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- Prestige 720
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- Cruiser Sport Series 258
- Formula 310 FX5
- Mercury 115 EFI
- Manitou 25 SES
- Meridian 341 Sedan
- Monte Carlo Yachts 65
- Monterey 288 SS
- Nitro ZV 21
- Robalo R305
- Sea Ray 240 Sundeck
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New Prestige 720:
A Layout For Living

Prestige 720
The main salon of the new Prestige 720 is laid out like that of a Manhattan penthouse or a Tuscan villa, which is to say large, elegant and practical. It is the centerpiece of this new yacht but there are more surprises in store.

The designers of Prestige Yachts commissioned an in-depth survey of actual owners of large motoryachts to find out what they liked and didn't like about their boats. Further, they asked them if they were designing a 72-footer, how would they layout the yacht? Prestige calls this process "VOC" -- Voice of Customer. Today we take a look at the layout of the new Prestige 720 and there are some pleasant surprises. More...

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Boston Whaler 270 Vantage:
Multi-Tasking for Adventure

Boston Whaler 270 Vantage
The Boston Whaler 270 Vantage has a LOA of 26’10” (8.18 m) and a beam of 9’ (2.74 m).

The Boston Whaler 270 Vantage is part of a whole new series of boats designed from the hull up to provide families with an all-around platform to handle a wide-range of on-the-water activities. She can be optioned out to a specific task, or loaded up with a mixture of gear to easily transition between tasks. However she’s dressed, she’s all Boston Whaler, and today we take a look at her features. More...

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Cruisers Sport Series 258 Bow Rider:
Designed for Bigger Water

 Cruisers Sport Series 258 Bow Rider
The Cruisers Sport Series 258 Bow Rider has an LOA of 25’ (7.62 m) with a trailerable beam of 8'6" (2.59 m).

The Cruisers Sport Series 258 Bow Rider is part of a new line of sportboats built by the same company that builds Cruisers Yachts. She features a stepped hull, where most have conventional hulls, and a 22-degree deadrise where most have 18-21 degrees. And with her higher freeboard, she’s safer and drier beyond the protected waters for which most sportboats were designed. Capt. John puts her through a full sea trial to see how she performs with a 300-hp Volvo Penta 5.7 GiC engine. More...

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Formula 310 FX5:
Upping the Ante on Class and Style

Formula 310 FX5
The Formula 310 FX5 has a LOA of 31’ (9.4 m) and a beam of 9’6” (2.9 m).

What do you get when you mix an upscale brand with an imaginative new vision of a sports car on the water? The Formula FX series, that’s what. But she’s not just all about the looks. We tested her with a pair of 380-hp Merc 8.2’s with BIII outdrives and reached a top speed of 58 mph. More...

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New Captain's Report

Mercury 115 EFI Four-Stroke:
A Heavy-Duty Block for Durability

Mercury 115 EFI
The Mercury 115-hp four-stroke is not just another outboard engine. Beating inside is the heart of a 200-hp giant. Find out what is going on…

The Mercury 115 EFI four-stroke outboard is an in-line 4-cylinder that is made from the same 1.7 liter block and powerhead used in the 200-hp Verado. Many other components from its beefy big brother are used as well. The difference is that the 115 is not supercharged. But if it were, its block and head could handle the tremendous energy produced in those engines with almost twice as much power. We have all read enough engine-maker promos to know that they all say their engines are durable, but here is a case where facts trump hype. But that heavy-duty power head is only one of the things that the Mercury 115 has going for it. There's more...

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Monte Carlo Yachts 65:
3 Staterooms, 3 Ensuite Heads, Plus Crew

Monte Carlo Yachts 65
With a LOA of 64’5” (19.65 m), and a beam of 17’ (5.20 m) the MCY 65 puts style and luxury within reach of more people.

