Monte Carlo Yachts 86 // Azimut Magellano 43 // CSS 258Z - 11/20/2013
BoatTEST Newsletter November 20, 2013 Click here if you cannot view the newsletter. Tests You Can Trust
- Tahoe Q7i
- Beneteau Oceanis 41
- Carolina Classic 25
- Manitou 23 Oasis
- Azimut Magellano 43 HT
- Lazzara Breeze 76
- Chaparral H2O 21 Sport
- Cruisers Sport Series 285Z
- Sun Tracker PB 24 XP3
- Tigé R20
- Volvo Penta V8-430
- Monte Carlo Yachts 86
- Yamaha SX240
- Monterey 288 SS
- Picture of the Week
- Boating Course On DVD
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson

Tahoe Q7i:
Extreme Edition

Tahoe Q7i
Tahoe’s Q7i Extreme edition has a LOA of 20’6” (6.25 m), a beam of 96” (244 cm), and a draft of 23” (58.4 cm).

Tahoe’s Q7i is the company’s top tier sportboat, and the optional "Extreme Edition" makes it even better. We tested her with a 260-hp 5.0L MPI MerCruiser and reached a top speed of 53.7 mph, and her sporty handling made for an exhilarating ride. With Tahoe’s exclusive PowerGlide hull with Hydrostep lifting strakes, we had a quick time to plane of under 3 seconds. And everything about her layout encourages watersports fun with the family. More...

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New Design & Style Review

Beneteau Oceanis 41:
Layout, Materials & Amenities Inspection

Beneteau Oceanis 41
Our latest video on the Beneteau Oceanis 41 examines the materials, ergonomics and amenities in this 3-stateroom, 2-head vessel designed for family cruising.

There is more to the Oceanis 41 than dual steering wheels, roller-furling sails, and self-tailing winches. Below decks the vessel must be carefully designed to be functional and comfortable both at anchor and in a seaway. She also must be an inviting living space that any owner can be proud of. This week we give the Oceanis 41’s interior a close video inspection. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Carolina Classic 25:
New Outboard-Powered Model

Carolina Classic 25
The proven hull and graceful lines of Carolina Classic 25 now comes with outboards in addition to gas or diesel power.

For years the Carolina Classic 25 was one of the smallest and most rugged fishing boats on the market with either gas or diesel power. Now she is available with twin Yamaha outboard engines and all of a sudden she seems to be even more desirable than before. With more usable cockpit space and greater speed, this deep-V classic is right at home 100 miles off the Carolina coast. More...

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New Design & Style Review

Manitou 23 Oasis SR VP:
Putting Romance into Toons

Manitou 23 Oasis
Our Interior Inspector, Erin Coriell, takes a close look at the materials, styling and creature comforts on the Manitou 23 Oasis. Note the café table just above our logo.

The Manitou 23 Oasis is designed for people who don't want a run-of-the-mill pontoon boat. Rather, it is intended for people who want to put a little romance and style into their boating. We think Manitou has done a good job of that in the 23 Oasis and our new video points out the vessel's unusual aspects. More...

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Snapshot Review

Lazzara Breeze 76:
A Multi-Cultural Motoryacht

Lazzara Breeze 76
There are eight well-designed outdoor entertaining venues on the Breeze 76. 

The Lazzara Breeze 76 has multiple missions because she has been designed to appeal to people all over the world from multiple cultures with different boating backgrounds. Although she has a long list of distinguishing features, this week we will look at her layout and accommodations. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Azimut Magellano 43 HT:
Coastal Cruiser with Style

Azimut Magellano 43 HT
The Magellano 43 HT (Hard Top) has an LOA of 44'9" (13.63 m), a beam of 14'5" (4.40 m) and displaces 39,424 lbs. (17,920 kgs.)

Azimut's Magellano 43 HT has three staterooms below and two heads and is intended for family cruising or cruising for two couples. Her exterior styling is intended to appeal to those folks who want to signal that they are not part of the plastic fantastic jet set who want to go fast to nowhere. Rather, the Magellano (as the name implies) can take longer trips at displacement speed (fuel capacity is 443 gal./1,680 L) or cruise from 14 to 18 knots thanks to her semi-planing hull. More...

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New Test Video

Chaparral H2O 21 Sport:
Package Includes Tandem-AxleTrailer

Chaparral H2O 21 Sport
The new Chaparral H2O 21 Sport has an LOA of 21’ (6.4 m), a beam of 8'4" (2.54 m) and a draft of 32” (76 cm).

Chaparral's gamble that it could start a new "value-oriented" line of boats has paid off in the success of its H2O Series without noticeably hurting the company's premium lines. If Mercedes can do it, why not Chaparral? The new H2O 21 Sport is the latest addition to the builder's growing H2O lineup and we have recently made a video of our test on this boat. More...

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New Captain's Report

Cruisers Sport Series 258Z:
Go-Fast Looks, Sportboat Room

Cruisers Sport Series 258Z
The Cruisers Sport Series 258Z has a length overall of 25’ (7.62 m), a beam of 8'6" (2.59 m) and a draft of 3’3.5” (1.05 m). Our test boat was powered by a 320-hp Mercury sterndrive.

