picture of the Week
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- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson

Sea Ray 510 Fly:
New Entry to the
Motoryacht Market

Sea Ray 510 Fly
With a LOA of 50’10” (15.5 m) the Sea Ray 510 Fly can be powered with either conventional V-drives or pods. Bow and stern thrusters are available and can be tied to a joystick.

The all-new 510 Fly from Sea Ray signals the company’s entry into large motoryachts as this builder spreads its wings from the Sundancer model express cruisers that the brand has become synonymous with. The 510 Fly is the first of three models planned, and features three staterooms, including a full beam mid-cabin master and two heads. She’s designed to take full advantage of aft placed engines and her fit-and-finish is on par with the best that Sea Ray has to offer. More...

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New Boat

Beneteau Flyer 6 SPORTdeck:
Rethinking the Bowrider Concept

Beneteau Flyer 6 SPORTdeck
Beneteau uses the 8’3” (2.52 m) full beam of its 20'5'' Flyer 6 and the boat’s deep forefoot to add significant space inside the boat as well as to greatly enhance handling and ride characteristics in challenging conditions.

Beneteau’s Flyer 6 Series -- really three different types of boats built on the same hull -- brings innovation in triplicate to the marketplace. (Beneteau also offers a Flyer 6 center console, called the SPACEdeck, and a cuddy, called the SUNdeck.) The Flyer 6 SPORTdeck --- the subject of this review -- brings a decidedly non-traditional approach to the traditional bowrider concept. All three versions are built on Beneteau’s unique Air Step hull, Mark II, which has been well proven. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Larson All American 23:
A Mix of Contemporary and Classic

Larson All American 23
The all-new Larson All American 23 has a LOA of 23’ (7 m), a beam of 8’6” (2.6 m) and has classic -- and classy -- styling such as her rounded stern quarters and centerline walkover.

It’s always pleasing when a company stays true to its roots, and as Larson celebrates its centennial, it does so with a new launch rollout that embraces both the old and new. The Larson All American 23 has a satisfying mix of new technology and materials mixed with classic lines that create a sportboat that is as both pleasing to the eye and utilitarian. The latter point is important -- not only does she look cool -- but she can also do towing work. More...

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New Test Video

Sun Tracker Party Barge 254 XP3:
For Entertaining and Watersports

Sun Tracker Party Barge 254 XP3
The aft facing lounge seat on the Party Barge 254 XP3 is completely enclosed by fencing allowing it to be used even when underway. The anodized aluminum swim ladder has oversized steps that are comfortable on bare feet. Note the standard tournament-style tow pylon.

The Sun Tracker Party Barge 254 XP3 is big, measuring 27'5" (8.36 m) LOA x 8'6" x 5,695 lbs. (2,588 kgs.) complete with 200-hp Verado engine. Her three tubes are 26"(65.5 cm) in diameter and are slightly over 25' (7.62 m) long. That gives her a rated person-carrying capacity of 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kgs.). For that reason, as the name implies, she is very much a party animal. But with three toons and a 200-hp engine, she is also watersports-friendly. More...

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Test Video

Bayliner Element:
Entry-Level, Stable & Safe

Bayliner Element
The Bayliner Element is 16'2" (4.9 m) long and has a dry weight of 2,145 with 60-hp outboard and trailer, making it easy to tow by most standard vehicles. Note the outboard hull sponsons that make her extremely stable.

The mission of the Bayliner Element is to create an inexpensive, entry-level boat that can easily go from the garage to the ramp and into the water and return without any fuss. Moreover, she is designed to be extremely stable, forgiving, and easy to handle thanks to the patent pending M-Hull (TM). This makes the Element an ideal first boat for nearly anyone from a youngster to a grandpa. Obviously, she is intended for protected water, but if the Element is somehow swamped, she will float level and not sink. More...

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New Engine Test

Yamaha SVHO:
New Engine has 20% More Power

Yamaha SVHO
On the left is the standard 155MM 3-blade system with a 75MM hub with 3 bolts and 6 stationary stator vanes. On the right is Yamaha's new design, a 160MM 5-blade system with a 75MM hub, four bolts and 8 stationary stator vanes.

Yamaha has redesigned its proven 1.8L marine watercraft engine, calling it the SVHO or Super Vortex High Output. The company says the SVHO delivers 20% more power and torque than the original SHO, and this has been achieved by means of a laundry list of improvements. One of those details is the redesign of the water jet exit stationary stator vanes. There are now 8 vanes instead of 6. Read all about it...

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Test Video

Premier 235 Solaris:
A Private Water Park

Premier 235 Solaris
Certainly the profile of the Premier 235 Solaris takes on a unique characteristic with the addition of the optional upper deck and waterslide. She is 23'5" (7.13 m) x 8'6" (2.59 m) x 2,650 lbs. (1,202 kgs.) sans engine and top-hamper.

Our advice is not to show any young children in the family pictures of the Premier 235 Solaris with the optional top deck and water slide -- unless a purchase has been pre-planned. Kids love waterslides wherever they find them, and we think the 235 Solaris is far more preferable for several reasons to a summer at the big waterpark 200 miles away. While she may cost a bit more, there is something to be said for having one's own, private, movable waterpark. More...