While some may be convinced that bigger is always better, the design team at Monte Carlo Yachts is striving to convince that smaller is just as good. She is smaller than the MCY 70 and 76, but her designers worked hard to match their functionality. Take a look and see how they have done. More...

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Snapshot Review

Manitou 25 SES:
Mix and Match Features

 Manitou 25 SES
With a LOA of 26’4” (8.03 m) and triple logs, deciding which friends get to come aboard will be the least of the concerns. Bring them all.

The Manitou 25 SES is first and foremost an entertainment platform, but just what sort of entertaining one plans to do is the key to how she’s outfitted. Whether the plan calls for sunning, cooking, cocktail parties, or all of the above the 25 SES has it covered. And she does it in a package that is built from quality components carrying one of the best warranties in the business. More...

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New Test

Meridian 341 Sedan:
A Transitional Boat to Cruising

Meridian 341
The Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge makes an excellent transitional cruiser for those looking to step up from day boating and bowriders.

We’ve always been of the opinion that the Meridian 341 Sedan serves as a fine platform for those making the move up from smaller boats to an actual cruising yacht. Today we go over the details of her full test and sea trial to see what prospective buyers can expect from her. More...

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New Snapshot Review

Monterey 288 SS:
Long, Low and Luxurious

 Monterey 288 SS
The Monterey 288 SS is 29' (8.8 m) including the swim platform and has a 9' (2.7 m) beam and draws 25" (.64 m) with the lower unit up. At 7,100 lbs. (3,221 kgs.) dry, she is no wilting lily.

There are four boats in Monterey's Super Sport series and the 288 SS is the second largest. But by anyone's account she is big, beefy, and ready for "big water" applications both in freshwater and coastwise. She comes with three single-engine power options from 380-hp to 430-hp, so she will not be a slow 288 SS no matter which engine is under the hatch. The other part of the story is her luxurious interior. More...

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New Captain's Report

2014 Nitro ZV 21:
A Multi-Species Boat with Attitude

Nitro ZV 21
The new Nitro ZV 21's 18-degree deadrise at the transom, higher freeboard, contoured bow and running strakes makes her dry and comfortable on large lakes.

When it comes to multi-species fishing the folks at Nitro -- which is owned by Bass Pro Shops -- know a thing or two about what it takes to catch the trophies in large lakes where muskie, pike, lake trout and walleyes reside. Big water means a bigger boat is needed. Multi-species means multi-tackle, multi-bait and multi-rods and reels. It also means a boat that has beam and weight for stability, as well as low draft to be able to get into the weeds where big ones hide. But there is more...the ZV 21 is designed to be the most comfortable multi-species boat. Find out why...

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Test Video

Robalo R305:
Packed for Action

 Robalo R305
From 4500-5500 rpm the fuel burn stayed within 1.5 gph (5.7 lph) with speeds between 39.1 mph and 49.1 mph. The hardtop is standard.

The Robalo R305 serves as the flagship of the 4-boat walkaround series and we have always felt that she blurs the line between "walkaround" and "express fishboat."  Like an "express" she has flush side decks and a large sitting area below with a galley, head, and a double berth under the bridge deck. During our test we reached a top speed of 52.8 mph with a pair of 300-hp Yamaha engines. More...

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New Captain's Report

Sea Ray 240 Sundeck:
A Premium-Level Deckboat

Sea Ray 240 Sundeck
The new Sea Ray 240 Sundeck comes with more -- more color options, more power options and more space.

One look at Sea Ray's 240 Sundeck and boaters can see the builder's emphasis on premium-level fit-and-finish and striking design treatments. Not only has Sea Ray designed a stunning boat inside, its also added room for more people, 13 to be exact. The 240 Sundeck is offered in both sterndrive or outboard power packages. Captain Steve recently tested both options: with a MerCruiser 350 MAG the 240 Sundeck reached a top speed of 48.8 mph and with the outboard, a 300-hp Mercury Verado, she hit a top speed of 58.9 mph. More...

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