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- Mercury 150-hp FourStroke
- Yamaha FZR SVHO
- Chaparral H2O 21 Sport
- Meridian 441 Sedan
- Boston Whaler 270 Vantage
- Skeeter WX2190
- Formula 310 Sun Sport
- Volvo Penta OceanX
- Manitou 25 SES
- Nordic Tugs 34
- Intrepid 375 Walk Around
- Nitro Z-8
- Monte Carlo MC5
- Shurhold Buff Magic
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Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius:
An Open Entertaining Cruiser

Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius
The 45 Cantius has a 14'6" (4.3 m) beam, displaces 29,500 lbs. (13,409 kgs.) and comes standard with twin Volvo Penta 370-hp IPS500
diesel engines with joystick.

During the last two years or so the Cruisers Yachts Cantius line has keyed in on a discerning market of boaters with its 41, 45 and 48 models. Their styling, amenities and interior fit-and-finish with Wenge woods and elegant décor have found a receptive audience both in the U.S. and overseas. They are versatile entertaining platforms but what we find most appealing is their ability to accommodate two cruising couples comfortably, each in their own private en suite staterooms. Because the 45 Cantius is right in the middle of the line it is a good boat to explore further. More...

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Mercury Marine 150-hp FourStroke:
Has a Rugged Lower Unit

Mercury Marine 150-hp 4-stroke
The Mercury 150 uses the same 4.88-inch gear case employed on the 300-hp Verado to provide durability and long life.

We recently tested the Mercury 150 FourStroke and were impressed by the components, features and performance. For example, the same beefy gears used in the Verado 300-hp 4.88-inch gear case are used in the 150. But that is not the only thing that Mercury has done to make its new 150 4-stroke saltwater-ready and even more durable in freshwater. More...

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New Captain's Report

Yamaha FZR SVHO:
New Engine and Features

The FZR SVHO is the latest in high performance personal watercraft from the team at Yamaha which features a new specially designed engine along with several other new features such as the intake, impeller, jet pump unit and ride plate, along with new graphics and color schemes.

The new FZR SVHO is the upgraded version of the race-proven platform that Yamaha introduced several years ago. What makes this model tick is the new SVHO engine, the next generation of the reliable 1.8L supercharged marine watercraft power package. In addition to the new power, Yamaha has redone the graphics and color scheme, added a new jet pump unit, ride plate and sponsons. This is the exact machine that the race team drives. Here is our highlighted pre-test review...

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Chaparral H2O 21 Sport:
"Entry-Level" BR Goes 50.2 MPH

Chaparral H2O 21 Sport
Powered by an optional 260-hp Mercury 5.0 L sterndrive with Alpha I, we recorded a WOT speed of 50.2 MPH right out of the box aboard the new Chaparral H2O 21 Sport. (A 4.3 L 220-hp comes standard.)

Here is a brand-new "entry-level" bowrider that will get its owners to veteran status in a hurry. It is the Chaparral H2O 21 Sport, the fifth new model in the Chaparral H2O series that was launched just over a year ago. Chaparral calls the H2O line "entry-level" to help distinguish it from the 25 models in six other lines that it builds, all of which have more gravitas (and higher prices) than the H2O series. But with speeds like the one we captured we think the H2O 21 Sport will give the rest of the Chaparral line a run for the money. Read all about her...

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Meridian Yachts 441 Sedan:
Tested with Zeus Pod Drives

Meridian Yachts 441 Sedan
This 2 stateroom/2 head sedan is Meridian's most popular model. Our test boat was powered by twin 480-hp Cummins engines driving through Zeus pods.

Yachts that can cruise two couples or a family in twin en suite stateroom privacy are in growing demand and Meridian has hit the sweet spot of that market. Standard power in the Meridian 441 Sedan is twin 380-hp Cummins diesels with straight shafts, but we tested the 441 with twin 480-hp diesels with Zeus pod drives. Meridian equips the standard model with both bow and stern thrusters which makes docking the boat as easy as if it had pods and a joystick -- and it costs a lot less money. Find out all about her...

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Features Review

Boston Whaler 270 Vantage:
Dual Console for Family Outings

Boston Whaler 270 Vantage
How many 27-footers come with an entertainment console that can be optioned out for all sorts of culinary pursuits? Ever grilled fish right out of the water? Nothing beats it.

Regular readers know that we like dual console boats because they are so versatile and family friendly. The new Boston Whaler 270 Vantage has all of the normal dual console features plus a few new ones of its own. Fish, ski, cruise, party -- they all are part of the mission statement of the 270. More...

Boston Whaler 270 Vantage Test VideoBoston Whaler 270 Vantage test video.
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New Snapshot Review

Skeeter WX2190:
Dual Console Multi-Specie Package

Skeeter WX2190
The Skeeter WX2190 comes standard with a tandem-axle trailer and trolling motor. She is rated to handle outboard engines up to 300-hp.

Skeeter is owned by Yamaha so it is not surprising that the builder has six multi-specie fiberglass boats in addition to its famous line of bass boats. (The company also builds six saltwater bay boat models.) The Skeeter WX2190 features an 8" (20 cm) engine setback, 25" (63 cm) deep cockpit and a passenger carrying capacity of 846 lbs. (384 kgs.). The trailer has torsion axles, a standard spare tire, color-matched fenders and back-up lights. More...

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Design & Style Review

Formula 310 Sun Sport:
How Formula Executes the Interior

Formula 310 Sun Sport
The Formula 310 Sun Sport has an interior that is hard to describe in words, and that is why our Resident Interior Inspector, Elisabeth Soltes, has given us a detailed look on video.