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Design & Styling Review

Cruisers Sport Series 328 Bow Rider:
Dayboat Cruiser with Bow Seating

Cruisers Sport Series 328 Bow Rider
Take a close look at the CSS 328 BR pictured above to get an idea of the gravitas of this huge bowrider with cabin.

Because the Cruisers Sport Series 328 Bow Rider has two large cockpits that each function independently with an enclosed cabin with head in between, she can be used for many purposes. For example, she can be used with adults in one end and their kids in the other. During sunset cocktail cruises golfers can be at one end and tennis players at the other, etc. Because she holds so many people she can be a yacht club VIP vessel for the start of sailboat races. Her cabin makes her an overnight cruiser for a couple. We think with this boat, the possibilites are endless. More...

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Test Video

Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht:
Built for Adventure Offshore

Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht
Our test boat was powered by four 350-hp Yamaha outboards which gave the Intrepid 475 Sport Yacht a WOT speed of 58.0 mph. Even more important is the boat's expansive interior space because there is no engine room.

The 475 is just what its name says: a "sport yacht." For the owner of our test boat she will be a fleet-footed day boat that he can operate without a crew, and take off on a moment's notice. Because of her hull, heft, and minimum draft she can go most anywhere and is only limited by her 480 gal. (1,816 L) fuel tank -- and her owner's imagination. Intrepid sells only factory-direct and the 475 is highly customizable. More...

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New Test Video

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX:
Tested with a 90-hp Mercury 4-Stroke

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX
Top speed for the Tracker Pro Team 190 TX, powered by a 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke turning a 13 x 19 Black Max prop, was 42.8 mph (68.9 kph), burning 9.10 gallons per hour (gph) or 34.44 liters per hour (lph).

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX is the flagship of the Pro Team lineup at 18'7" (5.7 m). This competitive-class fishing boat comes completely equipped, with a cover and brake upgrade for the trailer as the only items on the options list. For those looking for the best bang for the buck, this may be the boat of choice. More...

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Test Video

Prestige 450 S:
A Cruiser with Motoryacht Lines

Prestige 450 S
Best cruise recorded during our test of the Prestige 450 S was 31.2 mph, and the boat got 1.06 statute miles per gallon for a range of 302 miles, with a 10% fuel reserve.

This 45' (13.7 m) cruiser has a lot to recommend it, in our opinion. First, she is not an express cruiser that has been warmed-over with the addition of a hard top. She was designed from the get-go to be a cruiser and not an open day boat. That's why she looks like a small motoryacht instead of a big sportboat. She has a full-beam master stateroom with a private entrance and an aft galley handy to both dining venues. Her price is quite competitive. More...

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Test Video

Mercury 150-hp FourStroke:
Latest Tech for Repower and New Build

Mercury 150-hp FourStroke
Our test of the new Mercury 150-hp 4-stroke was on an aluminum boat that had a LOA of 17’6” (5.33 m), and a beam of 7’9” (2.4 m). With full fuel, two people and the 150 Mercury outboard, we had a test weight of 2,382 lbs. (1,080 kg).

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the 150's performance was her acceleration which plays well into watersports applications for this engine, as well as being for a fishing boat. During our test we reached planing speed in only 2.9 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 5.3 seconds, passed 30 mph within 7.2 seconds, and continued accelerating through 40 mph in 9.3 seconds. These are impressive times, the kind that we often get on PWCs. WOT speed for this rig was 53.3 mph. Because the 150 is new, it incorporates the latest technology, materials, and design thinking from the folks in Fond du Lac. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Carolina Skiff Fun Chaser FGP 2100:
A Fiberglass Entertaining Platform

Carolina Skiff Fun Chaser FGP 2100
Cool blue LED courtesy lights come standard on the Carolina Skiff Fun Chaser FGP 2100. She measures 21'4" (6.5 m) x 8'6" (2.59 m) x 3,375 lbs. (1,531 kgs. ) dry, without engine.

For boaters who like fiberglass boats and are concerned about aluminum care, the Fun Chaser FGP 2100 should be investigated. She has the deck layout, fencing, seating, and room that is usually found on most aluminum pontoon boats -- but the Fun Chaser FGP is fiberglass. As a result she has a skiff-like shallow draft hull and plenty of wetted surface for running. Further, there is nothing like turning a garden hose on a fiberglass deck after a party to get rid of the potato chips and other debris. More...

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Test Video

Beneteau Swift 44:
When Searching for New Horizons

Beneteau Swift 44
The Beneteau Swift 44 has a main deck and salon that has been designed for comfortable cruising for two couples or a family.

The Swift 44 is intended to be a capable coastal cruiser, that is also affordable to buy and economical to operate. That means she has most of the basics done right but she has not been lavished with expensive extras and materials that only add to price, and not to functionality or utility. She is designed to be easily handled by a cruising couple and she can be single-handed for deliveries. More...

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Fog Signals and Overview On Navigation Lights

Capt. Steve Smart Boating Cover
Only official lights such as these are allowed to be on at night underway.

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