The 258Z is a low-profile, go-fast looking boat designed to appeal to boaters who want to look like they are in the hottest boat on the lake, but also want a comfortable, large and secure interior for family and friends. The optional "Z" package includes a smoked, low-profile windshield with polished stainless steel frame, a solid-black hull, and upgraded appointments to the seating and interior cockpit upholstery. This essentially transforms the classic 258 into a much more racy-looking, and for that matter, racy-feeling, performance sportboat. More...

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New Captain's Report

Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 XP3:
Bringing More People to the Party

Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 DLX XP3
The Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 XP3 has a length overall of 26'2" (7.98 m) and a beam of 8'6" (2.59 m). With the 200-hp Mercury Verado we reached a top speed of 40.5 mph.

All boaters are familiar with the old adage that, "He who has a boat has the most friends.” And if we're going to have a lot of friends, we may as well have a boat that can accommodate them. With the Party Barge 24's XP3 performance tube package, she has a capacity for up to 12 people, meaning we no longer have to worry about leaving someone behind. With three separate sections of entertaining areas, guests can even be separated by age, gender, or whatever. More...

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New Test Video

Tigé R20:
King of the Wake

Tigé R20
Top speed during our tests was 41.7 mph which is faster than most skiers want to go. Her forte is versatility, a surprising number of premium amenities and world-class wake-making.

Tigé is famous for building boats that have huge wake-making abilities. But as we all know, foot-for-foot, specialized inboard-powered ski/wakeboard boats are often the most expensive vessels in the sportboat category. Tige' has decided to tackle that issue with its R20. She is intended for outdoor addicts who want to control their wake from big to small as well as any vessel on the market, but who also want to be smart about what they pay for it. The R20 was designed for that niche. More...

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New Captain's Report

Volvo Penta V8-430:
Lightest 430-HP Sterndrive

Volvo Penta V8-430
The new Volvo Penta 6.0 L V8 430-hp sterndrive weighs a total of 1,115 lbs. (506 kgs.), including the lower unit, dry.

The 6.0 L V8-430 Volvo Penta takes advantage of the latest engine technology out of Detroit combined with Volvo's latest marinization regimen to produce the world's lightest 430-hp sterndrive. New-generation variable valve timing gives it improved low-end torque and mid-range economy. However, most of the benefits -- according to Volvo Penta -- are lower maintenance costs and increased engine longevity. More...

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New Captain's Report

Monte Carlo Yachts 86:
Breaking Barriers in Motoryacht
Design and Construction

Monte Carlo Yachts 86
The new MCY 86’ (26 m) takes advantage of Groupe Bénéteau’s manufacturing expertise to create design flexibility on all three decks to suite individual owner needs.

The new Monte Carlo Yachts 86 was introduced this fall in Europe and is built in the company's state-of-the-art facility just outside of Trieste, Italy. The new MCY 86 can be configured virtually any way an owner's requirements demand on all three decks. Need five cabins instead of three? No problem. Want a yacht specially designed for a family instead of a rock band? Just ask. Truth be told, this 86-footer can have all of the functionality most people in this rarefied atmosphere ever need -- or will ever use -- because the builder works with the owner to create a boat that fulfills his/or her vision, not the naval architect's. This capability puts a level of excitement and fun into motoryacht buying that is rarely found with production builders. More...

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New Captain's Report

Yamaha SX240 HO:
Power for Exciting Performance

Yamaha SX240
The 2014 Yamaha SX240 HO is a performance boat designed around the family with comfortable seating and two of the most advanced engines in the marine industry.

When it comes to the Yamaha SX240 HO, one of the first words that pops in to our mind is "performance." During our recent test of the SX240 HO, this boat felt light, nimble, and exciting, with plenty of power. We cover everything in our latest Captain's Report on the SX240 -- materials, level of execution, performance numbers, and low speed handling and maneuverability. With a price of $48,499, let’s just say that a large amount of that cost went into the power to push this bowrider across the water at 50 mph plus. Step on board and hold on...

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Updated Captain's Report

Monterey 288 SS:
Large Bowrider with Style

Monterey 288 SS
This photo gives an idea of the sheer size of the Monterey 288 SS. She will seat a crowd.

The Monterey 288 SS is a boat that can be used in large bodies of water such as Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay, Lake Michigan and general coastal work nearly anywhere. However, she is not so big that she would be out of place on inland lakes, where she should be queen of the docks. The last several years Monterey has produced boats with dazzling interiors and the 288 is no exception. More...

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Lesson of the Week

Throwables, Navigation Lights
and Fire Extinguishers

Lesson of the Week Smart Boating
Capt. Steve explains requirements for all boaters.

USCG requires throwables (boats over 16’), navigational lights and fire extinguishers on all boats. This week Captain Steve walks the boater through these required safety devices. He will explain the requirements for your boat, types of devices available, and when it is time to replace this necessary and required equipment. The videos presented this week are part of's USCG-approved boating course. Watch Captain Steve’s video boating lessons every week on

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