The 310 Sun Sport has a 9'6" (2.90 m) beam, weighs 9,750 lbs. (4,423 kgs.) dry, has a 22-degree deadrise at the transom and is powered by twin engines ranging up to 430-hp each. Her performance and high-gloss, market-leading exterior lines are only half of her story. Formula tells us that the mission of the 310 SS is to offer luxurious comfort in a stylish interior, as well. Of course the consumer is the final arbitrator on whether or not Formula has accomplished its mission. Look at the video and decide...

Formula Hulls and DecksFormula - hull and deck construction.
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Video Review

Volvo Penta OceanX:
Solution for Water Intrusion Problems

Volvo Penta OceanX
Volvo Penta has never used bellows for the shifting mechanism in any of their sterndrives, thus reducing by one a traditional cause of stern drive problems.

In time, rubber in all brands of sterndrive bellows simply degrades because of UV exposure, temperature changes and age. The rubber becomes brittle, cracks and water gets in causing corrosion of the gimbal bearings and u-joints and degradation to the oil. Since rubber bellows must be used in sterndrives, Volvo Penta has addressed these problems with the OceanX system. It uses a water detector in the u-joint bellows and a drive oil quality sensor in the outdrive. If water gets in it sends a signal to the system's diagnostic display (EVC only, beep otherwise) and repairs can be made before any damage occurs. This is just part of what makes OceanX sterndrives a huge advancement in sterndrive technology. Find out other aspects of the system...

Volvo Penta Joystick DrivingVolvo Penta Joystick Driving promo.  Ask a retrofit question.
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Captain's Report

Manitou 25 SES:
Four Optional Floor Plans

Manitou 25 SES
Shown here is the Manitou 25 SES Platinum SHP model with a fore and aft facing sofa arrangement in the stern that has been converted to a large sun pad in this image.

Manitou is an innovative builder of high-quality pontoon boats. One of the important things that distinguishes this brand from others is its wide range of choice when it comes to interior floor plans. For example, the 25 SES has the "Entertainer" and "Galley" floor plans which feature a portside galley, built-in grill and sink. The "Entertainer" and "Bar" floor plans offer a bar in the stern with four adjustable bar stools. The "Bench" floor plan maximizes seating capacity. Need something different? Just ask. More...

Manitou SES PromoManitou SES promo.
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Test Video

Nordic Tugs 34:
Cruising at 3.79 NM per Gallon

Nordic Tugs 34
The helm of the Nordic Tugs 34 is directly over the engine room but thanks to the single engine and the sound-proofing material the boat is whisper-quiet. Note the reading of only 69 dbA at 2250 rpm going 7.7 knots. At 8.6 knots we recorded 73 dbA.

The Nordic Tugs 34 is easily managed single handed thanks to port and starboard doors on the helm deck and a bow thruster. As for how long she can go on a load of fuel, it depends on her speed. We recommend running her at about 7.7 knots which should give her a 608-mile nautical range with a 10% fuel reserve. That means only one stop for fuel from Miami to Annapolis. In a pinch she will do 14.7 knots. More...

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Test Video

Intrepid 375 Walk Around:
A Center Console-Cuddy-Bowrider

Intrepid 375 Walk Around
The Intrepid 375 Walk Around is a good example of the innovation that can be accomplished with Intrepid's "Factory-Direct" concept of custom boat building.

In our opinion the Intrepid 375 is one of the most innovative boats in its size range. It defies description in traditional classifications because she incorporates the best attributes from many different types -- center console, cuddy, bowrider, day boat cruiser, and crossover. She is one of the few boats built that has the head separate from the cabin and a bow-riding area that can be a dinette or "open salon". Add cruising canvas to her hard top and she becomes a cabin cruiser, too. Seeing is believing...

Intrepid ManufacturingIntrepid Powerboats - manufacturing  Ask a construction question.
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Captain's Report

Nitro Z-8:
Durable Bass Boat Platform

Nitro Z-8
The 20'1" (6.12 m) Z-8 weighs just 1,900 lbs. (861 kg.) and comes equipped with a 200-hp Mercury OptiMax Pro XS engine and a tandem-axle trailer as part of the package.

Even speed-crazed anglers who can't live without the large engine and a load of the optional goodies can buy the Nitro Z-8 for under $45,000. Stick with standard power and equipment and she comes in for under $36,000. But a competitive price is only part of the story of the Z-8. Find out the rest here...

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Captain's Report

Monte Carlo MC5:
Pushing the Design Envelope

Monte Carlo MC5
The length overall of the new Monte Carlo MC5 is 49'10" (15.30 m), her beam is 14'1" (4.29 m) and she displaces 32,840 lbs. (14,900 kgs.). Standard power is twin Volvo Penta 370-hp IPS500.

The MC5 has three staterooms and 2 heads, plus a crews' cabin aft with head. Topside she has an aft galley and convertible salon/dining area. She has both a lower and upper helm station and on the flying bridge there is a large U-shaped settee with table forward-facing companion seating, and -- of course -- a large sun pad. Her modern, nearly plumb bow and her IPS system maximizes people space between those two points. More...

Monte Carlo MC5 PromoMonte Carlo MC5 promo.
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Shurhold Buff Magic & Pro Polish:
We Put Them to the Test

Shurhold Buff Magic
If there were any doubts about the restorative powers of Buff Magic and the protection of Pro Polish then this video is a must see.

We wondered what would happen if we went to the bowels of the back lot of a marina where the forgotten fleet lies, and took the worst looking boat we could find, and started buffing it out with Shurhold’s Buff Magic. And of course being who we are, we just had to bring the camera to show if it was up to the challenge. The results...in a word, unbelievable! And once a surface is brought back to life, the Pro Polish protects. We even tried cleaning with the protectant alone just for kicks. Let’s take a look...

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